Chapter 5 – The return

The next morning, back on the field outside of the village another wormhole opens up to throw Martin out, but compared to Julian, Martin expected the landing and manage to land perfectly. You can see he has done this many times before.

He looks at the village and then turns his gaze towards the mountain behind it and gives a hopeful smile. He checks his watch which instead of displaying the time shows a small map over the area with a red dot that is slowly moving from the mountain towards the village.
“Hm? Stealth or no stealth?” Martin ponders for himself for a brief moment. His answer to himself is a sneaky smile as he dashes off with great speed towards the village.

Over at the mountain, an inconspicuous flatbed jeep drives down the forested path towards the village below. There are two people in the car: the two agents that was at the school. The taller one of them is driving while the other is sitting in the passenger seat, reading a letter with an unhappy look on his face.
“This is… our… last chance,” he says and destroys the letter by a mixture of scrunching and ripping it at the same time, punctuating the word ‘chance’.
“Yeah, this time we’ll go for where he lives,” the taller one says while skilfully reloading his gun with one hand. The shorter one looks at the taller one.
“Yes, this… time… we will not say anything. Just-”
“Shoot,” the taller one finishes and pretends to fire his gun.

Mr Reinecker is pouring up tea for his breakfast. He is already ready to leave for the school otherwise. Julian is still asleep on the couch. Mr Reinecker shakes his head and takes a bite of his food.
“What help you are,” he mumbles to himself.
“What if they stormed in here this very moment?”

As if on cue there is a knock on the door. Mr Reinecker gets scared and looks up towards the door. With his cane in one hand and a kitchen knife in the other he walks over. The briefcase is hidden away somewhere in his apartment.
Frightened, he looks through the peephole, expecting everything from an army of agents to door salesmen.
What he sees, is a white dressed boy with messy dark brown hair who is looking at his watch. Another Superhero, Martin.
The professor hesitates, it could all be a trick.

He lets out a frightful yelp and jumps back when Martin walks through the door. He notices the professor, who has dropped his knife.
“Oh, sorry,” Martin says and turns towards the door as if he’s expecting someone.
“I’d advice you to stay back, there may be a bit of gunfire here in a minute or two,” he continues and goes into a battle ready pose.
“Martin?” a tired voice says. It was so unexpected Martin turns around in surprise to see an equally surprised Julian who has just woken up and is now sitting up.
“What are you doing here?” a question either one of the three could have said is asked by Julian.
Mr Reinecker moves towards his bedroom, but stays in the living room to see how things unfold.
“I was sent here to track down some organization, following some tracking devices,” Martin answers. Even both of them are Swedish, Martin and Julian are speaking German to each other.
“I overheard a conversation about killing this guy,” Martin continues, referring to Mr Reinecker. Martin returns to the door and unlocks it, much to Mr Reinecker’s chagrin.
“Now keep the old guy safe,” he finishes.

A few minutes later there are footsteps heard on the stairs outside of the apartment. Mr Reinecker and Julian are in the bedroom in case there’s gunfire. Meanwhile, Martin is counting down.
“Five… four… three… two… one.”
When zero is hit the door is kicked open and is swings towards Martin, who just phases through and takes a quick step forward to punch the door kicker in the stomach. With is free hand he grabs the guy’s gun and throws it up in the air. He then sidesteps around the guy in a spin to face the shorter one behind the bigger guy. The only reaction he manages to do is to give a surprised look before he is slapped in the face. Martin quickly disarms this guy as well and proceeds to kick the shorter guy on the knee to make him fall onto the ground. When he’s down, Martin hits him on the back of the head and knocks him out. He then catches the gun he threw up earlier and presses both of them on the taller one’s back. The whole scene unfolded in a matter of seconds.

“So, this is the point where you say…?” Martin asks the taller one.
“I give up?” the taller one says, scared and surprised, raising up his hand above his head. There is a brief moment of silence when suddenly the agent turns around trying to punch Martin in the face. Martin dodges and delivers a kick, hitting the agent between the legs. Cringing, the agent falls down.
“But they never do,” Martin shakes his head. Switching to his Glue suit he glues both agents to the stairs.
“The police will be here in just a minute,” Martin smiles.
“Don’t go anywhere.”
Martin walks in, chuckling to the lame joke he had just done.

“Alright, guys. The agents have been taken care of,” he says as he enters the bedroom. He is greeted by about eight Reineckers. Martin just stares at them.
“Just in case,” Julian says.
One of the Reineckers close to the back wall sniffs the air.
“Do you smell gas?” he asks another, who is just about to answer when the wall explodes and a thick blue gas flows in, filling the room before anyone has the time to react. Suddenly everyone stops, the gas seems to freeze everyone in place. Martin tries to use his Wind suit, but it will not change for some reason.

A tall shape in a gas mask enters through the newly made hole in the wall. Even with a gas mask on, recognizing who the lab coat wearing person is is easy for Martin: The Professor. He notices the two Superheroes.
“Oh, well hello there,” he says a bit muffled and walks over to the closet.
“I’m just here for this,” he continues, and takes out Mr Reinecker’s briefcase.
“Normally I’d take the time to kill you guys, but I’m traveling light,” he walks over to the hole in the wall and laughs.
“See you later!” he walks off, leaving Martin, Julian and eight Mr Reineckers.



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