Chapter 3

The Darkshroom slides back and forth the corridor he’s been assigned to patrol. He’s been doing this now for hours. Back and forth, back and forth. Never stopping and never getting tired he keeps on sliding up and down the corridor.

He turns around to slide down the corridor again, but stops as soon as he starts. Something is not right. He turns to look down the other corridor and sees another mushroom heading towards him rather quickly. The mushroom doesn’t have a black cap though, so it’s not a Darkshroom. The cap is in fact green. The prisoner.

The Darkshroom begins to slide towards the escapee with the intention of dealing some collision damage before hauling him back to the prison cell. The mushroom doesn’t seem to give any signs of stopping even though he should know what would happen. The Darkshroom doesn’t stop either.

When Greenmushroom gets close enough he pulls out a red throwshroom and throws it at the Darkshroom. At the impact, the Darkshroom bounces back, unconscious. The throwshroom bounces away and rolls on the floor. Without stopping to pick it up, Greenmushroom jumps over the unconscious Darkshroom and follows the corridor.

Nothing can stop Greenmushroom. Any Darkshrooms he passes by are taken out with either throwshrooms or his raygun. Locked doors aren’t any real obstacles either as Greenmushroom only blasts them away using his clockwork bombs. Greenmushroom is so glad he had those items on him when the Darkshrooms kidnapped him as they only remove the items once the mushroom is in prison.

Reaching higher and higher floors, the defence begins to increase. It starts with more Darkshrooms, which still isn’t that much of a problem, then Darkshrooms which places minidarkshrooms. Again, not that much of a problem.

But when Greenmushroom reaches a fairly large room a couple of floors up he is forced to stop and actually gets nervous. On the other end of the room, heading towards him, are three Darkshrooms inside irregular yellow forcefields that follows their body shapes.

Greenmushroom slides back in shock. Not only is the field going to hurt more than a Darkshroom’s normal collision damage, they will also block any throwshrooms or shots from the raygun. The only thing Greenmushroom has that at the time can deal any damage to them is the clockwork bombs, and he’s starting to run out of them.
“And I really need some for any more obstructed doors I might come across,” Greenmushroom mumbles to himself, knowing that you would hear him anyway.

His thoughts has to be cut short as the shielded Darkshrooms are getting too close and Greenmushroom has to jump away. With a quick motion he jumps over the three Darkshrooms and lands safely behind them. He doesn’t stop moving though and decides to get as far away from the Darkshrooms as possible. Easier said than done as the door in front of him is locked. There is a red light shining above the door.

The Darkshrooms turn around to keep at charging the poor, panicked mushroom. They are fast, making it hard to dodge them and with three of them around, getting hit once will result in a game over for sure.

As Greenmushroom keeps jumping over the Darkshroom he ultimately decides to try and lose the Darkshrooms in the corridors, so he quickly slides back where he came from with the three enemies closely following behind. They are faster than him, so they begin to close in fairly quickly, but actually takes longer to turn around corners than Greenmushroom can, giving him a little bit of a chance.

While sliding for his life, not being able to shake his pursuers off, Greenmushroom decides to formulate a plan. It’s going to be risky, but if it works the door and the enemies won’t be a problem any more.

He works his way around the base back to the room where he first met the enemies without getting hurt by them and when he reaches it he slides over to the locked door at the end of it. He gets the chance to breathe out for a second while waiting for the Darkshrooms to reach him.

“This better work, or I’m toast,” he says as he looks over to the incoming enemies. If the Darkshrooms only turn around once they have passed him this plan will only work if he doesn’t try to jump over them, but at the same time he needs to.

When the Darkshrooms are just about to tackle him, he jumps straight up. The Darkshrooms doesn’t even look up and run straight into the clockwork bomb Greenmushroom has placed where he stood. Right before the bomb explodes due to the collision with the Darkshroom Greenmushroom, still in the air, uses all his strength to push himself away from the wall he’s next to in an attempt to wall jump.

The bomb explodes. Luckily the blast radius of the bomb isn’t that big, but even with his half-bad wall jump, Greenmushroom barely makes it out of the explosion. He feels the faint shock wave giving him a small push and his course is thrown off, causing him to roll a bit on the floor when he lands.

As soon as he stops he looks over to where the the explosion had happened and lets out a sigh of relief when he sees that the enemies and door are gone. Only a black spot remain. The floor is still intact, but the Darkshrooms build things weird like that. Behind the door is a staircase that a mushroom would have to jump up each step.

Greenmushroom takes a moment to relax before heading up the staircase. The staircase is very long and at the end is a bright light. Excited and happy to finally reach the exit of the prison he jumps each step. Closer and closer to the exit.

He lands on the final platform and looks out the exit.

Finally free.



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