Chapter 8 – Walking man dead

A couple of minutes earlier, back at the island shortly before the sun goes down. Silver emerges from a staircase carved out of the mountain in the base. The base is bigger than before, with multiple rooms and chests, all lit up by torches. Outside, near the water, wheat is growing. Chickens are running about the area, with torches placed near-randomly about the forest, a method of preventing monsters to spawn as they need darkness to do so.

In his hand, Silver is holding a pickaxe made out of iron, and he’s got more cooking in the furnace. He quickly scans the sky for the sun’s position, then nods and quickly head towards the other part of the island.


Silver arrives at the glade. Over by the lone tree there’s a hole, and next to it a torch. A chicken is wandering about, and the stray wolves roam just at the edge. They are not hungry for chicken. Sheep, on the other hand.

Silver approaches the hole. Up close it’s easier to see someone has carved a spiral staircase into the ground.

“Hey. Martin!” Silver shouts down the hole, hoping for an answer before the sun is completely gone and mobs will starts to appear. He doesn’t have to wait long.

“Yeah?” Martin shouts back, or at least says as loud as possible. He’s not a big fan of shouting.

Martin emerges from the staircase after a few seconds. A chicken follows.

“What are you doing?” Silver wonders, then throws Martin an iron pickaxe that he can use for mining. Martin looks down the hole in the ground. “Nothing much, just been digging where this chicken has told me to dig. I’m honestly too scared to explore, so I’m sticking to this less-dangerous activity.”

“Until you fall down into a cavern. Or lava,” Silver adds, knowing full and well the dangers of not looking where you walk. Fall damage due to not looking has to be the main cause of death for Silver, but being too careful is not entertaining, depending on how you do it.

“I’m being careful,” Martin assures his Internet avatar. Truth be told, Martin can be as reckless as Silver at times, but with less lethal consequences, naturally. However, while in this game, he has been really careful, the thought of actually falling into lava or getting shot by a skeleton horrified the Swede. If he had been playing the game as one should, he would have been considerably less careful, charging into battle with little to no armour, not caring for current health, even in Hardcore mode.

“Sure. Anyway, sun’s going down. You going back to base?” Silver asks. Martin nods. “Yeah, I’m running low on food.”

The two Swedes start to head back to the small base. The chicken follows Martin with its looks before clucking then head back into the tunnel.

As for Martin and Silver, then don’t seem to be in a rush heading back to the base even if it’s on the other side of the island and that the sun is almost gone for the day. One reason is that running makes you hungrier, and another is that they are both confident enough that monsters will not have time to spawn and find them before they reach the base, as monsters only spawn a distance away and most of the island is lit up by torches.

It doesn’t take long until they reach the base and Martin gets a cooked fish to eat. Silver had crafted a fishing pole, but hadn’t spent too much time using it, only getting enough food to survive for a while. He had spent the most time in the mine and getting supplies.

As they close the door, or rather: fence gate (they cannot be broken down by zombies like doors can), they hear the high-pitched squeal of a spider from above, having no doubt spawned on top of a tree where the light of the torches hadn’t been able to reach.

“Wow, you have really fixed up this place. But I have to say, I’m not surprised,” Martin says with a smile. Of course he wasn’t surprised: that’s what he does when he usually plays Minecraft, and Silver is part of that. Even so, Silver decides to answer. “I like being efficient… ish.”
Martin knew exactly what he meant by that.

“So, how do you think the others are doing?” Silver then asks. Martin shrugs. “I have no idea.”

What the other group was actually doing at this point was encountering the first Creeper in the game as it ambushed The Superhero at the cave entrance.

“Right, well I’m going back to the mine, want to help?” Silver wonders. Martin shakes his head. “I think I’m going to take a short break from mining,” he says and begins to stretch his arm, as if to relax it after all mining from before.

“Although,” Martin says as Silver is about to head down into the mine. Silver stops in a dramatic fashion, one arm leaning on the wall, his head hanging as if someone were to reveal that his most loved one didn’t survive. Typical theatrics from either Swede, and they both now it.

After a dramatic pause, Martin continues, almost playing along.
“I have to say, I’m not sure if this is a great idea after all.”

Silver turns around, dropping any fake drama in favour to his usual behaviour. “What do you mean?” he wonders while randomly scrolling through his hot bar.
“It’s just that combining Minecraft’s Hardcore mode with the technology of this gaming gear is… well…”
“Lethal?” Silver guesses.
“No. But maybe dangerous. At least for me…” Martin corrects, the last part sounding really sheepish. “I mean, now when we can use our normal skills, I’m stuck being… well… me.”

Silver scratches his neck. Martin does have a point. Sure, he is the one who created everyone at The Meeting Place, but other than that and the capabilities of hanging out with them, he doesn’t possess any notable skills. Especially compared to a sporty girl with great hiking skills, three brilliant scientists of various departments (and Phor-ty II), not to mention a superhero with more than enough powers and skills to make the rest of The Meeting Place look like babies in comparison. And that’s only mentioning a few.

“I know what you mean,” Silver answers. Not entirely true since Silver is what TV Tropes like to call an Iron Butt Monkey, basically being able to take an insane amount of slapstick without any lasting harm. Makes sense given his Flash-animation background. Even so, he does have notable skills besides the aforementioned thing, if you can call that a skill.

Martin lets out a deep sigh, not because he’s bored or anything, he just wanted some extra air. It also works for breaking the silence. As he realised, air doesn’t exist in game world in the same way as air usually exists. If he wanted an air meter he would have to submerge himself under water. He then proceeds to take out a stone sword.

“Where are you going?” Silver asks when he sees that Martin turns around to leave the cave base. “To chop down some tall grass. We need to improve the farm,” Martin answers and opens the fence gate.

“Watch out for wild Pokémon,” Silver says as Martin leaves, prompting Martin to let out a small chuckle. “Cut takes out the surrounding squares, I’ll be fine,” he answers, and walks away to the forest. Only to get ambushed by the spider that’s been hanging around. Martin flails his sword and kills the spider, only taking a bit of damage. Silver smiles and brings out a fish to munch on before heading down to the mine.


The night is dark, the moon hasn’t gotten the chance of climbing that high up on the sky yet. Even though the world is under darkness, there’s one spot in this Minecraft world that’s lit up, and that’s the majority of the island the group had spawned on.

As was usual for Martin, it’s not until a discussion is over he gets the time to think about it and realise things he probably should have realised earlier. This time it was his actual skills. Having mild OCD and ADD like he has, Martin likes to look for patterns and figuring things out, but making it harder for him to sometimes see the most obvious things. The skill could be used to play video games almost flawlessly after only seeing it being played once, help realise a fitting joke or preventing him from being scared when playing horror games and watching horror movies.

He also like to call himself an energy vampire since he seems to gain more energy the more attention he gets, leaving others tired. At least that’s the impression he got from it. True or not, he likes to think with the thought.

After spending a couple of minutes breaking tall grass for seeds and staking out the darker parts of the island that Silver didn’t have time to put torches at, Martin takes a short break to see how he is doing. He has collected 14 seeds, and that’s after breaking more or less every piece of tall grass on the island.

As Martin is about to head back to the base and drop of the loot, he spots something behind a couple of trees, trying to blend in as good as possible, but its green skin doesn’t match the leaf colour. A Creeper.

Martin readies his sword. Sure, fighting monsters aren’t his forte, at least in real life, but he tries to be brave for once. Besides, he knows how Creepers work and has a good strategy at fighting them. Hopefully it will work with the new rules in place.

The Creeper notices Martin and advances. Martin stays, taking deep breaths, waiting until the Creeper gets close enough in which he quickly charges and hits the Creeper once. The Creeper is knocked back, but prepares to blow up, signified by a sizzling sound and it slowly expanding. Meanwhile, Martin dashes back. Then, boom!

There’s now a small crater where the Creeper once was, and Martin stumbles back a few steps before falling. His heart is racing. He glances at his HUD, which is kinda stuck in his view at all times anyway and sees that he has lost four and a half hearts of the ten he has, and he was just outside the blast radius of the Creeper.

Martin stands up and brushes himself off taking deep breaths to relax. He then begins to chuckle in relief and heads back to the base.


Back at the base, Martin fetches some tools to work more on the farm at the water’s edge. Silver appears, having got up to fetch more food.

“Is everything alright? I heard an explosion,” Silver wonders. In this game, sounds can go through solid material like it was air. Except rain sound, it works differently for some reason.

Martin nods. “Yeah, attacked a Creeper. It was exciting.”
“I figured,” Silver comments.

“Wait!” Martin suddenly says, looking like he has something mischievous in mind. Silver knows that look.

“What are you going to do?” Silver asks. Martin looks like he’s looking for something outside of the game, similar to when Greenmushroom checked the wiki.

Suddenly, a message pops up in the HUD. A message that makes Silver give a surprised face, as he knows the true purpose of it, but somehow didn’t see coming. He could also see that the message in fact was false as the affected one was still standing in front of him.

Martin was blown up by a Creeper.

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  1. Who would have thought the death message was false? XP
    Good to know that Martin is still alive.

    The chapter? I enjoyed reading it 🙂

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