Chapter 6 – The calm

The police had arrived a few minutes later and helped vent out the blue smoke. A soon as it was thin enough the people affected could move again. As for the agents: martin had used his Glue suit to easily pull them out from being stuck. After the police had left, Martin, Julian and Mr Reincker were sitting in the living room.

“Well, that was just badly timed that HE showed up,” Martin says, visibly annoyed.
“And what was in that briefcase anyway?”
Martin looks over to Mr Reinecker, who looks reluctantly away.
“… Papers,” he finally answers.
“And on the papers?” Martin asks. Mr Reinecker doesn’t answer.
“Mr Reinecker, I’m pretty sure The Professor wouldn’t break into a house just to steal blank papers, he was obviously after something more valuable,” Martin looks at Mr Reinecker with stern eyes.
It takes a while before the old man answers.
“It’s documents…” he begins. Julian looks at him. Mr Reinecker takes a deep breath.
“Last week I finished a formula that has the power to make its victim do as it’s told, like a truth serum or a hypnotic suggestion,” he explains.
“And the organization learned about that, so that’s why they are after you,” Julian fills in.
“And also The Professor,” Martin stands up and walks over to the kitchen, putting his hand to his ear, he has an important call to make.

Mr Reinecker slumps down onto a chair.
“I should have never created that formula,” he says, looking down. Julian stands up.
“Don’t worry: we Superheroes know what we are doing. We will get the formula back to you in no time,” he smiles towards the sad looking old man.
“Yeah, about that…” Martin suddenly calls out, catching their attentions.
“I just talked to Jens. You are to go after the organization while I take care of The Professor.”
“How are you going to find The Professor? You didn’t by any chance put a tracking device on him when he showed up did you?” Julian says, trying to sound cool like he usually do. Martin gives Julian a grin.
“I didn’t, but finding him is going to be easy.”
And with that, Martin walks out the door, not going to explain how it will be easy.

“So how are you going to find the organization now when the two you tracked have been taken to the police?” Mr Reinecker asks after a moment of silence. Now it’s Julian’s turn to grin.
“Backlogs,” he says with his cool voice.



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