Chapter 6 – Utter madness

The group doesn’t even make it halfway down to the floor of the cavern until they are noticed by the mobs below. The skeletons begin to fire arrows from the bows they are holding and the spiders begin to climb the wall, forcing Greenmushroom to dig out a small bunker for them to hide in.

“Maybe this was a bad idea?” Sharon begins to regret her excitement from before, but the huge cavern had just been so inspiring. Now, this decision will most likely have them killed. Especially since The Superhero isn’t using his super powers.

The bunker Greenmushroom mined out goes down and in a bit of the mountain, away from the cavern. The high-pitched sounds of the spiders gets louder as they get closer and closer. The Superhero slices a spider who just reaches the edge of the staircase using the extended reach trick they learned, knocking the spider down into the cavern below. However, seeing more spiders approaching, he decides to follow the others back into the bunker.

The problem with the spiders in Minecraft is that they are just like your normal video game spiders, that is, they are one meter tall and two meters wide, making high-pitched noises and with red, glowing eyes.

The skeletons don’t fall behind either. Equipped with only a bow and what seems like an endless supply of arrows. Normally it takes around five seconds between each shot, but due to the increased AI they can now fire arrows faster than before, and have more accuracy.

After The Superhero enters, Ashling turns around to place a cobble stone block at the entrance, causing the small bunker to be engulfed in darkness. Greenmushroom quickly counters the darkness by placing a torch on one of the walls. The sounds of the spiders are heard outside, but they are safe for now.

“Extinguish that torch, it’s draining our oxygen much faster!” Sharon shouts at Greenmushroom. He just shakes his head. “We only lose air while underwater, we’re fine. Besides, things like this is usually not a problem in video games.”

“Physics,” Sharon mumbles as she combats the incoming headache. Ashling gives her a glance “I thought you’d be more happier since it’s to our advantage for once.” Sharon decides not to answer.

“Right, so how are we going to progress from here?” The Superhero asks Greenmushroom since he’s the only one who seems to have an idea of what to do. “I’m making a tunnel away from the monsters. Hopefully we’ll hit a cave soon,” but not before he has any time to finish that sentence, the pickaxe shatters in pieces. “Nevermind.”

“At least the monsters can’t get to us,” Sharon encourages. Sure, they are trapped, but not dead.

A few second later, the blocked entrance explodes. A Creeper had self-detonated to let the other monsters in. Luckily the explosion had killed a few spiders that were standing too close. More mobs are closing in.

“This is our chance!” Sharon shouts. Ashling nods and picks up his sword. The Superhero is the quickest to react and takes a moment to relax, taking a deep breath and slowly breathing out. The others leave the failed bunker and starts to fend off the closest spiders. Ashling is suddenly hit by an arrow, and flies back, flashing red just like a monster does when it’s hit.

“Ashling!” Sharon cries out. “I’m fine!” Ashling shouts back, slightly panicking from the sudden attack. Greenmushroom manages to land a hit on a spider, which is knocked off the ledge and killed by the fall damage when it lands.

The group moves back towards the hole they had entered from, planning on escaping the cave.
“Uh oh, bad news,” Greenmushroom says as they reach the small pond. “How can things be worse than this?” Ashling wonders. Greenmushroom points up.

The hole they had descended down from from before is gone as there now seems to be a roof of stone just meters above them, seamlessly make it look like a normal dead-end. That also means they have nowhere to go now as the mobs are closing in.

“Superhero, do something,” Sharon begs, the fear of death apparent. The Superhero gives her a glance. “It sounds really weird when you call me that, you know.” He sounds completely oblivious to the imminent slaughter. “Besides, Martin didn’t want me to use my superpowers.” “Then use your normal abilities!” Sharon doesn’t give up.

The Superhero gives the surrounding walls a quick scan. “No break points that I can see, so no environmental tactic this time.”

The enemies are close enough for the group to attack. They manage to keep most monsters away, and even cause Creepers to explode among the mass of enemies. A Creeper explodes close to Sharon, causing a great deal of damage.

“Martin!” she shouts. The Superhero causally kills a spider. “Powers or no-” “Powers! Just do it!”
The Superhero smiles lightly to himself. “So much for that,” he says and flashes brightly for less than a second, now standing in his white Superhero uniform, but with another quick suit change it turns rocky grey: his Rock suit.

Moving his arms up, as if he was lifting a heavy rug, the ground in front of The Superhero rises up and knocks the enemies away. He continues to raise a wall until they are once again closed in. He then proceeds to switch suit again, holds up his hand against towards the newly created stone wall and grins.

The wall explodes by a Creeper to let its fellow monsters be able to reach the group of players, but the incoming mob is met by flame. The Superhero shoots out fire from his arm like a flamethrower and with the other hand he launches fireballs at enemies at a distance. He laughs, a bit too menacingly for a superhero. “I never get to do stuff like this!” he laughs. The others thinks it’s a great idea to take a few steps away from their saviour.

The Superhero advances, scorching everything in his path until he reaches the edge that leads down to the massive cave below, at which point he stops it with the fire and looks down at the mobs below. He seems to be enjoying this a little bit too much.

A couple of skeletons fire at him, but he jumps down and snipes a couple of them using beams of light from his Light suit. More mobs appear from the caves to take the place of the fallen ones.

“Oh, what have I done?” Sharon says with a hint of fright. Her face is even more worried. The faint laugh of The Superhero echoes though the caves. Ashling puts a hand on her shoulder. “Just be glad he’s going after them, not us.”

“Hey, guys, look!” Greenmushroom stands at the edge where The Superhero stood before, but he’s not looking at what’s going down below, but is pointing towards a light at the other end of the cave and what seems to be something besides rock.

As for The Superhero, instead of hitting the ground, he falls right through, much to the intelligent monsters’ confusion. The ground beneath a Creeper explodes as The Superhero emerges and fires off a beam of light to finish off the Creeper. Experience points rain down on The Superhero who has already gotten quite the level boost during the massacre.

To kill the skeletons and zombies, he creates a giant, purple sphere with him at the centre. The sphere was created by his Spacetime suit, allowing him to bend space inside of it. In this case he warps the arrows to hit the zombies instead as he warps around the sphere kicking the skeletons with powerful kicks and punches.

As the sphere disappears, no enemy remain and the only thing left that hints on a battle is loot from the monsters that hasn’t been picked up yet. The Superhero breathes out heavily, smiling.

The others quickly make another staircase and joins in. “I think you might have overdone it a bit,” Sharon comments. She’s usually amazed by The Superhero’s powers, but not this time. The Superhero looks around, some unclaimed experience points slowly moves towards the group, but there’s nothing else living is sight. “Maybe a little,” he agrees.

“Anyway, Greenmushroom saw something over there,” Ashling points out. Greenmushroom stands on his head. “I’m not sure what it is, but it didn’t look like coal at least,” he says and points again towards the light. The source of the light is unknown, but there does seem to be something else there. Some of the stone blocks have some light brown spots on them.


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