Episode 1 – The First One (30/03/2016)


Segment 1 – Introductions

Martin: Aaand we are live, finally. That took way too long. Anyway. Hi everyone, and welcome to the first TMP podcast. I figured since I’m horrible at updating my site (which only like, one person visits anyway) and that TMP has advanced a lot since sometime last year, maybe this could be something to do. Writing stories is haaard. Uh, anyway, I guess the general idea for this show is to spend some time talking, maybe catch up on what’s happened at The Meeting Place, and stuff. There will be guests and whatnot. Right, so first out we have Silver–

Silver: Guh-reetings!

Martin: Wait no, hang on. I guess technically I would be first out?

Silver: Aww.

Martin: Heh, sorry. Yeah, um. Hi, my name is Martin. I, uh, created these guys. It’s weird, I know. Like, really weird. Um, to my right, even though you can’t see it since it’s audio only–

Silver: Maybe you can draw some pictures if you upload this to YouTube?

Martin: Right, maybe, anyway, heh, to my right: The Silver.

Silver: Let’s try this again: Guh-reetings! … Should I… introduce myself or something?

Martin: Ah yeah, sure. Tell the people at home a bit about yourself.

Silver: I’m Silver. You might know me from such places like Martin’s livestreams–

Martin: Yeah, my *yearly* livestream.

Silver: –, his YouTube videos, like Let’s Plays and some old Flash animations. … Really, if you have seen him online, he’s probably channelling me.

Martin: A–

Silver: And I have the best hair at this place by far!

Martin: I could argue.

Sharon: Me too. I have a pro making my hair.

Silver: Your pillow?

Sharon: What? No! I mean… never mind.

Martin: Riiight… Next up, to my left, we have one of the other Martins at this place, but for simplicity’s sake his nickname is The Superhero.

The Superhero: Hi there. I–

Silver: Oh man! I just realised it’s going to be a pain for the viewers… or listeners?… to keep us apart. Voice wise, I mean.

Sharon: Yeah, you do sound similar.

Martin: This is what happens when you create a bunch of characters based on yourself. [sighs] Really though, there are some differences.

Sharon: Really? Like? You two are basically identical.

Martin: Well, *he* is a bit more hyper and slightly more high-pitched most times, and *he* is a bit deeper–

The Superhero: And manlier.

Martin: -aaand manlier sounding. A bit. Like, not much.

[The Superhero snickers]

Silver: Can I also claim the title of the manliest person at The Meeting Place?


Martin: Anyway, Martin, go ahead.

The Superhero: Yeah sure. Hi, my name is Martin Dunst, superhero. I fight crime and keep the planet safe. I have died a few times, but I guess that’s probably a story for another day.

Martin: Or today. I don’t have anything special planned for this episode, just maybe some general talking stuff. We gotta fill the time somehow, not even sure how long the episodes should be. Maybe when we have more viewers we can do fan questions and stuff?

The Superhero: Alright then. Here at The Meeting Place I try to keep everyone out of trouble–

Silver: And failing.

The Superhero: — or at least do what I usually do. And I also run a training program. Oh, and I’m a teacher at Sharon’s school.

Silver: Wait? Really?

The Superhero: I guess that’s also a story for later. You can introduce yourself now. You look like you have been wanting to talk for quite a while now.

Sharon: Alright! Yes! Hi everyone! I’m Sharon, adventurer extraordinaire. I’m from Middlehart, Pennsylvania. Uh, I, uh, love the outdoors. [pause] I don’t know what else to say. This was more difficult than I first thought.

Martin: Well, How about the pets thing?

Sharon: The pets thi– oh yeah! So, I want a pet, like a dog or something, but my parents are all like “no, you aren’t responsible enough”. And I get along so well with Zach’s dogs, too. They did consider a pet rock at some point, but I don’t think that counts.

Martin: Speaking of which, how’s Elvis doing?

Sharon: Burnt cupcakes! I forgot about him!

Silver: (Case in point…)

Martin: I don’t think Elvis has ever been mentioned here before? I should probably explain: so, Elvis is a Rock enemy that you could see in Nichola’s Quest and the demo for project CesS as well as some other of my game projects. Sharon managed to convince me to keep one at The Meeting Place as a pet, whiiich she forgot about, and now Elvis and Greenmushroom are best friends.

Sharon: Well now I feel bad.

Martin: Pff, no worries.

Silver: Wait!

Sharon: Huh?

Silver: Now I get it! Wow, how did I not see the pun before. You sir are one clever man.

Martin: Sure.

Segment 2 – Updates

[Martin shuffles some papers]

Martin: [clears throat] Anyway, since this is the first episode and I didn’t plan too much ahead… but I did write down some things we could talk about.

The Superhero: Sure, go right ahead.

Martin: Alright. Uh. First up: has anything interesting happened lately? Or, anything interesting happened to you? I’m thinking recent. We can save the New Years thing for later. Err, Silver, you wanna start?

Silver: “Official” stuff or The Meeting Place stuff?

Martin: Either, I guess?

Silver: Well, there was those Darkest Dungeon livestreams a while back. Those were fun! Uh, I really, really like the battle system in that game, although it feels a bit grindy at the point I’m currently at. Just a few more weeks probably and my party will totally be ready for the Darkest Dungeon and the Shuffling Horror. And by that I mean I don’t think we’ll ever be ready for that. Maybe. As for stuff happening at The Meeting Place: nothing much. There has been some board games, but that’s about it. I brought in Carcassonne recently.

Martin: Oh neat. How about you?

The Superhero: Well, I’d say that most of February and until a while ago has been interesting. You know, with me getting stuck on that planet in warp space, not to mention the entire Mystery Dungeon thing.

Sharon: Yeah, you guys were gone for so long. What happened? I don’t think you ever explained that.

The Superhero: I’ll keep it short-ish: For quite a while we had speculated something big was going to happen in the World of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon coinciding with the game’s European release, which did happen. The plan was for me to be present there from the beginning, helping the guys out with whatever mess would happen. However, some day before that, a planet suddenly appeared near Mars and I was going to investigate that along with some fellow heroes. After we got there, the planet entered warp space, wormhole travel, meaning we couldn’t escape, especially since three of us managed to lose their ships, me included.

Martin: I had to stall you somehow. I was told to play through the main story first, just in case.

The Superhero: Right, and it took us about a week to get out. It could have been worse. Way worse, since it was estimated for the planet to be in there for thirty-something years.

Sharon: Wow.

The Superhero: Anyway, when we finally got back to Earth, I was sent off to *another* assignment before I could leave for the Mystery Dungeon world, and I couldn’t have better timing when I finally got there. I won’t go into details since I’m not sure if any listeners-

Silver: Or “the” listener.

The Superhero: Spoilers and all that. That’s a thing. It definitely was end-game stuff.

Sharon: Aw, but I wanna know.

The Superhero: I can tell you later, but expect the typical: crazy things happening, Pokémon turning to stone, friends, enemies, and Maria’s parents being behind all of it. Or at least taking huge advantage of it. Anyway, that’s what I got.

Silver: But you have been doing stuff at The Meeting Place though, haven’t you?

The Superhero: A bit. Not much, really. After that entire mess I have been taking it easy. Still doing training sessions every once in a while.

Sharon: Can we do another after this?

The Superhero: Eh, sure.

Sharon: Sweet!

The Superhero: But yeah, taking it slow, playing some music. The typical stuff. Go ahead, Sharon.

Sharon: Well, there has been absolutely *nothing* happening with my canon world.

Martin: It’s a… tricky world! Timelines and stuff. Unlike the other worlds, yours is supposed to be carefully planned out.

Sharon: But oh man, so guys: I recently learned that *apparently* I control the power of Death, thanks to the Cog of the Living Dead. And of course *you* knew that all along.

Martin: Why do you look at me like you are surprised?

Silver: Actually, why are you looking at him like you are *still* surprised? He did say “carfully planned out”.

Sharon: You could have told me! Dude, superpowers!

Martin: [sighs] We’ve been through this. Again: you like exploration, and discovery. Ehm… … I thought it would be a great idea to let you discover those powers for yourself.

Sharon: I have been part of this place for… how long now?

The Superhero: Since 2011. Five years or so.

Sharon: Five years! This would have been great to know! I only learned it by accident!

Martin: Actually, it gets better. Here it took you five-something years to discover, and in your own world, you’ll only had this power for a month or so.

[Sharon’s forehead gets acquainted with the table]

[Silver snickers]

Sharon: [muffled] Why must you torture me so?

Martin: Anyway, now you have these powers, and how are they treating you?

Sharon: Oh! The Superhero is helping me train. I can talk to ghosts and stuff.

The Superhero: I don’t actually know how those powers work or all of their uses, so I can only help her generally. Cilantro is actually more help for that. Besides, if you paid more attention to the lessons you’d control it much easier by now.

Sharon: Eeeh.

The Superhero: She’s way more attentive in school, can you believe it? Speaking of which, how’s your history homework coming along?

Silver: Is this really the time for that?

Sharon: It’s done. It wasn’t difficult at all.

The Superhero: Well, I *did* teach you guys how to study better.

Silver: So you are their history teacher? I wouldn’t have guessed.

The Superhero: Oh, I do various subjects, like math, history, physics. Sometimes I cover for Mr. Swashbuckle.

Sharon: Sawshbuckle.

The Superhero: Right.

Sharon: Are you just saying that to tease me?

The Superhero: Yeeep.

Martin: Fun fact: I’m not a fan of any of those subjects, except maybe physics. Space is fun.

Silver: Yup.

Sharon: Uh-huh.

The Superhero: It’s cool.

Martin: Alright, should we move on to the next part of this list?

Sharon: Sure.

Silver: Wait! You never told us what you have been up to.

Martin: Oh yeah, true. Um, well GothCon was pretty recently, you know: that board game and roleplaying game convention? I was there to showcase my board game “Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies”. Uh, not too many people showed up, but those who did really liked the game.

Silver: Nice.

Martin: I also got some feedback. Mostly about the rulebook which I’ll be working on anyway. I’ll be sending it in for publishing soon.

The Superhero: Glad to hear.

Silver: I’m excited, but I’m biased.

Martin: Oh yeah! We had these bracelet-like things at GothCon. Mine was a bit loose, so it flopped around every time I moved my arm. So now I know how you feel wearing yours, Sharon.

Sharon: I like them.

Martin: I’m not saying you don’t. I can also imagine yours are easier to take off and put on.

Sharon: Yeah.

Segment 3 – Questions

Martin: Anyway, you remember when I said I had written things down for this podcast? Well, I lied, that was it.

Silver: Oh no, whatever shall we do? It’s not like we have a bunch of people who like to talk here stuck in a room that wasn’t here a few hours ago. Oh wait.

Martin: Well, I was thinking of having a questions segment, but I didn’t have time asking people on Twitter. Besides, I’m pretty sure none of them has any idea of who you are. Yet.

Sharon: So why don’t we ask each other some questions?

Martin: Sure. And maybe not questions that *you* don’t know about whoever, but also so that those listening in will learn something new as well… Something new from as well.

Silver: Alright, I’ll start. Martin, you mentioned music before. Do you play instruments or what?

The Superhero: Yeah. I play an instrument that I call an advanced guitar synthesiser. Try saying that five times fast.

Silver: Is that a challenge?

The Superhero: It’s not. I usually take the stage in the lounge to play. It’s pretty fun and relaxing.

Martin: What makes it different from a normal synthesiser?

The Superhero: Well, it has two sets of keyboards. You can record and play back, change the sound mid-song, and it looks really cool. It’d be easier to show you, really.

Silver: Except this is audio only.

Sharon: I’ve seen you play it, and you seem a bit stressed out while playing. How is that relaxing?

Silver: Yeah, your fingers go all over the place.

The Superhero: Not stress: focus. You need some dexterity to play it, but it’s a pleasant challenge compared to, say, keeping a planet from exploding or evacuating a burning building without any casualties. This is just music, with no penalties for doing something wrong.

Martin: I dropped in a while back and noticed there were more people on stage.

The Superhero: Uh-huh. Silver usually backs me up with his saxophone, trumpet, or that conch horn, and we recently realised that both Virandi and Aléi can copy my instrument skills. And of course Sharon sometimes joins in with the xylophone.

Sharon: I’ve also seen Chiko up there with the piano as well. Not recently though.

The Superhero: Oh yeah. She’s getting really good at playing.

Martin: By the way. For our viewers: Virandi is “Baxter’s” sister. She’s a side character that he likes to invite as often as possible. They are basically best friends.

Silver: Any chance of making her a “main” character?

Martin: Sadly no. I technically have no control over her. She’s an NPC in Anilogics, and as soon as she appears in that game (which will probably take a while considering the pace we advance in and the fact that it is Anilogics)…

Sharon: What?

Martin: Hm?

Sharon: I don’t think you finished that sentence.

Martin: I already forgot.

The Superhero: Anyway, it feels nice having more people on stage to jam with. Speaking of Anilogics, Sharon, you treat your Aether transformation as a superhero persona, don’t you?

Sharon: Why are you asking me? You already know the answer.

Silver: The listeners.

Sharon: Oh! What, you want me to give away my secret superhero identity? What if villains find out and go after the ones I love? That happens, you know.

The Superhero: You know The Meeting Place doesn’t work that way, and besides: I don’t think any villains of *your* world stands a chance against basically half of this place.

Silver: You know, I don’t think the people know what Aether is. Maybe we should explain that?

Martin: Are we going to explain everything this episode? Then again, there are a lot of things they don’t know about the stuff here.

The Superhero: If you don’t mind: Aether’s from one of Martins friend’s home-made role-playing game called Anilogics. Basically anime logic. Rodney, Cilantro, and “Baxter” are from that game, along with Virandi. Aether is spelled A-E-T-H-E-R, but as you can hear is not pronounced like it.

Sharon: Wait, *that’s* how it’s spelled?!

Silver: Huh? What did you think it was?

Sharon: I don’t know, like E-Y-D-E-R or something. I thought it was this magical fantasy substance.

Silver: Sorry to shatter your dreams.

[The Superhero tries to hold back snickering]

The Superhero: Right. anyway, so when someone ingests Aether they gain special powers for a while, or in the case of “Baxter” and Virandi, having powers all of the time since they are from the Aether world. The powers differ from individual to individual–

Martin: Oh! I remember Niklas saying something that when you first come in contact with Aether, it analyses you to figure out the most efficient way of being used, or something.

The Superhero: Or in this case: you pick for us. I got a simple telekinesis–

Martin: Because you are pretty powerful as is.

The Superhero: — Sharon can manipulate wind–

Sharon: Which is awesome!

The Superhero: — and Silver can take damage that would affect another person?

Silver: Mm, pretty much.

Sharon: Okay, my turn to a ask a question! Who would win in a fight: Superman or the Superhero?

Martin & The Superhero: Superman.

Silver: Ooh, that was a nice harmony. I should have joined in. Again on three?

The Superhero: Invulnerability, super speed, super strength, flight… eye lasers. And all at the same time. Meanwhile, I’m limited to one power at a time… more or less. He’d just need to hit me once to win while he can get sent through walls or punched into the stratosphere with only minor harm. Multiple times.

Martin: Yeah, I saw “Superman vs The Elite”, and yeah, Martin wouldn’t stand a chance in a straight up battle.

Sharon: The Elite? Does it have any relation to “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice & the American Way?”?

Martin: Uh, let me check?

[Martin types on his laptop]

Silver: How do you even get internet here?

Martin: No idea. [pause] Let’s see here… Yeah, they adapted that comic into a movie in 2012.

[Sharon slams her hands on the table]

Sharon: What?! I gotta see that!

The Superhero: I heard that there also was a Batman vs Superman live-action movie happening.

Sharon: Dude!

Martin: Yeah, there has been a lot of superhero movies as of late, like the Avengers.

[Sharon emits strange squeeing noises]

Silver: Are you doing okay there, Sharon?

Martin: Maybe… maybe we should have a movie night?


Silver: Deep breath! Deep breath!

[Sharon takes a deep breath]

Segment 4 – Closing

Martin: Well, I guess that works for a first podcast. Went pretty well.

Silver: It’s pretty short, though.

Martin: Eh, I guess, but it’s better than nothing. Besides: it’s the first one. Gotta test the waters and stuff.

Sharon: I enjoyed it.

The Superhero: Yeah, It was nice.

Martin: For next time, I’ll see if I can get some questions. Maybe we should decide on a theme?

Sharon: What about superheroes?

Silver: Or maybe cooking? Or video games.

The Superhero: Since the listeners doesn’t know too much about us, maybe pick a theme for their benefit, like Pokémon or one of your projects.

Martin: I’ll, uh, ponder on it and keep you informed. Maybe we’ll get a guest or something, too?

Sharon: I’m looking forward to it.

Silver: I’ll be there.

Martin: Uhh… anyway, eh, that’s all.

Silver: OUTRO!

Martin: Ending stuff is always difficult.

The Superhero: Thanks for listening.

Silver: See you next time!

Sharon: Bye!


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