Chapter 1 – Chem

Villains. In a world of super heroes there also exists villains to oppose them. Some villains are out for world domination, others seek revenge. But then there is one villain. A specific person who is out after something that others would think is quite a silly goal for someone that is a villain, but that the entirety of the Superhero organization must prevent him from getting. Knowledge. It isn’t so much danger in finding knowledge than the particular knowledge this villain is after. He is after knowledge of the Superhero organization’s past.
Sure, it’s no secret who the Superheroes are, they have no secret identities and even their own website with tons of information about what they do and about the organization, and yet, there are a lot of things that aren’t known to the public and shouldn’t.
What makes this guy a villain is because he wants to know those secrets and does anything to get them. Many times has he tried getting information in various ways including stealing a very special crown that is linked with the Superheroes and just as many times he has avoided getting caught.
This man, a mystery on his own, is simply known as The Professor.

But villains are not the only ones doing injustice. Whenever the great villains are in their lairs scheming, the Superheroes fight crime all over the world.
And Martin is no exception. This 20 year old Superhero is currently spending the night chasing a car on the highway by foot. The car is zooming over 120 km/h across the long stretch of otherwise empty road and the white dressed hero is following them, holding the same speed as the car.

The car Martin is chasing contains two guys who had just been robbing a gas station a little bit down the road and are now driving for their life to escape the white blur behind them.

Martin, half bored, checks his watch and gets a shock.
“Two minutes already? Uh-oh, better wrap up!”
Suddenly Martin goes into a halt for a brief second, assuming the position of a marathon runner right before the gun goes off before with a burst of speed rockets towards the car. A meter or two from the car he throws himself forward for a dive, but instead of hitting the car he phases right through it, lands behind the front seats and elbows the two other passengers unconscious before they have any time to react. Then, just as fast Martin grabs the wheel and hit the brakes to slowly make the car stop.
Sure, slowing down the car like this isn’t as cool as what he just did, but the only two witnesses are knocked out, besides, Martin doesn’t want to make any skid marks.

Meanwhile, in a school somewhere on the west coast of Sweden. The locks to the main doors are kicked open after the locks are melted off and a tall shape enters. No alarms are set off, strangely.
Quickly the shape navigates through the school towards the chemistry classroom, for a brief moment the shape passes by a moonlit area and is revealed: a tall man wearing glasses and a long dark jacket. In his hand he is holding a briefcase. His hair is short, flat and dark hair.

He breaks into the chemistry classroom as easily as he had entered the school and with the same method.
Entering the dark classroom that’s only lit up by the moonlight through the windows he doesn’t bother closing the door and takes out a small flashlight from his jacket pocket and turns it on. The lightbeam follows the wall until it it reaches a large cabinet that’s filled with glass and plastic bottles of varying sizes. The cabinet is followed by another four of five cabinets that runs along the wall of the classroom.
The man walks closer to the cabinet and reads the labels on the bottles until he finds one he seems satisfied with. Quickly he pours some of the lock-melting liquid on the cabinet’s lock and opens it. He picks out the bottle and carefully reads the label again before giving off a darkness-covered smile and puts the bottle in the briefcase that seem to have a padded inside.
He then goes to look for some more bottles.
“Schools really make this way to easy for me…” the man quietly chuckles for himself.
“Although, I should hurry before the cops show up. Or worse…”
He finds the rest of his wanted bottles and secures them to the briefcase before turning the flashlight off to leave the way he came from.



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