Chapter 4 – Set-up

The Superheros uses a concept of suits to get their powers. Virtually anything can become a suit, creating such things as for example the Fire suit, Nature suit or even a Time suit. Be a skilled enough Superhero and you can switch between suits easily and instantaneously as you may only have one active at a time. New to this power may have to call out the suit’s name in order to focus enough to switch, another reason to call it out might be because of how cool it sounds.
Different Superheros have different suits. For example: Julian has the Levitation suit, Sleep suit and the Clone suit. Martin has quite a bit more, ranging from the Strength suit to the Magic suit and even a Spacetime suit.

Of course there is more to it, such as the diamond looking crystals in which the powers are stored or that you need to focus to use the powers, or at least switch between them. However, no-one outside of the Superheros know about the crystals.

The next day, Mr Reinecker exits his office of the village’s local school, briefcase in hand. He locks the door and turns around only to find two men waiting for him. The men looks strong, and are dressed in casual clothes fitting for a nice summer day, but wearing sunglasses. Mr Reinecker instantly recognizes them and takes a step back in shock only to find that there is a locked door behind him. The men doesn’t look too happy, or even at all. The slightly taller and dark haired one of them brings up a gun.
“We are getting tired of this… game… you are playing with us, professor,” the shorter one says, making hand gestures and head movements at every important word.
“Now drop the briefcase and we… will… not kill you,” he continues, punctuating the words ‘briefcase’ and ‘kill’.
Mr Reinecker clutches the briefcase.
“They will find me!” he says.
The taller one chuckles and takes the word.
“At this point it seems the higher-ups doesn’t care about that anymore. The only reason I haven’t pulled the trigger yet is that we’d like to give you one last chance,” he grins evilly.
Mr Reinecker scans the room, for nothing in particular, he just wants to avoid eye contact with the organization agents that’s out to take his briefcase, or rather: its contents.

Suddenly the fire alarms goes off and there is a moment of confusion. The agents looks for where the sound comes from but then remembers to keep track of the target and looks back, but to their surprise Mr Reinecker is gone. Looking around, his escape perplexes them even more: for the second or two they looked away it would not have been possible to find a place to hide as there are no hiding places in the long corridor for an old man who uses a cane. He would also have no time to unlock the door and run in, besides: they would have heard that. Just to be safe they look up, but as expected there is nothing on the roof.
They search around the area for a bit before giving up. Frustrated they leave.
“We were… this… close. This!” the shorter of the two gestures using his thumb and index finger mere centimeters from his face and staring angrily at them.
“Next time we see him, let’s not waste any time talking and just shoot the guy,” the taller one says while holstering his gun.

Little does the two agents know that Mr Reinecker never left his office. There is a knock on the door to his office, three knocks with the first one a beat before the following two. Mr Reinecker opens the door to see a smiling Julian at the other side.
“It was weird seeing myself,” Mr Reinecker says with a frown.
“But it worked, they got distracted long enough and the plan went off without a hitch, they have now been successfully tracking deviced,” Julian checks his watch and taps it a few times as if he was typing something. He then looks up.
“Well, thank you for your co-operation Mr Reinecker,” Julian shakes the old man’s hand and begins to walk towards the door when Mr Reinecker shouts out:
Julian does so and turns around to see a very concerned Mr Reinecker. He looks around a bit before continuing.
“What about me? Are you just going to leave me?”
Julian is not sure what to say for a moment. He sighs before giving an answer.
“My mission was to track down that organization, but if you are concerned, we can send someone to keep you safe,” Julian puts his finger towards his ear, implying he is about to start a communication with the base.

He speaks with Jens for a while before turning back to Mr Reinecker, who has been nervously looking out the window towards the school yard. The sun is slowly creeping down the hills.
“Alright, Mr Reinecker,” Julian calls out. Mr Reinecker flinches before turning towards Julian. His face is a bit scared as he had realized that now when the Superheroes are involved, things might get more dangerous, so he hopes Julian got good news.
“I got good news,” Julian says with a smile.
“HQ is sending someone else to track down the organization,” he says before switching over to his cool voice.
“So I’ll be keeping you safe.”

Back in Sweden, Martin has averted yet another robbery. He doesn’t even seem to be paying much attention to what he did, but more working in auto-pilot. He looks like he could dodge bullets in his sleep and probably did and is now holding the robber in a secure grip as the police shows up.

Martin is about to create a wormhole by typing something on his watch when Jens’ voice is heard through the communicator.
“Hey, Martin. How do you like Austria?”



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