Chapter 7 – Aftermath

“Wait, I was possessed by WHAT?!”

Sharon is in utter disbelief as she leans forward with surprise. She, Aléi and Ashling all sit at the couch corner in the lounge. After they had got rid of the parasites and made sure Sharon was okay, they decided to explain what had happened.

Aléi sips on some water, feeling a bit proud of herself after the Nightmare battle.

“Parasites,” says Ashling. “Creatures from my world. But what I’m wondering is how you managed to get infected…”

Sharon shuffles around for a bit, looking guilty.

“Well… er…” she mumbles, avoiding the gaze of Ashling. “I… may or may not have stayed a night or two in your world…”
“What?! Why would you do that? I thought we said it was off limits,” Ashling bursts out.
“Yeah, I know. But ever since Martin teased me about Men in Black 3 I just had to see it, and I was curious about your world as well.”

Ashling puts his hand on his face, sighing out loud. “It looks like we’ll have to check everyone here to make sure they haven’t been infected too. Did you go anywhere else except my world and The Meeting Place?”
“Well, I did spend some nights in my own world.”

Ashling looks up at her, then shifts his look to Aléi.

“Aléi, I’ll be heading to Sharon’s world to make sure they haven’t been infected there. Would you like to join me?” he says.

Aléi is surprised at first, but then smiles and nods. “Sure.”

And so the two set off to save a world from a parasitic threat, and for the first time in a very long time, Aléi’s didn’t feel powerless to help. A new day is dawning.



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