Chapter 2

“Okay, I only got one shot at this,” Greenmushroom measures the distance between him and the switch. Around 2 metres. He carefully takes aim and throws the bolt.

It hits and the button is pressed, making the bars slide up. He’s free, at least from the cell as the door out is still locked and there is no visible way to open it. Greenmushroom slides out and over to the wooden crates and lifts the lid of one that contains minidarkshrooms. He decides not to open the one with the spike balls as they are not only dangerous to touch: they are more or less impossible to stop once they start bouncing.

Much like Darkshrooms, minidarkshrooms are also dangerous to touch, but only when they are active. As weapons they are effective as they will keep walking until they hit something and even then they will just turn around and keep walking. They won’t have any effect on Darkshrooms though. Greenmushroom had used minidarkshrooms to create his Black throwshrooms: a type of mushroom that packs a punch when thrown.

Greenmushroom takes a couple of minidarkshrooms and stoves them away. Exactly where is unsure, but they disappear once he brings them close to him in a quick motion. When he’s done he slides over to the wall in the cell with the ventilation system behind it. Feeling the spot where he will start working on, he gets braver. The Darkshrooms didn’t think they could keep him here, did they?

He hold up a minidarkshroom high and summons his strength and begins to whack the wall repeatedly with the minidarkshroom. Small cracks are already beginning to form and they slowly grow bigger and bigger with each hit.

“Come on, it’s just a wall,” Greenmushroom says, punctuating each word with a whack of the minidarkshroom. The wall finally gives in and reveals the ventilation behind it. It’s small, but fits a mushroom like himself perfectly. Greenmushroom slides in.

A good thing about being a mushroom is that you don’t make any noise moving around in a ventilation system. The only noise you would have to worry about is landing after a jump, but since he doesn’t weigh much it’s not that much of a problem either. And then we got how the Darkshrooms build their ventilations: very solid. Then there’s the fact that Darkshrooms tend to ignore most things.

The ventilation is surprisingly lit by some ambient light with an unknown source. Greenmushroom activates the x-ray on his goggles to see where he should go. The x-ray doesn’t have a long range, but it’s enough to at least find a way to reach the corridor on the floor above.

Carefully with the jumps, Greenmushroom makes his way around the half-maze that is the ventilation. The x-ray setting of his goggles prevents him from getting lost and it doesn’t take long at all until Greenmushroom finds the gaping hole of the ventilation above the corridor that’s being patrolled by Darkshrooms. Darkshrooms build things very oddly.
“Yup, my world is strange, okay? But hey, I’m a talking mushroom so it’s to be expected,” Greenmushroom comments and looks down the hole and begins to count the Darkshrooms passing by, or rather: the time between each passing.

When he has learned the timing he waits for the Darkshroom to pass before Greenmushroom drops down and heads the opposite direction to find a place to hide. In the past the Darkshrooms were so mindless you could just jump over them and they didn’t care about hunting you, but as of late they are getting smarter and smarter. No one is sure why, but it does mean more trouble for the Mushroom Village.

The corridor takes a right and Greenmushroom follows it. Following the calculations the Darkshroom shouldn’t follow him as well, but he is not sure if there’s another Darkshroom waiting around the corner, but it’s a risk he has to take as he rounds it.

Luckily the corridor is empty, but that doesn’t stop Greenmushroom from breathing out as the Darkshroom will soon return and probably do a quick check as he turns around.

Greenmushroom notes that the corridor has a lack of boxes. Apparently the Darkshrooms are getting more organised as well.
“That’s not good,” Greenmushroom says, a bit worried.

He looks around and notices a door at the other end of the corridor. It’s similar to the one that was in the prison room: a rolling shutter out of some dark metal that’s more solid than it first appears to be. There is a small red button next to it.

Not wasting any time, Greenmushroom heads over to the door and presses the button. The door slides up, revealing what’s behind it: a storage room for boxes. The green capped mushroom slides in just as the Darkshroom guard appears from behind the corner, turns around and slides back.

The door closes. Safe for now. Greenmushroom looks at the boxes. Rows upon rows of wooden boxes with more boxes stacked on top of them. To reach the other end of the room he would have to break the boxes, and who knows what dangers might be hiding inside them?

“Here we go again,” Greenmushroom sighs and activates the x-ray to find out what the hidden contents of the boxes are.
“This much x-ray can’t be good,” he says while slowly scanning the area, only to stop at one particular box in the left corner closest to him. He lifts up the goggles and with an enthusiastic look he slides over to the box and pulls it out from the rest. He then opens it and smiles.

“There we go!” he says and takes out the contents of the box: his throwshrooms, raygun and clockwork bombs. He activates the raygun, puts on the goggles and engages sunglasses mode on it.
“Time to bust out of here.”



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