Chapter 3 – A walk in the park

“Well, that didn’t help…”
Martin leans towards the wall outside of the small corner store he had just checked the camera footage of. Like all the other places he had searched, the mysterious burglar had avoided getting caught on camera. Martin crosses his arms to think.
“All we need to do is to confirm that it is indeed The Professor, but none of the cameras has him on them… . So what do we do?”
He ponders for a moment until he looks up and snaps his fingers, having got a great idea. He starts running normally before dashing off in superhuman speed.

Back at the Austrian village, on old man is heading home. His cane makes a ‘tack’ sound in rhythm with his footsteps on the brick road. His white hair manages to stick out in all directions even though it’s very short. He’s holding a briefcase and doesn’t seem to pay too much attention to the world around him. That is: until he notices the boy standing outside of his apartment.
The man stops, the boy haven’t noticed him yet. Surely the boy is also after the contents of the briefcase, although he doesn’t look like the others who have tried by a long shot.
Before the man gets to decide, the boy looks up and sees him. With a friendly smile he waves towards the man. The man flinches, unsure what to do, but then takes a brave step towards the boy, thinking that if he can get rid of full grown men trying to take his briefcase, a boy would be way easier.
“Yes, what is it?” the man grumpily asks in German to the boy that seems to have been waiting for him.
“My name is Julian, I’m with the Superheros,” Julian answers with good, if not better, German than the man has. The man only gives Julian a surprised look before Julian continues to speak.
“You have been having some trouble with people trying to steal something of yours, am I right?” Julian asks while pointing at the briefcase.
“What’s it to you?” the man suddenly moves the briefcase away from Julian. He’s now wary.
Julian lifts up his arms.
“Whoa, calm down there, Mr Reinecker. I don’t like this either, but I got sent here to help. All I know so far is that you have been chased by some unknown organization. Lucky for you the Superheros have been trying to track said organization down, and that’s where you come in.”
The man listens and calms down a bit.
“But could we talk about this inside?” Julian nods towards the door.

Martin points at the video screen. The security guard quickly pauses and moves back a few frames to make the face on screen visible. The face, although low-quality, bears an unmistakable likeness to the one that did break into the school, and judging by Martin’s face it seems to have confirmed it.
“That’s The Professor, alright.”
Martin had gotten the idea to go to the train station, thinking that The Professor might had come to town from that. Turns out he had been right.
Martin gives the security guard the thumbs up and leaves. The security guard nods.

Outside, Martin contacts Jens again while walking in the small park that is right outside of the train station. Even though the park is right next to a road and a train station, the park seems to quiet down the surrounding noise to a distant rumble.
“Well?” is the first thing that is said in the conversation, before Martin gets the chance to speak.
“It seems that The Professor showed up last night on an evening train. There are just too much evidence to make the attack on the school a coincidence. Unfortunately he didn’t seem to leave the same way,” Martin explains.
“We currently got what we need, don’t you worry,” Jens reassuringly says. Martin smiles.
“Oh, I’m not worried,” Martin says.
“It’s just that we are classing The Professor as dangerous for a reason.”
Jens chuckles.
“I know, I know. However, you aren’t in charge of the group that are tracking him down.”
“Yeah, yeah,” Martin waves dismissively with his hand.
“Anyway, now when you are done with this I have some ‘normal’ jobs for you,” Jens says.
“Sure thing,” Martin sighs and stops the communication. Back to normal crime fighting.

Mr Reinecker takes a seat on the couch in his living room and places the briefcase next to him, hugging it slightly. Julian takes a small chair on the other side of the living room table.
“So you want my help? Or are you also after my briefcase?” Mr Reinecker asks, still a little bit suspicious towards Julian. Julian shakes his head.
“Look, I’m not here for whatever might be in that briefcase, it’s not part of my mission. But you are the closest we have got to that organization, okay?” Julian is a little bit annoyed. He likes it better when people respects his Superhero status and is helpful. Mr Reinecker doesn’t look amused.
“And how do I know that you are one of those Superheros?” he coldly says. Julian lets out a heavy groan, why does he always get these guys? Julian shakes his head and stands up, and with the same fast flash as before he is now standing in his uniform of white clothes with the black emblem.
“Or are you not convinced until you actually get so see me use my super powers?” he says, his cool slowly returning during the sentence. Mr Reinecker is a little bit surprised.
“Very well then: Levitation suit!” Julian says and is enveloped in the same familiar bright flash. The difference this time, however, is that he looks just the same.
Before Mr Reinecker gets the chance to ask what happened, no doubt missed the moment of the suit change, Julian decides to demonstrate his power by floating up to the roof of the apartment. He then proceeds to walk in the air over to the living room entrance and back.
“Of course, this is not all I can do,” Julian says while floating down to his chair again.
“But do you now believe me I’m one of the good guys?”
Mr Reinecker slowly nods.



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