Episode 4 – Homeworlds (02/05/2016)

Segment 1 – Introductions

Martin: Aaaand we are live. Greetings everyone, and welcome back to the podcast, where I have gotten comments such as that my ego is so big, I need at least two more Martins.

[The Superhero chuckles]

Martin: As always, I’m Martin as usual, the guy who creates stuff, and this time we’ll be talking about homeworlds by request of one of my friends. So, uh, villains is pushed back again. [pause] So, fun fact about me, I guess: I like doing stuff even if I’m not good at them. Things include baking, singing, and coding video games.

Sharon: Hi everyone! I’m Sharon, and bacon is the greatest food ever invented.

The Superhero: Hello. My name is Martin Dunst, and I like The Meeting Place mainly because there are much fewer problems here than my world, which I assume we’ll be talking about today.

Gidel: Huh, what happened to your hand?

The Superhero: Remember how I said that you shouldn’t collide with anything when quick stepping? I punched a guy.

Sharon: Ouch, that had to hurt.

The Superhero: Well, I *did* break my hand. The guy had superspeed, so I had to do something. It’ll heal.

Gidel: Should I fetch Vimia?

The Superhero: Nah. I’ll be heading back soon, and then it’ll just go back to being broken.

Gidel: Ah, okay.

The Superhero: Anyway, you can introduce yourself now.

Gidel: Towards the thing, right?

Martin: I think it should pick you up regardless, but yeah. Sure.

Gidel: Hello, my name is Gidel Bosko. I’m a character from Martin’s role-playing game. Cleric. Fiery. Cursed with immortality. Is that good?

Martin: Technically it’s not as much “immortality” as “not aging”.

Sharon: No fun fact?

Gidel: [deep breath] Well, I wouldn’t qualify it as “fun”, but for being part of a race that dislikes water, I sure spend a lot of time on ships.

Martin: I… uh… sorry?

The Superhero: On the subject of not aging: how old are you again?

Gidel: Eleven. I have been stuck at six for five years.

Martin: And that’s in game years, not actual years. Well, that too, really, uh. I’d also like to clarify that Fieries, the race Gidel is, ages three times as fast as humans, meaning she’s actually thirty. Thirty-ish. Like, thirty-three. [pause] With the body of an eighteen-year old. Yup.

Sharon: You don’t look too happy about that, though, Gidel.

Gidel: I see it as a curse. I’ll make do.

Segment 2 – The Main Thing

Martin: That took… Yeah., uhm. Let’s go to the main thing for this episode. As I mentioned, we’ll be talking about homeworlds today. I also requested about “origins”, but I think I wrote those on the character tab on the site. Anyway, homeworlds, yes. I guess I’ll start.

Sharon: Oh?

Martin: Earth. You guys know it. The viewers, that is. Listeners. Chancer are you live there, so I don’t need to go too much into it. There we go, done!

[The Superhero snickers]

Martin: Now, Sharon’s world is basically the same thing. It’s set in 2005, and I sometimes call it the “adventure world”. Other times it’s “Sharon’s world”.

Sharon: Why 2005? Also, shouldn’t I tell them about it?

Martin: I figured I could give the basics, and I picked 2005 because it’s fairly contemporary -although less so with every passing year-, and that the internet hasn’t ruined exploring, which is kinda the entire point of the world. Also flip phones.

Sharon: We also have magic. You guys don’t have magic, do you?

Martin: Nope.

Gidel: We do.

The Superhero: You also have the Strange Moon.

Sharon: You mean Extraña Luna? Yeah. [pause] Wait, how do you know about that?

The Superhero: Hi, I work with Swashbuckle, your teacher. Have you seen his office?

Sharon: Are you calling him Swashbuckle on purpose?

The Superhero: Yes. Should I stop?

Sharon: Yes please.

The Superhero: Alright.

Sharon: So yeah, magic and magical artefacts. Some of which I have found, the most obvious probably being the Cog of the Living Dead.

Martin: What other things to you have. And where did you find them?

Sharon: Well, there is Duncan’s Shield that I found in a cave near Durrow, Ireland. It can create forcefields. I also have a thing called the Badge of Lies. It changes the appearance of whoever’s using it. There’s also a strange black box me and my friends found in a sunken castle outside our town. There are more things, of course, and I’m waiting for the massive amount of items I’m supposedly going to find in that game Martin’s making.

Martin: You’ll be getting *some* of those items. Some are not going to be canon, but the ones that are, sure.

Sharon: Finish iiit.

Martin: We’ll see. Anyway, Martin? How about yours? I was thinking since it’s also Earth, an Earth, we could do that now and go for Gidel’s after that.

The Superhero: Sounds good to me.

Gidel: Yeah, no problem.

The Superhero: So–

Martin: Oh yeah! Going back to Sharon’s world real quick: I’d say that Indiana Jones is a good inspiration of the world.

Sharon: Indiana Jones set in the 21st century? Sweet!

Martin: Ye, uh. Sorry about that. Uh, go on.

The Superhero: Right, so for what I understand, my world is based on everything that happens on “actual” Earth, like, major events and such. We got a Curiosity rover on Mars, the same candidates for the American presidential election, superhero movies getting released. And that’s the same movies, too.

Sharon: Sorry to interrupt, but speaking of that: can we see the Civil War movie?

Martin: I saw that. It was great. But talking about that would be digressing.

Sharon: Yeah. I’ll ask later.

The Superhero: As for things that are different, actual superheroes being the most obvious: we have aliens, and first contact has happened. Unfortunately the *official* first contact was an alien invasion of space bug monster called the Warlorers. Twice. Then again, I guess the first might have been Roswell, but Are 51 got to that one, so I guess it doesn’t count. When it comes to “unofficially” though, well, we have a bunch of aliens working for us, the Superheroes.

Sharon: Alex is one, right?

The Superhero: Yeah. We also have a moon base. That’s cool, I guess? Another thing we got is definite proof of life on other planets.

Sharon: Like Star Trek.

The Superhero: Sure. A lot of them are human-like races, which is very peculiar, really.

Sharon: And everyone speaks English?

The Superhero: Nah, everyone’s got their own language. I’m using a translator. In fact, I’m speaking Swedish right now and hear you guys in Swedish.

Sharon: What, really?! How do I sound?

The Superhero: Eh, it works. But while history is basically the same, the basis for some things are different. For example, it was the Superheroes that inspired the creation of the superhero comics, like Superman and Batman. Then there are things such as us using nanotechnology and stuff like zero-emission cars. And when I say “us”, I mean the Superheroes. The rest of the world is slowly catching up, though. For example: Stephen Hawking recently wanted to power the Earth using miniature black holes, something we have done for years. There’s even one in my watch!

Gidel: Excuse my ignorance, but what’s a black hole?

Sharon: Nevermind that, what happens if it grows?

The Superhero: It won’t. It’s safely being contained and siphoned from, and in case anything would happen, it’d basically vaporise, causing a very loud “pop”, nothing else. There was one exception to this, but that’s a story for another day. Also, a black hole is an incredibly dense object that has so strong of a gravitational pull that not even light can escape from it, thus giving it its name. It basically consumes anything and everything. The ones that power most of the Superheroes’ technology is only slightly less dangerous.

Sharon: Slightly?

The Superhero: They are small and they are contained. Don’t worry. [pause] But yes, similar history, basically the same outcomes, but different happenings. Gidel.

Gidel: I still think you should have brought Vimia for this; she’s more versed in the lore of our world, and she, you know, studies it.

Martin: I know, but we had her last time on the podcast, and I’m trying to mix it up a bit. Get new people for each show.

The Superhero: So what about Sharon?

Martin: She’s very interested in this. I was thinking her and Silver, and you, probably, could be the main stays, while we rotated a special guest every episode.

The Superhero: Fair enough.

Martin: Anyway, right, history. Just give us what you know, I’ll fill in the rest.

[Gidel sighs]

Gidel: Well, I live in an area called the Trading Federation, which is a collection of countries-

Sharon: Like Europe.

Gidel: Sure. There is a villain called Lord Appello who took over one of these countries with his army of Shadows, and at New Years, *our* New Years, he’s going to take over another country. Me and some other guys have banded together to try and stop him by preventing him from getting four magical orbs that he needs.

Sharon: So where in fantasy Europe are you from?

Gidel: I’m originally from a small country to the south called Lavaari. It borders Lord Appello’s Domains and the Southern Wilds, located along a mountain range, so most of the country is very steep. The town where my family lives is one of the most southern towns in Lavaari, and even the Trading Federation as a whole. As many others, I became an adventurer, and the next few years was a mess. Partly because most countries in the Federation are separated by water, and partly because trying to oppose Lord Appello is a very dangerous occupation. [pause] That’s all I got.

The Superhero: Question: how similar are their history to the history of my version of their world?

Martin: Uh-

Sharon: Hold up. *Your* version? What do you mean by that?

The Superhero: You know how the universe is big, and that the World of Pokémon is part of the same universe as mine?

Sharon: Yeah?

The Superhero: We also have a version of their world.

Martin: However, it’s based on an earlier version of the Role-Playing Game, so the history is definitely different.

The Superhero: And before you ask: yes, that world has a Gidel as well. But I don’t think she makes up any of this Gidel.

Martin: To clarify to you guys [I tap the microphone]: some characters here at The Meeting Place are combinations of their various sources. For example: Silver is both based on how I act online and my Flash animations. If I finished the game, I could make Sharon a combination of how she is now and how she would be in the game. In this case, Gidel is only the version from the Role-Playing Game, and not the version that appears in The Superhero’s world. [pause] I should probably mention that the way some act here are not completely how they would act in their own worlds either, so really, their versions here are an amalgamation -did I get that right? Whatever- of their own selves and their Meeting Place selves.


Sharon: What?

Martin: People are people. That’s all.

Sharon: What, no. I don’t-

[The Superhero puts an arm on Sharon’s shoulder and lightly shakes his head]

Martin: Where were we?

The Superhero: History of Gidel’s world.

Martin: Yes! Right. History. So the RPG houses, like, six playable races, and it’s not your typical dwarf/elf thing, either. It has humans, of course, but other than that the races are kinda *based* on the typical races. And just a heads up: the names are pretty silly. Starting off: we have the Grassli. Basically elves. They’re green and live in forests and use magic a lot. Vimia’s one. Then we have the Fiery. They are red and lives in volcanoes. They are good smiths and doesn’t get tired easily. Next, we have the… uh… Stonie. Rock creatures that also lives in mountains. Durable and… stout is a word. Yeah, stout, sure. After that, we got the Liqueous. My best description for them is basically the Zora from Ocarina of Time. Or was that Twilight Princess? I forget. Lastly, we have the Thun. Short beings and looks like a scaled down version of a human. And light-blue.

Sharon: Wow, real imaginative there.

Martin: Other than that, you can expect other typical fantasy stuff, like dragons and magic. Magic in that world follows a buttload of rules, which makes the typical fireball magic or even magic missile really difficult to cast. So there’s magical energy floating around, and you charge that magic to cast. However, unless it’s being powered by someone, it will disappear quickly. That’s why enchantments are more common, since it’s being powered by its user.

Gidel: Then there is warlock magic.

Martin: Yeah. Warlock magics are prepared in crystals, allowing them to be more powerful and have a longer duration. The only downside is that you can only have so much charges in a crystal.

Gidel: Magic is also very common. You can expect that most you meet, at least adventures, can cast at least one magic.

Segment 3 – The Main Thing pt 2

Martin: Alright, I’d also like to talk about how things work in each universe.

Sharon: How do you mean?

Martin: Well, like, how stuff is being made for it. For example: for your world, I use the trope “Hero of Another Story”. You are only one of many important characters, who are all out on their own adventures, like Hank.

Sharon: But Hank’s a villain!

Martin: Yes, you think that. But for him, *you* are the villain. He’s just trying to collect a bunch of artefacts, and you often show up to stop him.

Sharon: Of course! He’s going to use them to take over the world!

Martin: You keep believing that. Anyway, uhm, your world is very story driven. Things happen as if they were part of a story, or a comic, or-

Sharon: Or a *game*?

Martin: You are not even trying to be subtle, are you?

Sharon: Not until you finish it.

Martin: Moving on! For The Superhero, it’s basically just “something happens, try to figure out a solution”. Most of the time, I don’t even know how a crisis will be resolved, or I have a vague idea. I let it evolve naturally with the constraints that are set. Personally, I find it to be a great problem solving exercise. I also tend to retcon minor details. In some cases I don’t even have a choice, as I don’t really write anything down and I simply just forget.

The Superhero: I wouldn’t know, since, you know, it affects me and my memories.

Martin: Then we have Gidel’s world. Or the world of the Role-Playing Game. Things evolve and happen there like it would any typical RPG campaign, so there’s not much to say about that, I guess. I have been running an overarching plot for years though, which is of course the whole Lord Appello thing. That’s for later, though.

The Superhero: Anything else?

Martin: Hmm… well I guess we can also mention how time works.

The Superhero: Sure.

Martin: I think it was mentioned in a previous episode, but of course the worlds run at different times. For example, The Superhero has his adventures happening around our time, so everything is always in motion and people age. This also affects Team Awesome, since they are sharing the same universe. Ashling’s world, while not running in real-time, is always pushed to a contemporary time. For role-playing games, time only moves when we are playing, and what- so what time it is varies from group to group. Aléi is a few weeks behind Vimia, for example. And that time is increasing since we keep playing with Vimia’s group, but not Aléi’s.

Sharon: And I’m stuck in summer of 2005 because you need to plan everything, apparently.

Martin: Correct. Let’s see, uh… Did I miss a world?

The Superhero: Greenmushroom.

Martin: Oh yeah. What is it, like… I don’t think time is running there either.

The Superhero: Well, it *is* based on video game logic if I remember right.

Martin: Yeah, so, uh, probably. Makes sense.

Segment 4 – Questions

Martin: Anyway, I think we can move on to the final segment, well final *proper* segments, since while the closing segments is a segment, it’s short and not really that much of a segment. Anyway!

Sharon: I wanna go first! If you had any one power, what would you have?

The Superhero: Me?

Sharon: Yeah, but the rest of you can answer as well.

Martin: Hmm… my to-go answer is usually teleportation, but hm…

The Superhero: I think it could be fun having Maxwell’s book in Scribblenauts, if that counts.

Sharon: I don’t know. What’s it do?

Martin: You write a thing in it, and it’s summoned.

Sharon: Oh man, that would be so cool!

The Superhero: What about you, Gidel?

Gidel: I… I don’t know. Being able to cast magic perfectly without having to charge it, maybe?

Sharon: Personally, I’d go for flight. Flying free in the sky, travel wherever I want. And then I could get a cape and look totally amazing while doing it.

The Superhero: So basically your Aether form.

Sharon: Yes!

The Superhero: Hah. Anyway, my question is directed at you, Martin, and ties a bit into the question I had for you two episodes ago: so there are, like, 20-something people at The Meeting Place at the moment, but from what I have gathered, you have a bunch more characters. Who are they, and have you considered adding them to The Meeting Place?

Martin: Hm… yes and no? It’s a… very difficult question to answer, I guess? Yes, I do have some other characters, and… hm… . Just give me a second.


Martin: I don’t think I can answer this question properly, but I do have some characters that I’m on the fence about. The two characters I got are from one of my friend’s RPGs. One is based on various animes, but not Anilogics. The other is from Gundam.

Sharon: Excuse me, what?! Did you just cuss?

Martin: No! No. Gundam. Some mech anime show.

Sharon: Oh. So how come you not adding them to The Meeting Place?

Martin: It ties in to the stupid reasons. Lets just skip that. But yeah, two characters: Fumei, and… uh… Timo? Nova? Ted? I forgot his name. No wait! Tomo! It turned out his last name was actually the name of a region in Japan. Specifically the area the game takes place in, that was hilarious.

The Superhero: So what about characters you haven’t considered?

Martin: Well, we have characters I make for more mainline role-playing games, like for Dungeons and Dragons, Eon, and I don’t even know. If anything, I have thought of making them appear in various other worlds, like Mixx.

Sharon: Sweet!

The Superhero: Alright, let’s move on then. Gidel, do you have a question?

Gidel: I wasn’t prepared, hang on.

Sharon: In the meantime, Gidel, who makes the best food at The Meeting Place? Not counting yourself.

Martin: I don’t think asking her a question when she’s trying to figure a question out is a good idea.

Gidel: Sure I might have a background as a chef, but I’d say Rodney. He keeps on producing these wonderful dishes that probably surpasses everything I can ever do. It’s impressive, really.

Martin: I’d ask him to teach me, but I won’t retain any of it.

Sharon: Because of how The Meeting Place works, right?

Martin: Yeaup.

Gidel: I figured out a question. Weapon of choice?

[Sharon scoffs]

Sharon: My legs, of course. Have you seen these babies kick? It’s beautiful.

The Superhero: Are we talking physical weapons, like swords and axes, or?

Gidel: Whatever.

The Superhero: Well, I think a strong mind is one of the better things one can have. When it comes to actual weapons, though, I’d go with the sword. It’s a useful extension to one’s self. Granted, my sword skills are pretty mediocre, but I got a suit for that. I’m also a fan of using the terrain to my advantage.

Sharon: What about you, Martin?

Martin: Sword here as well. Sure, as someone who has made a fantasy RPG, I know the pros and cons of each weapon type, at least in that game, and a sword is pretty balanced. I tend to go for that, so… sword.

Gidel: I thought you’d be more of a staff user, really.

Segment 5 – Closing

Martin: Mayhaps, mayhaps. Anyway, I’d say that would be enough for today. We have been going on for a while, and I dread for me having to type all of this down. But thanks to out special guest… and of course the regulars.

Sharon: Will we finally have the villains?

Martin: I have absolutely no idea. I might have to put the podcast on the back-burner so I can focus on Zeldathon work. It has a deadline, so I’d better get working.

The Superhero: Alright, then. Will you be at the marathon again?

Martin: Not this time. I’m running out of money!

Sharon: Sorry to hear that.

Martin: Anyway, that’s all for now.

Sharon: Bye, everyone!

The Superhero: Bye!

Gidel: Farewell!

Martin: Until next time!

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