Chapter 1

Saturday morning. A perfect day to sleep in and just relax, a day getting out of bed takes longer than usual. It would be enough that Sharon wasn’t a morning person already. Out camping or adventuring, waking up and enjoying the morning is much easier than at home for her. At home, the alarm clock can barely wake her up and even then she will be pretty much a zombie for a while. Today isn’t any different. Sharon manages to roll out of bed, but is way too tired to even let out a yelp when falling onto the floor. Instead she pulls down her pillow and blanket and falls back to sleep.

A while later, Sharon has finally managed to get up. Still tired she lets out a big yawn, stretches out and rubs her eyes. She picks up the blanket and pillow and carelessly throws them at the bed, she’ll fix it when she’ll go to bed later. Now it’s time for a shower.
Sharon takes out a set of clothes from her drawer and heads towards the door. She lets out one final yawn before twisting the doorknob, opening the door and leaving.

Except she walks straight into the door, removing the last of her tiredness.
“What the?”
She turns the doorknob again, shakes it a little, but to no avail: the door stays closed.
Sharon drops the clothes so that she can use both her hands to get the door open, but no matter how much she tries it stays closed.
“What is wrong with you?” she angrily says to the door and bangs her fist once against it. The door responds by continuing to stay shut.
“Fine, I’ll just call dad and have him fix this…” Sharon turns around.
“I’ll just get… my… phone…” her voice trails off when she looks over her room and realises something.

All over the floor there are piles of comic books and old clothes. Her desk is littered by homework and photos from her various adventures. The walls are covered with posters depicting various super heroes and sci-fi movies, some of them have fallen off and others almost about to fall off, only still hanging on the wall by the bottom two corners.

Sharon’s room is a mess.

She heads over to the desk at the other end of the room, if her cellphone is somewhere it’s there. The room might be a mess but she knows where things are, most of the time. When she doesn’t she at least knows the estimated place. (“That comic? Somewhere in that pile. Probably at the bottom.”)

Sharon reaches the desk without problem. Sure the room is one giant obstacle course, but navigating a bedroom is nothing compared to the mountains, swamps and jungles she has traversed before.
She expected the phone to be lying on top of everything on the desk as she remember putting it there last night before going to bed, but no, it’s not there. Not amused she looks on the floor around the desk since the phone might have fallen off, but it’s still nowhere to be seen. Suddenly she looks up and snaps her fingers.
“If I had a phone, I could call my phone and find it!”
She stands there for a moment before facepalming.
“Too early to think, need breakfast.” she mutters to herself and goes back to search for the cellphone, moving around the papers on the desk.

Minutes later and still no cellphone, Sharon gives up and falls onto the bed, letting out a big sigh.
“Great, so I’m stuck here,” she says.
“Unless…” she stands up and walks on the bed over to the window. Sharon’s room is in the basement, so she has a window that leads to the ground floor. Eagerly she searches for the hatch to open the window. Unlike the cellphone she actually finds the hatch, but her smile fades when she sees the window is also locked.
“Aw c’mon!” she cries out and shakes the handle to the window, forcing it to turn so that the window will open, but it won’t work.

Defeated, she falls back on the bed again.
“Right, so both the door and the window are locked, my phone is MIA and my parents are at work.”
Sharon sighs.
“How could this possibly be any worse?”

It suddenly starts to rain. Not that this does anything since Sharon is indoors, but still.

Sharon sits up with a determined look.
“There’s only one thing to do now,” she says. Her stomach grumbles.

After getting dressed, Sharon digs out her backpack from under a pile of jackets and takes out a couple of energy bars. Not the best breakfast, but for the moment it works.
With new energy Sharon cracks her knuckles and looks at the door.
“Now to get out of here,” she says with determination.

Half an hour later she falls down on the chair at the desk, leaning on the jacket that’s hanging on the back of the chair, and looks towards the door.
Not wanting to break the door, one of her ideas was to disassemble the doorknob, but couldn’t find the tools to do so. She also thought of making a key and lock pick the door, but had no real idea on how to do that. Breaking the window is also a no-go because of glass shards and angry parents if she did.

“Guess I have no choice,” Sharon mutters and picks up a comic from the pile closest to her, not disrupting the pile despite sliding the comic before taking it. Moving over to the bed she sits down and begins to read.



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