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Beard Month #3

sharon_campSharon w/ beard


Here’s one that doesn’t actually like having facial hair, but has to deal with it anyway all throughout November, it’s Sharon Gail!

Sharon is arguably the face of The Meeting Place. It’s very easy to read her mood, but also easy to tell whenever she’s lying. She’s her school’s dodgeball champion. At The Meeting Place, she often heads to Ashling’s or The Superhero’s world to check out the new superhero movies, since they take place in actual time (she’s from 2005). She has died once and is very hopefull for me to make a video game about her, we’ll see how that goes. During her many adventures she has collected various magical items, some of which she has no idea what they do.

By the looks of things, I won’t be able to draw all characters by the end of November (but I’ll try), so I’ll just continue until all characters are done regardless.

Who’s next? Who knows.


Beard Month #2

Greenmushroom + beard

“This should do it, hopefully.”

As it turns out, there was an even simpler character to draw than Silver: Greenmushroom.

Greenmushroom, much like myself, likes to make many things. The difference is that he has mechanical skills where I only make stuff like board games and YouTube videos. Greenmushroom made a game, built a mech, and is currently working on teleports. He has a habit of thinking out loud, and anything more than three times his size makes him shake his metaphorical knees. He has a tendency to break the fourth wall, as does basically everyone else in his world (courtesy of the game he made, but that’s a long story).

Next up will probably be Sharon. No one is safe from the beards. No one.

Beard Month #1



Let’s kick off beard month with Silver. Figured I could start easy and then move on to the more difficult characters. I’ll also post soem trivia about each character as I post them.

Silver has had a slight wardrobe upgrade since his Flash-movie days. Makes sense as his wardrobe is based on mine. The saxophone made an appearance in the TNMC Christmas special. While the rest of the characters will basically be drawn in a similar way, this is actually how Silver appears in The Meeting Place, except a bit more 3D.

I actually tried out soem different hair styles, but nothing beat this classic.

Overall, I’m not too happy with how it ended up, but I’m using this month as practice for my drawing skills, so it’s all good.

Who will be drawn next? I have no idea, it’ll be a surprise for all of us.