Chapter 8 – Because of you

Julian stands in the corner, eyes half closed, looking a little bit out of it. Martin’s eyes are wide. How did Julian end up here? Wasn’t he after that organization up in the mountain?

A Superhero got a strong mind, that’s what allows them to use their powers, but Julian is a fairly new Superhero, having been one for about 3 years. Martin hopes that he resisted the mind-control and is just pretending. However, the words that comes out of Julian’s mouth says otherwise.
“The Superheroes dates back to th-”
Whatever he was going to say was cut off by getting a blob of glue in his mouth, preventing him from opening it, turning the rest of his speech to an unintelligible muffle. The Professor looks over to where the blob had come flying and sees a frozen, but visibly panicked Martin with his arm outstretched like it was an arm cannon. Martin is not moving a muscle, in fear or otherwise.

“Ah, there you are,” The Professor says with a sigh.
“Now would be an excellent time to test how vague the orders have to be, but with my genius I already know: kill him,” The Professor continues and gives a hand motion towards Julian, who sharply turns his head towards Martin, who loses his panicked face into a ‘uh-oh, this isn’t going to end well’ face.

Julian pulls his arms back and then thrusts them forward, creating two beams of light that fuses with each other to create a bigger one. Martin barely dodges. Yay for this light to somehow be way slower than normal light. The beam flies past and out into the corridor. Martin stands up again after dodging.
“Well, if that’s how you want it…” Martin says as Julian runs towards him, ready to punch. Martin catches the punch and pulls Julian down on the floor, but he quickly spins around and trips Martin.
Both now being on the floor, Julian thrusts his hand towards Martin’s face but Martin grabs his wrist with both of his hands. There’s a faint light green glow emanating from Julian’s hand. Julian doesn’t give up though and keeps on trying to make his hand reach Martin’s face, but Martin is adamant not to make that happen.

Suddenly Julian takes his free hand and flips over to press it on Martin’s face. This time it works and Martin can feel how his body is slowly numbing. Julian’s Sleep suit.
“Oh, no no no,” Martin panicked says as he tries to resist the sleepiness.
“Okay, I’m sorry for this,” Martin suddenly uses his last energy to throw Julian across the room with the help of his Strength suit. The sound is produced when Julian hits his back at the back is not pleasant and Martin hopes he didn’t break anything. Julian falls down on the floor and quickly stands up. By this time, martin has also gotten the chance to stand up and regain his energy. He’s not sure how the Sleep suit works, but the energy that’s returning is not from there. He’s actually forcing himself not to be sleepy, and with a strong mind like his it actually works.

“Okay, you have used all your suits. None of them worked,” Martin says and looks at Julian with a bit of superiority. The smile quickly fades when another Julian jumps out of the first one, and then another, and another. Within seconds there are six Julians standing in front of Martin, all with angry looks and glued shut mouths. Martin is not amused.

Three Julians lunge forward to attack. Martin dodges one and punches the other, this time without his Strength suit since normal punches still hurt. The other three join in the fight and Julian actually creates one more clone.

Martin does his best fighting Julian but not trying to hurt him too much, but it’s too much and Martin is forced down as the Julians pile up on him similar to that one fighting scene in the Matrix. All they need now is one of the Julians to whisper “It’s inevitable,” and he might even had done that if it weren’t for the glued mouth.

“Okay, that’s it.”

Visibly angry, Martin switches to his Water suit and creates an explosion of water, drenching everything and everyone close. He switches suits once again.
“See you later,” he says with an evil grin and unleashes a burst of electricity.

This is a tactic that Martin likes to use, using electricity to knock people unconscious. Of course he usually saves this and any other tactic that would result in an instant win. His reasoning is simple: Not many can stand up to the Superheroes and he’s been one for 15 years, so he’s pretty good at his job. So the job has actually become a bit boring with the occasional super villain attacks that makes it exciting. Martin usually pretends to be worse than he is to make it more interesting for him and the ones he’s after. However, he always makes sure he cannot lose, especially in more dire situations.

It has a downside though: it takes up time. As Martin crawls out of the pile of unconscious clones that disappears one after one he notices that The Professor is gone. In his stead is a small cylinder with something attached to it. As Martin approaches it he realizes what it is as a small beeping noise can be heard.

At this point, any movie hero would have realized it’s a bomb and taken an unconscious Julian to get out of here as the bomb explodes behind them. Martin isn’t a movie hero though and got some other ideas.
Firstly: being The Professor, the bomb is probably filled with an acid gas. Not as spectacular as a bomb, but still impressive to run from as the facility behind them slowly melts away.
Secondly: The Superheroes might be responsible for the damage of said bomb (not to mention the dent in the wall from Julian and the lab equipment Martin might have ruined with this water/electricity combo).

So what Martin does is what he thinks is the boring route and uses his Spacetime suit to move the bomb to his personal subspace. Just before doing so he realizes he’s got things there that could be ruined and suddenly finds himself not knowing what to do with the bomb.

There’s not enough time to take it to space and even exploding it in the sky will just spread the acid, and knowing The Professor it’s going to be pretty strong.
Cutting any wires will not help either since Martin has no clue what wire to cut and will not risk it.

Suddenly the bomb gives off one final beep and Martin panics and instinctively uses his Spacetime suit to cover the bomb in a small space-bending purple sphere as the bomb explodes. Only the sound travels past the sphere, the rest: the explosion and acid, is contained within an ever around-wrapping area. Some of the floor was caught inside the sphere and is most likely gone by this time.

Martin has a scared look on his face, it was a close call. Way too close. His heart is genuinely racing for once, it’s dangerous, but makes the job worthwhile.

With one arm stretched out towards the sphere, Martin uses his free hand to quickly activate the communicator. It’s possible to activate it without actually using your hand, but at the moment Martin doesn’t feel like being fancy.

“Jens!” he almost shouts in panic and doesn’t bother waiting for an answer.
“Send Björn,” Martin lets go off the communicator to keep his focus on the ball of contained acid on front of him. While keeping the sphere up he hopes for the life of him that Julian doesn’t wake up and begins to attack him.

Thirty seconds later a wormhole is opened up next to Martin and a short haired blonde guy with glasses. The boy is of Martin’s age and looks a bit worried when he exits the wormhole.
“What is-” he begins but is cut off by a panicked Martin.
“Acid. Bomb. Sphere,” he bluntly says, not looking away from the spot.
Björn looks over to the small purple sphere and nods. He walks over to it and goes down on one knee switching suit while doing it.
He points at the sphere and gives a questioning look at Martin.
“I am not getting rid of the sphere,” he answers, still as panicked and frozen as before.

Björn shrugs and turns back to the sphere. He holds out both of his hands towards it and small energy waves can be seen flowing from the hands to the sphere. He stops for a second and does it again, then turns back to Martin.

“There you go, it’s all clear,” he says.
Martin dissolves the sphere and water lands on the floor where the bomb had been before. There’s a hole in the floor where the sphere had been as well. Martin slumps, almost ready to pass out.


The sun is setting the next day. Martin is standing on the flat roof of the white HQ building, contemplatingly and a little disappointed looking out to the distance.
“Well, that could have ended badly,” he says.
“Oh, how so?” a female voice says and a blonde haired girl with the hair set up in a ponytail walks up next to him. Martin turns towards the girl.
“The lab was almost destroyed: we only needed to pay for some new computers and to have the floor fixed. We got rid of the mind control thing on Julian and The Professor got away,” he answers.
“So how could it have ended?” the girl asks.
“The bomb could have gone off, destroying the lab and probably everything around it in at least 1 kilometer depending on where the wind was blowing, and millions in damage costs,” Martin sighs out.

There is a moment of silence when both of the people look out to the forest surrounding the base.
“Should I be glad I don’t get to use the crystals?” the girl finally says after a while.
“Yes,” Martin says without hesitation and turns around to put his hand on the girl’s shoulder.
“Now, if you excuse me, I’m needed elsewhere,” he smiles.
The girl nods. Martin lets go and jumps backwards over the edge, but before he hits the ground he switches to his Fly suit and flies away.
The girl smiles and shakes her head.

“See you later,” she says as she watches Martin fly away to the horizon.



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