Chapter 2 – The first day

When the others have disappeared into the thicket, Martin turns around to Sharon while moving up to an oak tree. The trees leaves looks like a strange green cube with some spots left out, making it possible to look through. There’s nothing inside of the cubes though and it doesn’t seem to really be any branches connecting the leaves to the stem of the tree. Martin doesn’t seem to be bothered by this fact though. It’s not until Martin walks over to the tree that Sharon notices this. She opens her mouth to say something, but cannot figure out what though. Martin says something instead.

“Alright, ready to punch trees?”
“Wha? Huh? Yeah, sure,” Sharon says as her mind is taken of the strange foliage. Martin turns to the tree trunk and raises his fist.
“This is usually the first thing you do in Minecraft,” he says as he slowly gets ready to strike, somehow a bit unsure that hitting the trunk won’t hurt him.

He’s just about to strike when his wandering eyes catches something white behind the trees a bit away, and it’s not a wolf. It’s smaller, only taking up 1 block space, but is just as blocky and with a yellow beak. A Minecraft chicken. Martin’s eyes widen and he gets a great smile as he forgets to give Sharon the tree punching tutorial.

Instead, he starts to head over to the small bird, leaving a confused Sharon behind.
“Hey, where are you going?” Sharon asks after him.
“I’ll be right back. You punch some trees in the meantime,” Martin shouts back, only slightly turning his head back while still being able to see the chicken. Martin disappears into the forest before Sharon gets the chance to object.
“Right, I’ll just…” Sharon says to herself, and then the strange request finally dawns on her.
“… punch… trees?”

“Hey, mister chicken!” Martin shouts after the chicken with a bright, happy smile like a small kid chasing after a butterfly. As if the chicken understood, it stops and looks at Martin for a few seconds, its head slowly moving from left to right, but keeping its small eyes on the boy. Then suddenly the chicken starts running in a circle twice before walking away with a cluck. Martin is nothing short of amused as he childishly follows.

“Mister chicken! Where are you going?” Martin asks while following. The answer he gets is a random cluck and a sudden erratic movement from the chicken.

The chicken leads Martin through the northern parts of the small forest. Martin has to break some leaf blocks to get through trees the chicken can just walk through, achieving this by repeatedly punching them until they break and disappear with a crunch sound and some particle effects resembling what the block used to be.

In the end, the chicken stops in a small glade where yellow flowers are spread out. There is a single oak tree a bit off-centre of the glade. The chicken stops at the edge of the glade and looks at Martin before walking off to a spot close to the lone tree. The chicken looks down on the block it’s standing on and clucks. Martin walks over to the chicken, who looks up at the boy once again.

“What’s that? You want me to dig here?” Martin asks the chicken, happy and a little excited. The chicken moves its head in a way that only Martin (and Silver) could see as a nod. It walks away from the tile to allow Martin some digging space. It then begins to wander while still being in the area as Martin begins to punch the grass block the chicken had apparently wanted him to dig.

Meanwhile, Silver and the others make their way through the forest. As the forest is not overly thick, navigating between the trees is easy, even more so for Greenmushroom as he can slide under all leaf blocks that the two-block tall people have to find a way around. Silver is in the lead, bravely leading the group. His head never stops turning as he scans the area.

They stop as they reach a new area: a small sandy bay. Besides the forest, there are three trees standing next to each other on the left side of the bay. Silver looks at the bay. It quickly gets connected to the forest to the right.
“Oh, boy,” he says with concern in his voice and slowly shakes his head. He then heads over to the trees, punches some dirt blocks, which break into smaller cubes that he picks up and then places next to the tree and foliage at its original size, making it so that he can jump up on the tree.

“What, no gravity?” The Superhero asks, as one of the dirt blocks are floating in mid-air next to the tree. One would suspect a cube of dirt to fall when not supported by anything.
Silver reaches the top of the trees and spins around, scanning the area.
“In this game, only gravel and sand is affected by gravity, pretty much. Guys, we are on an island,” Silver explains. The last part is said with disappointment. He jumps down his dirt staircase back to the other three.
“What’s so bad about being on an island?” Greenmushroom asks as Silver lands on the sand next to them. “Are resources scarce? I noticed that hunger bar in the HUD,” Ashling adds, referring to the 10 drumsticks above his hot-key bar. Silver shakes his head.
“No, we can fish or grow crops, but islands are horrible for exploring,” Silver answers with even more disappointment, as if not being able to explore is the end of the world, of course with his usual exaggerated movements. Ashling facepalms.

“Anyway, this island is divided in two parts it seems. The other one is just across there,” Silver says and points to behind the trees.
“What about the others?” Greenmushroom asks and looks back at the forest they had exited. “We’ll be able to get them in time, don’t worry,” Silver says and glances over to the sun, it’s still rising. “Let’s go.”

A few minutes later, Martin returns to the spawn point, he’s a little dirty from the digging, but it’s mostly limited to his knees and hands. He seems to be mumbling something about tools, but goes quiet and stops when he sees Sharon standing in front of the tree he asked her to punch down. She’s not moving, just staring at the tree.
“Uh, Sharon?” Martin worryingly asks. “You okay?”
Sharon then slowly turns her head towards Martin and her blank eyes makes Martin jump back in fear. Her left eye twitches.
“Sharon?” Martin is ready to dash away, just in case she’s turned into a zombie or something.

She stands silent for a few moments, only the wind in the leaves can be heard. Suddenly Sharon snaps. “My mind cannot comprehend this task!”
Martin takes a step back in surprise at Sharon’s sudden outburst, but then gets a smile and has to stop himself from starting to laugh. He had a feeling this would happen.

Sharon falls down on her knees and then to the side, going into fetal position. Martin shakes his head and chuckles. “I think you are overreacting a bit.”
“Punching. Treeeeees,” Sharon cries. “It doesn’t make sense.”

Martin sighs, it’s going to take a while to unfry her brain. While he had expected something like this to happen, he didn’t think it would be that bad, he completely misjudged the emotional scale of which Sharon operate on. She’s never a bit happy or a bit sad, but very happy or very sad instead. Well, she does have a neutral state, but when shifts in emotion happen, well, it can either be really amusing or really scary.

“Well, we found some coal, but that’s it. Guess this place will be a good base as anything,” Silver sighs. He’s standing near a cliff face in the middle of the forest on the other half of the island. Some coal blocks are mixed with the smooth stone that makes up the surface of the cliff. The sun is on its way down and is almost touching the horizon at this point.

Exploring the other half hadn’t been as much of a success as the first half. The only animals they had found are chicken and sheep, and Silver refuses to have the chickens killed for food. There are trees everywhere, but they had managed to find a small beach with a closed off lake that partly went underground and a small ravine that wasn’t deeper than three-four blocks.

They had, however, seen some mountains that could be part of another island, or even better: mainland, farther to the south. They didn’t have the time to cross the sea for it though, and still had to get the other two anyway.

Ashling and The Superhero walks up to the disappointed Silver.
“So, how bad is it?” Ashling asks. He glances at his food bar: two drumsticks has disappeared.
“It’s almost night. We have no base. There aren’t any pigs or cows on this island. We spawned on an island. This island is small. There doesn’t seem to be any other good resources on this island,” Silver frowns and looks at Ashling, almost intimidatingly.
“Very bad,” he finishes off with.
“Monsters spawn at night, right? I could take care of them,” The Superhero suggests and holds out his palm like it was an arm cannon. Silver opens his mouth, but before he gets the time to answer, Ashling steps forward and looks around.
“Hey guys, where’s Greenmushroom?”

The three realise that they haven’t seen Greenmushroom in a while, and to make matters worse: the sun hits the horizon. Night is about to begin.

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