Episode 3 – Family (16/04/2016)

 Segment 1 – Introductions

Martin: And there we go. We should be live now. Well, not “live” live, but you know what I mean.

Vimia: I don’t think I do.

Martin: Anyway, hi everyone! It’s time for another podcast, and this time we have special guests!

The Other Martin: Woo!

Martin: I’ll have them introduce themselves in just a moment, but first: Guh-reetings, I’m Martin, your host, and I have been working hard on Zeldathon videos. I actually just finished one a few hours ago, uh… and I think it’ll be uploaded in a few weeks? I’m not sure. Anyway, I have also been trying to get the audio to work on the site, but for some reason anything recorded at The Meeting Place doesn’t show up, so I guess you guys will have to do with the transcripts for now. [pause] Also, for the introductions this time around I was thinking we could give some trivia about ourselves, uh, so I’ll start: I like turn based strategy games even though I’m not that good at them. Same goes for puzzle games.

Sharon: Hi, I’m Sharon as usual. I wouldn’t say anything notable has happened since the last recording. In fact, here at The Meeting Place, it happened like a week ago.

Martin: Gotta love how time moves differently here.

Sharon: It takes some getting used to. Anyway, something about me: I absolutely love dodgeball. In fact, I’m the best dodgeball player at school. Uh, is that okay, or should I say more?

Martin: I think that works. I’d also like to add that most people who reads Sharon’s name tends to mispronounce it. In case you guys are curious, that’s “Shar” as in “shard”, not as in “share”.

Sharon: I don’t really mind that, though. I mean, who can blame them?

Martin: Anyway, uhm. This time we have two new people. Silver decided to sit this one out, and, uh, The Superhero is busy doing stuff in his own world. Uh, go right ahead. Tell the viewers who you are and a bit about yourself.

The Other Martin: Hello! I’m *also* Martin. Well, *a* Martin. I’m originally from New Bark Town in Johto, but currently I’m the leader of Team Awesome, a rescue and exploration team, in the world of Pokémon.

Martin: Side note: for continuity’s sake, that world is referred to as the World of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. I know you guys have a “world of humans” and a “world of Pokémon”, but still.

The Other Martin: Aright, no problem. As for trivia, I’d boldly claim that Skyward Sword is the best Zelda game yet.

Martin: Any opinion on the new Zelda that’s coming out soon?

The Other Martin: There’s a new one?

Martin: Yeah. It’s supposed to be released sometime this year. I’ll show you some videos later.

The Other Martin: Alright!

Sharon: Hang on, can I intervene here just a bit?

Martin: I suppose?

Sharon: So we currently have four people here named Martin: you, him, Silver, and The Superhero. Silver and The Superhero obviously have nicknames, but you guys don’t. Isn’t that going to confuse a lot of people? Maybe we should give him a nickname, like “Green”.

Martin: That’s Greenmushroom’s nickname, though. Also, we got a literal green person sitting right next to us.

Vimia: It’s because of chlorophyll. We absorb sunlight and turn it into magical energy.

Sharon: Then what about last names? What’s yours?

The Other Martin: Oh, it’s V–

Martin: Nonononononono! Shhhhh! Nope! [deep breath] No. Let’s *not* do that.

Sharon: What? Why?

Martin: Well, I haven’t decided yet if I want to make the name I gave him official yet. Also, I hate being called by my last name. Like, really hate. Don’t do it.

The Other Martin: Oh.

Martin: Let’s just call both of us Martin. We’ll know who you are referring to.

Sharon: Alright, alright.

Martin: Right, anyway. If you’re done, Vimia can introduce herself.

The Other Martin: Sure, go for it.

Vimia: Just talk?

Martin: What? Yeah, uhm. The microphone should pick you up wherever.

Vimia: Okay then. [clears throat] Hello. My name is Vimia Teol. I’m a Grassli Lejlin from Revino Thani, and part of the Black Knights.

Martin: Ooookay. I don’t think they’ll understand half of those words, so let me translate: Grassli is a race in my role-playing game. They are kinda like elves. There’s more to it, but I’ll keep it simple. Lejlin means that she invents magic. Not spells! It’s a difference. Well, while technically the same thing, you can’t call them spells since they don’t actually say stuff to cast the magic, just charge the magic energy in the air. So no words, no spells. I researched. Anyway, you were saying?

Vimia: I–

The Other Martin: What about the Revino Thani thing?

Martin: Oh, that’s the Grassli’s name for the planet. Each race has their own name, more or less. Humans call it Salus, for example. Uh, yes, sorry.

Vimia: I was to give trivia as well, correct? Well, I do enjoy reading, be it novels or practical books. I haven’t been able to read much recently, though. Be it in my own world or here.

The Other Martin: Got a favourite book?

Vimia: Hm, I have to say that I’m finding the book “Lord of the Rings” to be very enjoyable.

Sharon: You are from a fantasy role-playing game, right?

Vimia: Yes, how so?

Sharon: No reason~

Segment 2 – The Main Thing

Martin: Oookay. I’d say we are done with the introductions part, so let’s, uh, move on to the main thing.

Sharon: Alright.

Martin: This time, the theme is “family”. Uh, yup. The idea is to just kinda talk about families for a while.

The Other Martin: Sure.

Sharon: Do you want to start? I’m curious about your family.

Martin: [audible thinking] No. This podcast is mainly for you guys, but I guess I can say that I have four siblings.

Sharon: Wow, four?!

Martin: Yeah. But that’s all I’m gonna say. Why don’t you tell us about your family, Sharon.

Sharon: Okay! I live in a town called Middlehart with my mom and dad. My grandparents lives in Riftford, Canada, and we often visit them. Especially for holidays.

Martin: Tell us a bit about your parents.

Sharon: They are the best. My dad, Cassidy, works as a tech guy at a computer store, and he often fixes up and brings home old gaming consoles and games. We often game together.

The Other Martin: I remember that gaming night we had a while back. Your dad seemed really nice.

Sharon: Although, his dad jokes are groan inducing.

Martin: I do believe that’s the point. I guess.

Sharon: My mom’s name is Emily and works as a hair dresser. She’s probably the only one that can stop my dad’s antics, but not only does she encourage her, she also often joins in on them.

Martin: She also loves to bake. I hear her cookies are the best.

Sharon: They are! Better than Rodney’s.

Martin: That’s… a very bold statement, but I believe you. If only because I created both of them and I have tasted their cookies. Also, Rodney’s cookies probably lack one very important ingredient.

The Other Martin: And what is that?

Martin: Love. Anyway, anything else you’d like to say about your family?

Sharon: I’d really wish we could visit my grandparents more often. It’s always fun to travel, and we get to sing songs during the ride over!

Martin: I remember something about Disney music.

Sharon: Yeah!

Martin: Alright, uh, next I think we’ll have Vimia talk a bit about her family. I was thinking we could save Martin for last, seeing how his family is a beautiful mess.

The Other Martin: Uh… Okay? I’m not going to deny you, but…

Martin: So, Vimia. Go ahead.

Vimia: I don’t really know where to begin or what to say.

Martin: Um, well, uh. How about you mom? What’s she up to nowadays?

Vimia: She’s still taking care of the house and our farm, but I have been trying to convince her to leave the Land because of Lord Appello.

Martin: So you’re worried his threats of invasion is going to happen?

Vimia: Indeed. And even if it’s not, I have lost too many people I care about already.

Sharon: Oh man.

Martin: True. Uh, where do you- do you have any plans of where to move?

Vimia: She has a sister who lives in Rathius.

Martin: I… did not know that.

Sharon: Huh? Seriously?!

Martin: You guys live your own lives! You are more than what I have- know about you. Remember that interview back in 2011?

Sharon: Hm… . It does ring a bell.

Martin: Most things I know about you is things you have told me, like what kind of bird you’d want to be, or… what kind of pie you like.

Sharon: Oh yeah, now I remember.

Martin: Anyway, going back to the topic. So, Vimia, Tell me about your mom’s sister.

Vimia: Her name is Vari, and she runs and apothecary in a small town in south Rathius. I haven’t seen her in years, so I don’t know for sure.

The Other Martin: Excuse me, but I don’t think you ever mentioned your mom’s name.

Vimia: It’s Vila. Vila Teol. I also have an older brother named Uvir.

Sharon: You have a brother?! I could never imagine.

The Other Martin: Really?

Sharon: It’s just… you’re so… old.

[silence as Vimia gives Sharon a very unamused glare. I was too amused to not write this down, even if it didn’t actually make a sound]

Martin: So Uvir’s a bounty hunter if I’m not mistaken?

Vimia: Huh? Yes. He’s been wanting to become one ever since we were young and he travels a lot. Last I saw him was last spring. It’s a relief to know that he’s alive. [pause] That makes me wonder: do you know of his current status?

Martin: Uh, well I don’t know *exactly* where he is, but I know he’s okay.

Vimia: That’s a relief. After all of these kidnappings and threats that our families aren’t safe, it’s good to hear some good news.

Martin: Lord Appello’s a jerk.

Sharon: He sounds like one. By the way, what about your dad? I bet he’s a powerful mage or whatever.

[awkward silence]

Sharon: Oh, no! I’m sorry, I didn’t know!

Vimia: It’s… it’s okay.

The Other Martin: Is it something you want to talk about?

Vimia: It’s fine. It happened a long time ago, I was just a little girl.

Sharon: Uh…

Vimia: He was a farmer, and we were travelling to a nearby village when we were attacked by a gang of Thun bandits, and–

Sharon: Oh thank biscuits! I thought he– [pause]

[more awkward silence]

Sharon: I… I’m sorry. I should probably just go.

Martin: Uh, let’s take a short break. Alright, sounds good.

[the recording is paused]


[the recording resumes]

Martin: Okay, we’re back! I can tell you guys that there were hugs and apologies. A lot of hugs. We’re all friends now. We also decided that I should explain what happened to… prevent further confusions. Uh, so Vimia’s dad was killed by Thuns -that’s basically light blue dwarf humans… or is that human-like dwarves?- while protecting Vimia. In any case, that was the beginning of Vimia’s hatred of Thuns, but that’s a story for another time.

Sharon: I’m still sorry.

Vimia: Let’s just drop it.

Martin: So! Martin! Tell us about your family. Yes! The thing! It’s been all over the place if I’m not mistaken.

The Other Martin: I would say “all over the place”. Originally it was me, my mom, dad, and my sister: Rose. My dad’s name is Harris, and he travels a lot. He’s not home often, but he sends home trinkets and other interesting things he finds. Once he sent my mom a Shinx, which are quite unusual to see in Johto. My mom, Lydia, stays at home and takes care of Pokémon.

Martin: Like, wild ones, or… like a daycare?

The Other Martin: Either, really. She helps out the community a lot and is a very nice person. Much later, we got Chiko, and we are acting as a surrogate family to Maria, seeing as how her parents are… well, evil.

Sharon: I have heard so much about them. What exactly makes them so evil?

The Other Martin: It’s a long list.

Martin: And I’d rather save that for any potential villain episode.

The Other Martin: However, they are the reason Chiko exists, which I should thank them for. However, I’d say that’s really the only good thing they have done, and even that wasn’t their original intent.

Sharon: I remember there was a magical rock involved?

The Other Martin: Yeah, so what happene–

Martin: Whoa, hang on. Before you start that story, I’d like to remind you to keep it short. Short-ish. Uh, as long as I cant get the audio to work, the listeners, or viewers, or… readers… whatever, will have to read the transcript, so let’s try to avoid a wall of text.

The Other Martin: I can do that, no problem.

Martin: Alright, good. Go ahead.

The Other Martin: So–

Martin: Oh! Also keep in mind that the viewers might not know all of the terminology you might use. I’ll back you up if needed.

The Other Martin: That’s appreciated. [pause] Some years back, in an effort of making Maria stronger, Maria’s parents tricked me into eating a special gummi that was going to make me unable to help out or team. It gradually turned me into a more… extreme version of Chiko. If it weren’t for local legends about an object called the splitrock and the help of the other Martin, I wouldn’t be here today. In fact, it’d probably only be Chiko and Maria.

Martin: Except I think you’d still be a Bulbasaur. Just a very girly one.

Vimia: So if I understand this correctly: you and your sister are actually the same person?

The Other Martin: Nah. While she was created out of my feminine side, she’s her own person by all rights.

Sharon: So that’s the reason she’s younger than you, because she was created not too long ago?

Martin: Actually no. If that logic was true, then Cilantro would be, like, three by now. For those at home wondering, Rodney and Cilantro share the same body in Anilogics, but here they are separate people, also because of the splitrock.

The Other Martin: It has been very helpful.

Martin: Also, I think I wrote down the explanation for why Chiko is younger than Martin. I can’t remember why, I mean how, uh, but it had something to do with the femininity- feminine side. Uh, ya. I can check it up later.

Sharon: Sometimes I wonder what goes through your head. I assume you had something to do with this.

Martin: Yeah. Well, I got a Chikorita in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and really wanted one in- to appear in the official… [pause] The Superhero’s world?

Sharon: And *that* was the best way of doing it?

The Other Martin: Was it your starter?

Martin: What? Oh! No. It was hatched from an egg. [pause] Which is also the reason Chiko knows Flail. Fun fact.

The Other Martin: Huh. That explains that.

Sharon: You guys are such nerds.

Martin: Says the girl who collects comics, have a superhero persona -with costume- and has the online handle “noisy_cricket”.

Sharon: I…

[Sharon grumbles]

Martin: Right, so Martin. How’d your mom take it with you getting sent to the World of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon all those years ago?

The Other Martin: I felt bad having forgotten about her as I didn’t think I’d ever be able to return back home, but she was very understanding, albeit a bit sad I never told her I left. Even with my new appearance she instantly recognised me and went on as nothing had changed.

Sharon: Well *I’d* probably freak out if my son returned home looking like a Pokémon.

The Other Martin: At that point I was human again, just not looking as I originally did. She was also unphased to learn about her new daughter, Chiko, acting as if she’s been part of the family for years.

Vimia: She sounds like a kind woman.

The Other Martin: She is. It was also her idea to “adopt” Maria.

Sharon: Sorry, I’m still stuck on the part where you looked different. How different are we talking here? I mean, green hair isn’t that unusual in anime.

The Other Martin: My hair actually used to be black.

Sharon: I’ll say it again: your mind is weird sometimes.

Martin: And you’re a part of it.

Sharon: M-hm.

Martin: Anyway, so she’s okay with you adventuring and stuff?

The Other Martin: Yeah. She knew it was going to happen. Not only am I my dad’s son, there are also so many things to explore in the World of Pokémon. And Team Awesome is part exploration team after all.

Martin: True. How about your parents, Sharon? You adventure as well.

Sharon: They like that I’m experiencing life as long as I don’t end up in a hospital somewhere. My grandma used to travel a lot, too.

Martin: Interesting how they don’t trust you with a pet, but sending you all over the world is totally okay, like Timal.

Sharon: Hey! I didn’t end up in a hospital.

Martin: We could continue to discuss that, but let’s not. Instead: Vimia! How about your mom? Seeing as how their parents are supportive, surely your mom is… [pause] Yeah, I’ll just look over there for a while.

Vimia: My mother must never know that I adventure.

Sharon: Why? Don’t you live in an RPG? Isn’t adventuring a thing you do?

Vimia: Yes, but with the death of my father, and my brother becoming a bounty hunter, I’d rather not making her worry about losing both of her children. As far as she’s concerned, I travel around a bit for the Grassli Magic University, researching magic for my job as a Lejlin. She does not know of the dangers I have faced, especially not in the last few months, and I have no intention of letting her know. I fear it could break her.

The Other Martin: I’m sorry to hear that.

Segment 3 – Questions

Martin: Alright, let’s move on. It’s time for questions. I didn’t prepare one myself, so one of you guys go for it.

Sharon: Alright. Green Martin–

The Other Martin: Green Martin?

Sharon: Yes. What four moves do you know as a Pokémon? I have seen your leaf moves and the vine thing, but other than that I’m not so sure.

The Other Martin: While my go-to moves are Razor Leaf and Seed Bomb, I actually know quite a lot of moves, like Vine Whip, Take Down, Sleep- and PoisonPowder, among others.

Sharon: That’s more than four moves, though. Does that rule only apply in the games or what?

The Other Martin: No, we follow that as well, but Martin has been helping us train and remember more moves.

Sharon: I could see him do that. He keeps talking how a strong mind is essential in combat.

Martin: You know, for someone that didn’t grow up with Pokémon, you sure know a lot about it, Sharon.

Sharon: What can I say? I know the basics. Also, having spent a lot of time with Pokémon nerds here it has kinda grown on me.

The Other Martin: Does that answer your question?

Sharon: Yeah, sure. What’s your question?

The Other Martin: This one’s for Vimia. [pause] What would you say has been your proudest moment in your life?

Vimia: Hm…


Martin: Don’t look at me! I don’t know!

Vimia: Hm… Well, one time when Uvir and I were kids, he had gotten in trouble with some local bullies, and I managed to fend them off. I got scolded by mom, but Uvir said that I was very tough. I think that qualifies.

Sharon: Somehow, I can imagine a young you uppercutting some jerk. Young you is amazing.

Vimia: Thanks?

Sharon: I also imagine you having a cool ponytail. Like, cooler than the one you have now.


Martin: Uhm, Vimia. Do you have a question?

Vimia: Ah, yes. This one is for Martin as I know that Sharon already does. Have you explored ancient ruins or the like?

The Other Martin: Actually, yeah. And that was even before Team Awesome became an exploration team. There are a lot of ruins scattered across the area where we have our base that once belonged to humans. But then, it wasn’t as much exploring it than buying them up to house those interested in joining our team.

Vimia: Did you find them fascinating?

The Other Martin: I didn’t think too much about it, really. It’s more about discovering new locations and travelling. It’s been very exciting recently after all the Pokémon worlds melded, meaning there’s a lot more to explore. Of course, our duties as a rescue team hasn’t ended, either.

Martin: If I remember right, you guys like to wander off whenever you get somewhere new.

Sharon: “You guys” meaning?

Martin: Uh, him and Maria. Like, one time they travelled with the other Martin, and when they got to a town they decided to go and to their own thing. Explore it and stuff.

Segment 4 – Closing

Martin: Anyway, I think that should be enough for today.

Sharon: It was nice… mostly…

The Other Martin: I’m interested in doing this again for sure.

Martin: I’m probably making villains the next episode, and it’ll probably be longer than usual.

Sharon: Oooh, yes please!

Martin: I’m just worried about spoilers. My friends might check this out.

The Other Martin: Then just avoid talking about the villains that affect them?

Martin: I could do that, but I really want to talk about those.

Sharon: I know they can’t see me, so I’ll just let those listening know that I’m rolling my eyes right now.

Martin: In any case, time to end this thing.

The Other Martin: Alright, thanks for listening!

Vimia: Goodbye.

Sharon: Bye!

Martin: Until next time!


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