Chapter 2 – The heroes

Martin is standing in front of the cabinets with a perplexed look, looking at the mess. Behind him stands a nervous chemistry teacher who may or may not be still trying to comprehend that his classroom just got attacked by a burglar, and behind him stands all of his students, wondering if they get to skip class.
Martin puts his hand on his right ear to activate the communicator to answer Jens.
“It looks like The Professor alright, I don’t even have to test the chemicals for that, but…”
“But?” the voice in his ear asks.
“This guy has broken into the royal palace and now he’s breaking into schools? Why?” Martin replies, going down on one knee to examine the lock of a cabinet closer. Only a soft silvery pile of goo with traces of green remain.
“You said he stole some chemicals, right? He can’t get those at the king,” Jens says.
“Sure, but there are bio labs and stuff that probably got better things that he would need. No offense,” Martin says and looks at the teacher who shrugs.
“Anyway, since this place doesn’t have any security cameras I’ll see if I can find some nearby store that might have caught him on tape,” Martin says and stands up.
“Sure, I have already sent off a chem team to check on the cabinets. See you soon,” Jens says and breaks the connection.
Martin turns towards the teacher.
“We’ll get a team to check on the cabinets, but I’ll have to leave,” Martin says and then walks over to one of the windows before turning towards the group of people behind him.
“I guess class is dismissed,” he smiles and phases through the wall.

Elsewhere, in a small Austrian village, a wormhole opens for a brief second in order to throw out a person. The person skips out and has to regain his balance. He looks back to where the wormhole had been, but instead get to see a quaint little town at the foot of the hill he had emerged at.
The person, like Martin, is dressed in white with a black emblem on his chest, an encircled S. His hair is dark brown, shoulder length and he has a split fringe. The hair lies very flat except for the ends that are slightly bent up.

As he looks over the town he puts up a hand towards his right ear. With a flash so fast it’s almost impossible to notice he suddenly stands in a more casual getup: jeans, an open black jacket and a green t-shirt with a 1-up mushroom emblem on it.

As he starts the connection with the communicator he looks around the landscape with his eyes, looking for a certain building or maybe just enjoying the view.
“Alright, Jens. I’m here,” he says, sounding more serious than he looks.
“Great, Julian. You know what to do next,” Jens’ voice is heard through the communicator. There is a moment of silence. Some cows are walking about the pasture next to Julian.
“Did you forget the address?” Jens says with a taunting, yet silly tone.
“Yup, I have no idea,” Julian says with the same cool as before. Jens laughs.
“Alright, here’s where you need to go…”



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