Chapter 7 – Before the storm

Towards the evening, the sun is almost set and the last few sun rays of the day disappear behind the mountain, Martin in his casual clothes walks up to a large facility at the edge of town. He stops in front of the gates to the building and sighs out. Okay, so finding The Professor hadn’t been as easy as he had thought, but at least he finally found him. Having found out that The Professor never managed to leave the village was tricky enough, having trying to find out WHERE in the village had been a lot more difficult. He didn’t bother checking security tapes as they would have taken to much time to check through, even if it was just checking a small period of time. However, finally The Professor had managed to give away his position, on purpose or not.

Martin looks through the bars of the gate to get a better look at the building behind it. He then looks around the surrounding area. Empty. Not even cars are on the parking lot in front of the facility. Jens sudden voice almost gives Martin a small heart attack.
“Alright, you are good to go!” he says.
Martin leans on the gate with one arm and breathes out to calm down before answering Jens.
“Not sure I am anymore,” he says before he lets out one final heavy breath.
“Anything else?” Martin then says, sounding like he usually do.
“Nope, you know what to do,” Jens cheerfully answers and cuts the communication.
Martin sighs. He sure knows what to do.

Don’t kill anyone, don’t break anything, get as much info as possible and all that. The usual stuff.

Martin closes his eyes and is enveloped by the same bright flash that the Superheroes have when they change suits. Martin is now standing in his white uniform. It’s horrible to blend in with it, especially while it’s dark, but Martin doesn’t mind. Giving away his position could actually make things interesting every once in a while.

Even then, Martin doubts that The Professor is currently watching the security cameras. Using his Phase suit, Martin walks though the closed gate and heads towards the facility.

He stops in front of the double doors made out of glass. On the ground lies a security guard. Even though he would be expecting something along those lines, he takes a shocked step back when he sees that the head of the guard is covered in a blue goo the hue of the gas from before.
He regains his composure and takes a step towards the guard, giving off a disgusted “ew” face when looking closer at the goo.

Not wanting to touch the goo as it might paralyze him as well, Martin changes into his Water suit and blasts the goo with a ray of water in an attempt to wash it off. It works, and soon the guard is on his feet again. He thanks Martin.
“I suggest you stay back, this may or may not end well,” Martin warns him.
The guard nods and takes a step away from the door. The superhero braces himself and goes through the door, into the facility.

The thing about successful villains is when they know the police can’t stop them. If they wanted to, they could steal candy from kids and get away with it. That way, they only need to plan for fighting the most obvious ones such as the Superheroes. The Professor is someone who knows this and therefore didn’t take the most subtle way in. Martin notes this with every melted door he walks past.
No doubt The Professor has planned something for his pursuer as well, but the question is what.

The facility’s lights are on, which is a good thing since night vision is a power Martin does not have, kinda. The halls are long, empty and simple in design. The facility has multiple sections, but Martin can trace down The Professor to the chemical labs.

As Martin walks he tries to puzzle things together, even though he thinks its fairly obvious: The Professor wants to know more about the Superheroes, and he stole something that could potentially force info out of someone. He’s also aware that there is a Superhero after him. The only thing that still isn’t clear is why he broke into the school.

Martin stops and glances off to the side, having thought of something. He then turns invisible. If he really is going to be the target for that mind-control thing he better be more careful. A bit more quieter he walks closer to the lab where The Professor is most likely located.

As he gets closer, he can hear someone shuffling around glass, both empty and filled. Martin decides to sneak the final meters and glance through the door. At the other end of the lab is The Professor, smiling and checking some beakers filled with more of the blue goo.
“Very well then,” he suddenly says out loud.
Martin holds his breath, sure he probably knew Martin was following him, but that he just entered?
“I want to know all of the secrets of the Superheroes,” he says and turns towards someone sitting on a chair in one of the corners next to The Professor.
Martin lets the breath out and looks towards the corner just to let out a suppressed yelp.




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