Chapter 2

Hours later, the pile of comics has now moved closer to the bed as Sharon has been ploughing through the comics and made a new pile when she was done. The rain is still going and has actually picked up a bit, causing a nice smattering noise on the window. Sharon looks incredibly bored. She finishes the comic book and drops it onto the pile. She then proceeds to push the pile over.
“So booored!” she shouts out and faceplants her pillow.
“If this keeps up, I’m going to go insane.”


Sharon tapes a tiny flag made out of a pencil and a piece of paper with her face drawn on it on top of the chair and takes a few steps back to get a better look at her creation.
In front of her stands a fort made out of various things from her room: the desk is standing in the middle of a circle of comics which have been stacked to look like a really small wall, on top of the desk is the chair with the blanket spread over to make the thing look a bit like a circus tent. Posters have been taped around the desk to give it walls, but leaving one spot for the opening of the fort.
Some teddy bears are lined up next to the desk.

With a half crazed look, Sharon dives in and enters the fort, resting her arms on the pillow as she looks out from the opening.
“Alright men, we must protect the gold at all costs,” Sharon commands to the teddy bears. You can hear in her voice that she is starting to go crazy.
“What was that?” she sounds offended and looks at one of the teddy bears that has been placed to look back at her.
“Of course this fort is safe. It’s like the Titanic, except instead of unsinkable it’s unbreakable. And unlike the Titanic this fort will not sink,” she points at the teddy with a serious look.
“Is that all?” she asks, but gets no reply.
“Thought so, now back to your post,” she turns the teddy around.

Sharon grabs an energy bar and munches on it. Halfway through she stops and the bar slides out of her mouth as she stares at something on the other end of the room. She puts her hands in front of her eyes like binoculars and gasps.
On the floor in front of the fort are dozens of folded pieces of papers with the grinning face of Hank deLouis drawn on them.
“How did they find out about our energy bar reserves? Unless…” Sharon puts down the hand binoculars and slowly turns her head towards one of the teddy bears. As on cue, the teddy bear falls over.
“Elan, how could you?” she picks up the teddy bear and looks at him. Sharon lets out a terrified gasp and drops the bear.
The teddy bear is revealed to have an eye patch made out of paper taped to it.
“I knew there was something odd with you… . No matter, you shall pay for your crimes against the Sharonian regime later, if we survive this,” Sharon looks over to the army of paper Hanks.
“Men, get ready! They are advancing!” she shouts to the teddy bears while disappearing into the tent to pick up a paper crown to put on her head.
“Leave Hank to me!” she exits the fort and places the teddy bears among the paper pieces that are supposed to be an army.
She then stands up and turns towards the door and points at it angrily.
“Hank, so we meet again.”
Sharon quickly takes a step towards the door, turns around and switches the paper crown for a beret she had in her pocket.
“Ah yes, it is I: the great Hank deLouis. As you are well aware of, I’m here to steal your energy bars. They shall fuel my evil kingdom and I shall rule the world. Gah-gah-nyah-nyah!”
She moves back to where she stood before and puts the crown back on after removing the beret.
“You can never get them! Titanic was unsinkable and so is this fort!”
A quick step to the door to be Hank again.
“Hah! Everyone knows Titanic was abducted by aliens!”
Back to the crown.
“Gasp! But that must mean…”
“Yes, I am an alien from outer space! Ghya-nah-wah-hah-ha!”
Sharon puts on the crown again and shocked takes a step back, knocking over both teddy bears and paper Hanks.
“Only I can stop you now! Take this!” she suddenly pick up the pillow from the fort and swings it at where ‘Hank’ would stand, but of course hits nothing. The swing keeps going and Sharon loses balance, accidentally throwing the pillow at the chair on the fort, knocking it over and taking the blanket with it. Sharon tries to catch it, but trips at the comic book wall, spreading some of the comics out.

She lies there on the floor for a while before standing up and silently moving over to the door. She stops and looks at the door, then proceeds to bonk her head on it. Once, twice, three times. The fourth time she lets her head rest at the door and she slides down into a pile on the floor.
“Why meee…” she stands up and turns around.

If the room was in a mess before this is way worse. More or less anything that isn’t nailed down is now in a big pile on the floor, with toppled over teddy bears and trampled paper pieces observing it.

Sharon stares at the mess for a good two minutes. Then she shuts her eyes a bit.

“Fine,” she simply says.

After that, what might be the very first proper clean-up in Sharon’s room’s history unfolded. Posters were properly taped up on the wall, comics were put in neat piles along the wall, dirty clothes were put in one pile to be taken to the washing machine later, the desk was properly organised and the teddy bears returned to their place on the drawer. It was truly a sight to behold.

When finally done it’s evening and Sharon has run out of energy and as such passes out on the made bed.

Sunday morning. Another one of those days where you can just relax on. Sharon wakes up and goes into sitting position, but due to tiredness leans so much she’s about to fall over. She then notices she’s still in her clothes and stands up. Yesterday’s events return to her memory and she dashes over to the door and carefully turns the doorknob. It opens without problem.
She lets out a laugh of happiness and then proceeds with her daily morning routines.


“Morning, honey!” Sharon’s mom greets Sharon as she enters the kitchen. She is making some eggs and bacon. The coffeemaker gives of a ding sound.
“When did you return? I never heard the door.”
Sharon takes a seat at the kitchen table, still a bit tired.
“I never went anywhere, the door to my room was broken or something. I couldn’t get it to open all day yesterday,” Sharon responds and picks up the newspaper, but doesn’t bother to read it.
“Oh, I’ll have Cassidy check on it later. We thought you were visiting friends,” Sharon’s mom places a plate of food and a glass of orange juice in front of Sharon.
“I wish,” Sharon says and begins to eat.

After breakfast, Sharon leaves to visit her friends and tell them about this crazy story. As Sharon closes the door, Cassidy, her dad, enters the kitchen and takes a seat next to his wife.
“Well?” he says with a smile and picks up the fork for his food.
“She didn’t suspect a thing,” Sharon’s mom replies and takes a sip of her coffee.
“I just wish there were an easier way of making her clean her room…”



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