Chapter 1

“Ah! That was a nice nap!”
Greenmushroom rolls around and opens his eyes only to see a Darkshroom in front of him, luckily it’s behind bars. Wait. He stands up, easy for a mushroom to do and examines his surroundings. The area is made out of metal panels and the bars aren’t keeping the Darkshroom trapped. He’s the one trapped in the prison.

Greenmushroom quickly recaps what happened. He had been working on repairing the Greenmechshroom in his lab outside of Mushroom Village as it needed to be fixed after the Darkshroom’s last attack on the village. He had then taken a break and woke up here for some reason, inside a Darkshroom facility.

The prison is 2 meters long and 1 meter tall. It’s not much by human standards, but if you are a 35cm tall mushroom it suddenly feels bigger.

The Darkshroom is looking away from the cell. Greenmushroom can see some wooden boxes on the other side. Greenmushroom guesses they contain coins or maybe spike balls like they did when he infiltrated that factory many years ago. He also sees a small red button a bit from the holding cell. It’s probably the switch that opens the cell, but it’s out of reach.

Greenmushroom quickly checks what he has, and it isn’t much. The Darkshrooms seems to have taken all his gadgets: the throwshrooms, raygun, clockwork bombs. The lot. He had hoped he could find something to throw on the switch.

“Well, what do I do now?” he thinks while scratching his green cap. While scratching, he feels something on his head and gets happy once he realises he still has his goggles.

The goggles looks like normal welding goggles except with transparent glass. However, he has actually modified them with different functions such as night vision and infrared vision. They can also double as sunglasses and welding goggles if needed. Since the Darkshrooms doesn’t know about this they probably thought it was just a normal accessory and let him keep it when they transported him here.

Greenmushroom quickly puts them on while not trying to make too much noise. He then presses a button on the side of the right glass to start the x-ray mode of the goggles.

Now he can spy around a bit and maybe find a way to escape. He sees that the boxes contain coins and minidarkshrooms. While at least the minidarkshrooms could be useful, they are way out of reach at the moment. Scanning around a bit more, he notices a ventilation system running past right behind the prison cell.

Greenmushroom loves that the Darkshrooms like to build their buildings compact. He smiles and keeps looking around. On the level above him he sees Darkshrooms patrolling. There’s nothing beneath him, so he’s probably at the bottom of the facility.

He turns off the x-ray and lifts up his goggles. Escaping this facility isn’t going to be easy, but it’s possible. First he needs to get out of the cell. Hopefully during his escape he can also find out why he was kidnapped.

The Darkshroom guard still hasn’t turned around. In fact, it’s standing perfectly still, but Greenmushroom knows it’s alive, listening and guarding. Darkshrooms are more or less mindless. They never talk and rarely change their expression from looking serious.

Greenmushroom looks around the cell. It’s empty except for him. He walks around it a bit, and by ‘walk’ it’s actually sliding as he has no feet.

Something shiny on the floor catches his attention: a bolt that seems to have come loose and fallen off. It could help, so he stores it away and formulates a plan, but it involves taking out the Darkshroom and Greenmushroom has no weapons.

The thing about Darkshrooms is that they give collision damage as the world Greenmushroom lives in is from a video game. The only way to safely take one out would be to jump on its head or take it out with a ranged attack. Greenmushroom can’t do either at the moment.

However, he is currently in good health, so he could risk a close combat attack, but then he needs the guard to get a little bit closer.

“Hey, stupid!” Greenmushroom shouts to the guard, who really isn’t that far away from him. The Darkshroom doesn’t react. Greenmushroom moves closer to the bars.
“I’m trying to break out here!” he keeps taunting, and this time it works. The Darkshroom turns around to see what the prisoner is doing while looking serious as they usually do.

“See? I’m breaking out!” Greenmushroom punches the bars and tries to bend them, but with his strength it doesn’t have any effect at all. The Darkshroom moves closer to stop what the green capped mushroom is doing.

As soon as the guard is in range, Greenmushroom summons what little strength he has and punches the Darkshroom square in the face. The guard falls unconscious and Greenmushroom quickly retracts his hand and covers it, having a pained look on his face like he had just punched needles.

“I’m not doing that again,” he says as he blows on his hand, then looks at the unconscious Darkshroom. A Darkshroom can stay unconscious for a very long time, so this guy won’t be a problem any more.

Greenmushroom looks at the button on the wall.

“Now to escape this place.”



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