Chapter 2 – Details

For the following hour, Gidel, Vimia and Jordan explains what The Meeting Place is and how it works. Aléi listens and asks questions of her own.

The Meeting Place exists outside of time and space. Time flows incredibly weird due to this, but never flows in a world whose character that belongs to it is not there. The inhabitants, or ‘patrons’ are people that Martin has created for various reasons, including characters for table-top roleplaying games, flash movies and games. Not only are they from different places, but different times as well.

In The Meeting Place you can kick back and relax as nothing you do here will affect the you in the ‘real’ world. It works the other way around though, but there are many fail-safes up just in case. What this meant, Aléi had no idea. Vimia offered to go into the technical details, but Jordan said it wasn’t too important to know.

Then there was details such as the only way in and out of The Meeting Place was through the double doors in the lounge. The place even changes with adding rooms or re-arranging itself. The latter one being something that had yet to happen again as it only happened once, but they mentioned not having a basement up until a couple months ago.

And by months is counted in their creator’s time as time is all out of whack here. Explaining it proved very difficult and made Aléi really confused.

In the end, the loud sound of Martin closing the black game system catches their attention.
“There’s a lot of weird things going on here, and I think that the best way to learn is by experiencing it,” he says.
“Especially how the time works,” he nods and looks just a bit intimidating.
“So, what are your initial reaction?” he asks Aléi while putting away the console in one of his big pants pockets.

“Well, uh… It’s very interesting,” Aléi answers, hoping that she accidentally don’t offend the guy who apparently created her.
“But I don’t fully understand what you mean that I was created by you.”

Martin nods and picks up two papers that has been lying on his table and hands them over to Aléi. She takes the papers and reads them through: a character sheet for a roleplaying game. Aléi’s eyes go wide as she keeps reading; her class, the name of her newly-formed adventure group, her birthday, the magics she knows. It’s all there alongside a bunch of numbers.

“What is this?” she asks, puzzled.
“It’s your character sheet for the game I’m using you in,” Martin explains.
“And those numbers?” she points at some numbers on one of the pages with five columns of various skills labelled ‘primary skills’, ‘secondary skills’, and ‘weapon skills’.
“How good you are at certain things, plain and simple,” Martin bends forward to take a closer look at the paper.
“The higher the number the better. 10 is average,” he inspects the skills.

“No way, this is just weird,” Aléi gives back the papers and takes a step back.
“Welcome to The Meeting Place. I was just as weirded out as you were when I first learned this place was real,” Martin says.
“But the door is always there,” he nods towards the door.
Aléi remembers she could always leave if she wanted and never return. It was tempting, and yet this was all so very interesting.

“Tell you what: Why don’t you meet the others before you make your decision? If you think it was weird before, just wait for this,” Martin smiles at her again. She’s not sure what to think of this guy. Is it a trap? Is he seriously just trying to be her friend?

She thinks for a moment. It could end badly if she took the wrong decision.

“Okay, but I get to keep my weapons,” she finally says.
Martin lifts his hands.
“Sure thing, but everyone else here is more or less unarmed. Let me present your guide: she’s been itching to guide you. Hey, Sharon!” Martin turns around and shouts into the hallway in the corner.
A light blonde haired girl excitedly enters, she almost skips.

She stops in front Aléi and stretches out her hand, and with the friendlies of faces she says:
“Hi, I’m Sharon! Welcome to The Meeting Place!”



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