Chapter 1 – Enter Aléi

Have it ever happened to you that you were doing something such as baking a cake or playing sports you suddenly find yourself walking through some double doors. You know it’s not a lapse of memory, just that one second you were doing something and the next you walked through said doors. If you were in the middle of a motion you can be sure you will finish it over there as well.

For the people over at The Meeting Place it’s a common feeling, but for Aléi it’s completely new. This 16 year old, blue-skinned Liqueous enter The Meeting Place through a set of double doors. The doors have a metal lining with a curious pattern and silently close behind her.

The area gives off a relaxing feel. Most things are made from wood and red carpets are laid out on the floor. What looks like to be gas lamps light up the room which reminds her of a tavern. However, she is not feeling relaxed. In fact, she’s feeling even more scared than she did when she entered the place.

Too much had happened Aléi the past two days. She and her friends just got their adventure group officially registered, was fooled on a quest and got another one in which they had to bring an orb to a guy. Her sister had decided to keep the orb and the guy turned out to be working with Lord Appello, the bad guy. Then they had been rescued by the hero of the land and was offered new gear and weapons by some guy, Marn, who may or may not be working directly under the Leader, a mythical and powerful being.

She blinks.

In front of her stands a person she had just seen less than a minute ago from where she was until she got here, wherever here might be. However, while he looks the same there are some things that has changed, mainly his clothes. They were medieval fantasy inspired before, but now they are dark blue pants, a grey t-shirt and a black sweater with light grey sleeves.

“Marn?” she asks, eyes wide open, scared and confused.
“Not quite. But I’m the guy that Marn is based on,” the person chuckles.

Aléi looks around. She now notices three other persons sitting around the room: a Grassli woman, a Fiery girl and an Islander woman. The Fiery girl waves at Aléi, who tentatively waves back, not fully understanding what’s going on, or at all for that matter.

“Alright, let’s see if I can answer your questions,” the boy says and adjusts his glasses.
“You are currently at a place called The Meeting Place. You were sent here because I wanted to, and don’t worry: we are all friends here,” he continues without skipping a beat.
She is not sure what to say.
“Let’s see, I think there was something else…” the boy looks up, trying to remember something. Aléi notices his semi-exaggerated moves, as if he was playing a theater.
“Well, I forgot,” he admits.
“I’ll just answer any question you have instead,” he gives Aléi a gesture to take a seat at a free table.

As she is about to sit, the boy snaps his fingers.
“Oh yeah!” he excitedly exclaims, almost scaring Aléi.
“If you ever want to leave, just go through the door with the intention of never returning,” he says in his normal tone.
“Do that and we will never bother you again, but it would be nice if you could stay for at least a while,” he gives Aléi a friendly smile.

“What did you say this place was?” she asks after sitting down. The guy takes a seat next to her.
“The Meeting Place,” he repeats.
“It’s a place that kinda exists between everything,” he continues while making some wavy circular motions with his hands as if he was charging up some magic orb.
“And time is all weird too, the others wouldn’t even know you were gone.”
Aléi takes a breath.
“But I was standing with the others, they-” she begins, but gets cut off by the guy.
“Once again: wouldn’t even know. Time has stopped for them. In fact: you won’t even know you were gone. It’s weird like that,” he fills in.
“By the way, my name is Martin,” he holds out a hand and Aléi takes it with puzzled eyes and gives him a hand shake.

There is a moment of silence.
“Okay!” Martin suddenly says out loud.
“I’m not good at explaining stuff, you guys go ahead,” he says and stands up. The other girls look up and head over to Aléi.

“Aléi, meet Gidel, Vimia and Jordan,” Martin says while pointing at the Fiery girl, Grassli woman and the Islander respectively. He takes a seat on a table next to them and brings up a small black box, folds it up and starts to press some buttons.

“Alright, here’s the deal…” Gidel says with a friendly tone and begins to explain.



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