Episode 2 – Powers and Power Levels (06/04/2016)

Segment 1 – Introductions

Martin: Uh, alright, there we go! Hi everyone, it’s time for another podcast!

Silver: Woo!

Martin: Getting right into it: my name’s Martin, and I, uh, run this place. Is “run” the right word? Who knows! This week, or last week and a part of this week, seeing as how it’s Wednesday, I, uh, have been doing some improv and been editing some Zeldathon videos. I actually just got back from improv. Go ahead.

Silver: Guh-reetings and welcome back to The Meeting Place podcast, with me: Silver, and a bunch of other nerds. This weekend I was part of a charity marathon, playing Invisible Inc., and Ori and the Blind Forest. Good stuff.

Sharon: Like Zeldathon?

Silver: Zeldathon is just one of the marathons running, but yeah. Sharon, your turn.

Sharon: Hey guys! I’m still Sharon, and nothing has happened for me the last week.

Silver: Except for the Marvel movie night.

Martin: I missed that. How did it go?

Sharon: Special effects have really improved in ten years, and I’m amazed on that Marvel managed to pull this off. It feels weird seeing Chris Evans going from the Human Torch to Captain America, though. Just don’t get me started on the Mandarin!

Martin: Oh?

Sharon: They *totally* ruined him! I’m also bummed out that they don’t own the movie rights to Spider-Man or the X-Men.

The Superhero: Okay, moving on. Hi there, I’m Martin, more commonly known around here as “The Superhero”. I have been doing my usual crime fighting, and recently I have begun worrying about a new group called The Night Watch Initiative.

Silver: Sounds fancy, what’s that?

The Superhero: A group of super powered people who of course got their powers from the super power formula and- yeah?

Martin: I had an idea: ehm, maybe we can save that for a future podcast. I got some suggestions for themes, like villains, and stuff, so…

The Superhero: Alright then.

Sharon: But now I’m curious.

Silver: The Martin has spoken!

Martin: He has indeed!

Segment 2 – The Main Thing

Martin: Wow, that segment went faster than expected.

Silver: Well, now we kinda know what to expect, so…

Martin: True. [pause] Oh man! I just remembered I was going to have you guys, uh, give some info about yourselves for the introductions and have, uh, the updates be later.

Silver: Well woops. We’ll fix it in post.

Martin: Eh, there’s always next time. Anyway, this time around we have a theme, or some general idea of what we are going to talk about. So let’s get right in to it. [pause] Okay, so: we are going to talk about the most powerful people at The Meeting Place. Maybe, like, power levels and stuff, too.

Sharon: Alright! I’m guessing The Superhero tops those charts?

Martin: Actually, not as much as you think. I have a, uh, list of what I think is the most– top three strongest people. And of course their reasoning. Uh, I’d say you guys could put in your input, but… yeah.

Silver: But you’d probably know better than we do.

Martin: When it comes to raw power, I’d actually say that Rose is the strongest. Yes, Martin managed to beat her without using any superpowers, but when it comes to power, he’s not even the strongest Superhero. The reason he managed to win was because, uh…

The Superhero: I’m versatile.

Martin: And other shenanigans. Like, he plans out stuff ahead and… uhm… tried to control the battle. I mean, there’s a trope called Batman Gambit. And really, he does the mind thing pretty well.

The Superhero: And I’d like to remind people that while I couldn’t use any superpowers for the battle, I could still use my other abilities, like mindlinking. And I still feel a bit bad for winning that way.

Silver: And for the children at home: how did you defeat Rose, Martin?

The Superhero: I kicked her right between the legs.

Silver: Ouch.

The Superhero: I blame Rodney for that. Anyway. Yeah, I agree that Rose is strong. Really strong.

Sharon: So I guess Rose and The Superhero is two of the top three, but who’s the third one, and which one of them takes the first spot?

Martin: They are in no particular order, since I said that Rose is strongest when it comes to actual power, but Martin will win because of his powers and skills. As for the last of the three, I’d like to have you guess first. And probably why, as well.

Sharon: I guess Maria. She’s always training, and both The Superhero, Rose, and Martin always talk about her strength.

Martin: Alright, and Silver?

Silver: Hm… I was going to guess her as well, but to get some more alternatives out… hm, let me think for a moment.

Martin: Alright then, Martin?

The Superhero: I’m guessing Rodney. He’s the “main character” in a game based on anime logic. His Aether power, at least his previous one, was really powerful, and that guy’s determination is through the roof.

Martin: Good guess.

Silver: Oh man, all the good ones are taken. I’m going to say Ashling, then. Mainly because no one would expect it, and also yes.

Martin: Actually, it’s Fayte.

The Superhero: Huh.

Sharon: Wow, really?

Silver: I should have seen that coming. Actually, no.

The Superhero: Hm, that does makes sense.

Sharon: Why Fayte? She seems like your typical adventurer. I thought she could only create illusions. I’d say Vimia is probably more powerful than Fayte at the moment.

Martin: Exactly: “at the moment”. I picked Fayte because she has the *potential* of becoming one of the strongest people at The Meeting Place. Here, let me get the document up.

[Martin starts using his laptop]

Martin: I should have prepared this beforehand. Where is that folder? [pause] Okay! So Fayte is from the roleplaying game Numenera. She’s an, uh… Charming Jack who Crafts Illusions–

Silver: Highly technical term.

Martin: Uh, she’s currently tier two, but the stuff that she gets at later tiers are insane. For example: she can currently create illusions within a three by three meter cube, non-solid. But at tier six she gets Grand Illusions, which makes her able to– which increases the range to, like, a mile. And the illusions reacts to stuff and basically has sentience.

Sharon: Whoa.

Martin: And that’s only for the illusions part. Let’s check what she can get from being a Jack… [pause] Alright! True Senses: You can see in complete darkness up to 50 feet, or 15 meters, as if it were dim light. You also recognise holograms, disguises, optical illusions, sound mimicry, and other such tricks for all senses for what they are.

Silver: Neat.

Martin: Or Invisibility: You become invisible for ten minutes. Let’s see… Transdimensional Weapon: One melee weapon that you touch vibrates on a… [pause] Basically stab things really good.

Silver: Let’s see. [pause] Huh, looks like one could attack ghosts and stuff. It could probably even hit Martin while he’s out of phase.

Martin: And then, because the GM is nice, she can also pick abilities from The Strange, like…

[Martin messes around with the laptop]

Martin: Read the Signs: You examine an area and learn precise, useful details about the past. [pause] Huh, it also has True Senses. There are some really crazy stuff in here, and we can even make stuff up on our own.

The Superhero: So, she has the potential of becoming one of the strongest. I don’t know though, those powers don’t seem that much stronger than what we already got here.

Martin: Good point. Hm, let me check the Character Options. [pause] And oh man, I just realised that the GM for that actually reads this.

Sharon: Reads?

Martin: The transcripts. Well, at least she read the first one. Okay… “You cause all light sources within short range -that’s about 15 meters- to fade to darkness for ten minutes”. How about this one: Far Step. “You leap through the air and land some distance away”. Basically: you can jump in any direction, *any* for, like, 100 meters or so.

Silver: That’s crazy.

Martin: Ooh, here’s one that fits her illusions theme: Mask. “You transform your body to become someone else. You can change any physical characteristic you wish, including colouration, height, weight, gender, and distinguished markings. You may *also* change the appearance of whatever you are wearing or carrying.” I could keep going, but we’ve spent a lot of time on this already.

Sharon: Alright then. We know about the top three, but who would be in the top five?

Martin: Maria and Rodney. You got those right.

Silver: Figures.

Segment 3 – The Main Thing pt 2

Martin: Well that was me rambling for a while. Well how about you guys? Anything related to the theme you would like to bring up? Like, Aether powers or something?

Sharon: Actually, yeah. I’m curious on who has the strongest Aether power here.

The Superhero: Well, the way I understand it, the power level of the Aether is partly based on the person’s actual power, which would make Rose have the “strongest” power. However, for the sake of argument, strong does not necessarily equal useful. For example: I’m one of the strongest people here, but I have basically no use for my power.

Silver: Which is? For the sake of enlightening the listeners.

The Superhero: Telekinesis. However, how much I can move is completely based on my actual strength.

Sharon: And how much do you bench press?

The Superhero: I haven’t actually checked, but it’s not crazy much. The good news, though, is that I can combo my Aether power with my strength suit. But again: I don’t have much of a use of this power.

Silver: Meanwhile, my power is pretty weird, as mentioned last time. I can absorb the damage someone is about to take. If it weren’t for the fact that I’m partly based on those Flash movies, having this power would have been horrible. Well, more horrible than it already is. Why, Martin? Whyyy?

Martin: Aether also sometimes take the person’s personality into account when giving them a power.

Silver: That doesn’t even–

Martin: Moving on! Sharon! How about your power?

Sharon: Yeah, so I personally think I got the coolest, or at least second coolest power at The Meeting Place. I can create wind and stuff like that. Next up, I’m trying to learn how to fly with this power. Currently I can only jump farther.

Silver: And by the way: her secret hero name is–

Sharon: Nooo! Shut up! Shhhh!

Silver: Hehe.

Martin: Heh, anyway, I remember we mentioned these powers last week. Maybe we should bring up the powers of other people, too?

The Superhero: Sure. But if we want an Aether expert, shouldn’t we bring in Cilantro or something? He’s pretty good at figuring out how to use powers.

Martin: I’d say he and Virandi are the best at that. Cilantro because of his shapeshifting. By the way, for you at home: Cilantro can shapeshift into people he has seen before and even copy their powers. However, his power level is much lower than the original power. So I think Virandi might have it better when it comes to copying powers. The power level of the powers she takes are set to her own power level, meaning that if she takes the power of someone “weaker”, the power becomes much stronger, if that makes sense. It helps that her power level is pretty good as well, as the GM for Anilogics confirmed.

The Superhero: I’ve noticed.

Martin: You know, besides the powers of you guys, -in the room I mean.- What is- who has the most interesting power? Or coolest, I guess?

Sharon: Rose! She gets a pack of ice-foxes. Like, actual living ice. How cool is that?!

Martin: And that’s not all she can do! If I remember right, she can create and manipulate ice and something. I don’t remember.

The Superhero: She can also freeze water and create blizzards. We also found out she can move and shape ice like it wasn’t solid. She doesn’t even need to touch it to do these things, either.

Silver: So you gave the strongest person at The Meeting Place the strongest power, or at least a strong power?

Martin: Yep.

Silver: Wow.

Sharon: Rose’s power is definitely the coolest, after my own, of course.

Silver: Of course. Anyway, I think Aléi has the best power, because squirrel.

Martin: Technically a kiet, but yes.

The Superhero: That’s not her actual power though, is it? As I understand it, it’s part of the Aether form itself.

Martin: Yeah.

The Superhero: Her actual power is to absorb various forms of energy, elemental energy to be more specific, and use it to boost herself with things like removing tiredness or heal wounds.

Sharon: But why the squirrel?

Martin: Kiet. I like squirrels.

Silver: Yyyup.

[The Superhero chuckles]

The Superhero: You know, I have always found Maria’s power of time rewinding to be intriguing, if only because it’s such a strange power to give her.

Sharon: And you love to rant about time travel.

Martin: Uh-huh, but I guess that’s an entire episode by itself. [pause] Uh, I don’t actually remember why I decided to give her that power. Although I *do* know that it has a *lot* of limitations. Like, a lot. For example, going back drains her energy, and going back more than a few minutes is dangerous. Like, lethal dangerous.

Silver: You know, for someone who dislikes time travel, you sure do it a lot.

Martin: Shush. And I don’t dislike time travel. I just dislike seeing it be done poorly.

Silver: And you do it well?

Martin: I sure like to believe so. Others have yet to complain.

Sharon: On the subject of Aether, I’d love it if my friends could also get some.

Martin: Oh please, no. It’s hard enough to come up with powers for you guys. Even one- even coming up with powers for *one* person is tricky, and I even had to change some of yours already.

Sharon: Wait, you did? When?

Martin: A while back, I think it was November? Before Phor-ty I could duplicate stuff, he could… manipulate electricity, I think? I got it written down somewhere. I haven’t even decided on everyone’s powers yet. Some of you don’t even have any, like Ashling.

The Superhero: But Ashling can phase through things, though, right? At least he could.

Martin: Not anymore, and until I can figure out a better power for him, he’s powerless. Actually, I’ll probably let him keep that power until I find a better one.

Segment 4 – Questions

Martin: Anyway, I guess we could be done with that part and go on to the questions. Uhm, I suppose I already asked mine, so, uh, go ahead. Anyone? And remember, ehm, this is for the benefit of those listening, or reading, I guess.

Sharon: Reading?

Martin: Yeah, for some reason I couldn’t upload the audio file, so I had to type everything down.

Silver: That’s weird. Maybe we’ll have better luck with this one?

Martin: Hopefully. I mean, I can manage writing a transcript unless it runs for too long, but havign actual audio would be nice.

The Superhero: Anyway, I’ll take the first question: Silver, you have a lot of Pokémon. Could you tell us about them?

Silver: Yes.


[Silver chuckles]

Silver: Well, I *technically* answered the question. [pause] Nah, I’m kidding. Yeah, I have some Pokémon. The ones I do know I have have made appearances in the Flash videos -available on Martin’s YouTube-channel, SilverDSlite- or was mentioned in the comments, like Castform.

Martin: The real question is: did you manage to catch Aron?

Silver: I could tell you, but I won’t.

Martin: Good man.

Silver: But yeah, in case you don’t want to be entertained by some old, glorious, Flash animations, here’s the list: [deep breath] Shinx, Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff, Pidgeotto, Snorlax, Rotom, Lucario… Castform… Uh… Noctowl… [pause]

Martin: And Psyduck. But I… think that video was removed.

Silver: Ah. Oh! There may or may not also be Aron on that list. It’s definitely a strange mix of Pokémon, but they are great. Oh, and Jigglypuff is Normal type. AS IT SHOULD BE.

The Superhero: What’s wrong with Fairy type?

Silver: Nothing. I just think that all pre-gen VI Pokémon should keep their typing. I got Jigglypuff back in gen III, Kanto. No Fairy typing.

The Superhero: Fair enough–

Martin: Meanwhile, Sharon is all like, “what?”

Sharon: Hey, never got into Pokémon.

The Superhero: Heh, I have heard you talk about your Castform a bunch of times before. Is there anything special with it? Her?

Silver: Oh yeah! She’s my writer. She writes the episodes for Stuff Happens, although I guess it’s technically Martin, but still. She’s cool.

The Superhero: I see. I actually have one more question, if you guys don’t mind. This one is directed at Martin.

Martin: Oh? I was not expecting that. Sure, go for it.

The Superhero: There has been others at The Meeting Place. Who were they, and what happened to them?

Martin: That… sounded a bit threatening, but yeah, I get it. So: if I can remember right, there was- has been four other people, who left. Uh, the first one, and most recent, you guys, uh, the listeners, would probably know about: Arun-Char. He left a while after his appearance in the story he was in, which I think was the Enter Aléi story? Anyway, he left because he felt like he didn’t… he felt like The Meeting Place, uh… what’s the word? He thought that The Meeting Place wasn’t really anything for him.

Sharon: He was one grumpy grandpa.

The Superhero: I liked him.

Martin: Then we also had Maria, Martin, and Gardevoir from The Adventures of Team Awesome–

Silver: Another one of Martin’s Flash animations. Check it out at YouTube.com/SilverDSlite. Shameless self promotion.

Sharon: But–

Silver: Shameless, self, promotion.

[Martin laughs]

The Superhero: Is it, though?

Martin: You bring up a good question. Anyway, uh, they left when I put TAoTA on break. And it was during the early days of The Meeting Place anyway. Besides, I think we have enough Team Awesomes here already.

Silver: I wonder how many Martins we could assemble? Oh! We should have an entire episode of just Martins. Imagine: you, me, The Superhero, and Martin. And any other Martins you might have.

Sharon: Oh for the love of everything delicious, please no.

[Martin chuckles]

Martin: Right, uh, I guess that question is answered. Anyone else got a question?

Silver: Actually, yes. Sharon–

[The Superhero’s watch beeps]

The Superhero: Oop. Sorry, gotta go!

Sharon: Huh?

The Superhero: It’s… important. Sorry!

[The Superhero leaves through the door]

Martin: Okay then.

Sharon: What was that all about?

Martin: I don’t know. You guys are here more than I am. But I guess it’s important.


Silver: Eh, let’s just continue.

Martin: Alright then.

Silver: So Sharon, what’s your favourite Zelda game? And why?

Sharon: Hm… I’m gonna have to say Link to the Past. My dad owns an S N E S and it’s one of the Zelda games he has. I can’t remember how many times I have played that game, running around Hyrule, defeating evil, and discovering secrets.

Silver: Uh-huh. What’s your favourite item in it?

Sharon: The hookshot’s a beast. It’s like the boomerang, but better.

Silver: Neat.

Sharon: What’s your favourite item?

Silver: Cane of Pacci! Pschew!

Martin: Yeah!

[Silver and Martin high-fives each other]

Sharon: Oookay then… That was not my question by the way, I have another.

Martin: Go for it.

Sharon: I’m asking on behalf of Jennifer, who’s curious. I told her about the podcast, and while she could have asked you herself the next item she visits, I figured it could be a good idea to ask now. So Silver, how many costumes do you have?

Silver: Is this because of the Shantae outfit? [deep breath] Well I was hoping to have quite the collection by now, but that didn’t happen since Martin stopped making Let’s Plays–

Martin: Sorry?

Silver: But let’s see… I have the Shantae outfit, a Vaati cosplay, originally made by the wonderful Lizerdoo, and a Superhero costume.

Sharon: Which one? Superman? Batman? [pause] Wonder Woman?

Silver: No, no no. *The* Superhero. It’s, um, from the early days of Martin’s YouTube career.

Martin: Like, Stuff Happens episode 1 early. That was a long time ago. When was that?

Silver: 2007?

Martin: I think so? Maybe?

Segment 5 – Closing

Martin: Hm, it looks like we have been going on for a while, looking at the clock.

Silver: With how time’s running here, who knows. You *can* also check the recording time, you know.

Martin: But that’s too easy. Anyway, I think that’ll be enough for this episode. For the next episode, we should totally try to have some guests, and I still need to figure out the theme. Suggestions?

Sharon: We talked about superpowers, so maybe we can talk about villains next time?

Martin: Actually, one of my friends suggested that theme too, but I don’t know. It still feels a bit too early for that.

Silver: I have no ideas at the moment. I’ll keep you updated.

Martin: Eh, I’ll figure something out. But I’ll definitely try to get some guests for next time.

Sharon: Sweet.

Martin: All right, and episode end!

Silver: Smell ya later!

Sharon: Goodb-

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