Chapter 14 – The End!

The Superhero puts Martin down, and it’s now obvious who the Endermen were looking for, as they are now all looking at the white-clad hero. Their pink eyes stares at him with hatred. The Superhero, on the other hand, just smiles, glad that he made it in time for the grand finale.

“You guys are really starting to bother me,” he says, glancing over at the monsters. “How about letting Sharon go?” he raises his arm up and points his palm at the Enderman, ready to fire a beam of light if needed. The Enderman responds by teleporting to the other side of the island, taking Sharon with him.

The Superhero is not amused.

Martin taps The Superhero on the shoulder. “Hey, Martin, we got a dragon.”

The Superhero looks around and sees the massive black beast swooping down at the two. Martin starts to run, but immediately stops when he realises that with the Endermen around, the safest and most dangerous place to be is around The Superhero.

Martin sighs and wonders why he would ever do that.

“Well, I can do some spatial displacement of my own,” The Superhero says and switches over to his Spacetime suit. He opens a small wormhole underneath Martin, who falls through and lands safely on the ground behind the line of Endermen.

He then waits for the perfect moment of taking a leap and run up on the dragon’s head, taking a seat on its back. The dragon flies up and tries to shake The Superhero off, but he clings on, barely.

Meanwhile, Sharon still tries to struggle out of the Enderman’s grip, but it still doesn’t work. She attempts to kick it, but hitting its thin legs doesn’t seem to have any effect. “Let me go, you… monster!”

The Endermen then yells out in pain as someone sweeps a sword through its legs. It turns around to see its attacker, but there is no one to be found. Another sudden hit causes it to be knocked back a bit and it finally notices its adversary: a tiny blocky mushroom with an iron sword.

Greenmushroom strikes again, but the Enderman dodges by taking a few steps back. Another sword is driven through its stomach, poking Sharon on the other side. Ashling pulls out the sword and the Enderman dies, causing Sharon to fall to the ground, safe.

“You guys rock! How are the crystals doing?” Sharon asks with a smile.
“We got… one left,” Ashling notes.
“On the highest pillar,” Greenmushroom adds.
“Of course…”

“Wait! Martin!” Sharon sees Martin in the distance, running for his life from a bunch of Endermen. An unfair chase, considering numbers and abilities. The group quickly head over to aid their Creator, but before they get too close, he’s surrounded and bashed at by the Endermen, and by the time they get close enough to be able to attack:

‘Martin was slain by an Enderman’

The wall of three people suddenly attacking manages to kill a few Endermen, and the rest scatter to aid their master, the dragon.

Sharon stops only to kneel in front of Martin’s dead body, lying sideways on the ground. “We are too late…” she mourns.

“Yup,” Martin answers, causing Sharon to flinch back in surprise. She gets a bit angry.
“Are you just faking your death again? It’s not funny!”
“No, I’m quite dead. My screen is locked and I only got the option to leave. Normally I shouldn’t be able to talk after dying, but since we are not using the HUD to chat… . Anyway, I can’t do much from here other than give you some final pieces of advice, I guess.”
“We lost both people who know this game, please tell us what we need to know.”
“Alright. First off: I called it! Martin did return in time to kick the dragon’s butt!”

Sharon rolls her eyes.

“Anyway, you don’t NEED to destroy the crystals. Since the dragon only heals when its close to one, killing it should be possible before it has the chance to heal. Also, snowballs can be very effective.”

“We’re are we going to find snow in a place like this?” Sharon wonders.

“I’d nod towards Martin, but I’m kinda dead here. I can’t really move my neck at the moment.”

“Anything else we should know?” Sharon leans in, but notices her hands go through Martin’s body as if he wasn’t there.

“Well, uh… . You can do it? Trust your instincts, you know it to be true? Do a barrel roll? Auld lang syne?”

Ashling and Greenmushroom gives each other a puzzled look before returning to guarding the group.

“I’m not that good at endings or farewells, okay? Anyway, going now. See ya!”

‘Martin has left the game’

Sharon keeps kneeling for a bit. “Yeah, that was pretty bad,” she finally says after a while and stands up. There are more important things to do than to pretend to mourn the fake death of the guy who pretended to die earlier for the sake of a joke.

“Alright, bring me the dragon! It’s time to win this game!” Sharon determinative looks around for the aforementioned beast.
“Hey Sharon, how about taking care of those guys first?” Greenmushroom reminds that there are still a lot of Endermen around, and even though most of them are following the dragon there are still others who have decided to try and get rid of the other players currently on the ground.

Sharon nods and rushes towards her allies.

Meanwhile, in the air, The Superhero still clings on to the back of the Enderdragon. The dragon tries to shake off the guy by flying erratically, spinning around, flying upside-down and so on, but The Superhero bravely hold on by using the clever tactic on holding on for his dear life.

“When I get a hand free, I’m going to punch you so hard…” The Superhero mutters with clenched teeth. “… Actually.” An Idea forms in The Suprehero’s mind. Something that he has never tired before due to its dangers, but in a video game it should work fairly well.

He switches over to his Strength suit, visually indifferent from his usual white clothes and waits for a moment where the dragon doesn’t move around too much.

Such a moment arrives fairly soon, and The Superhero springs to action. While still holding on to the dragon, he does a semi-jump into a squatting position, and with the little air-time he has the stomps down into the dragon.

With the extra force of the Strength suit, The Superhero’s legs easily break through the dragon’s skin, and The Superhero is surprised to find that the dragon doesn’t have any bones or anything inside, and yet something causes The Superhero to get stuck halfway through the dragon. The dragon roars out in pain, and the players can see that the dragon lost quite a bit on its health bar, but still keeping the dragon over half.

“If this thing had guts, this would be so gross,” The Superhero says, inspecting the lack of wound from his attack. The situation reminds him of when he phases through stuff, except he doesn’t get stuck while doing so.

“Well, at least I can still feel my le-” his voice trails off as he realise that he can not in fact feel his legs. “Nevermind.”

Down on the ground, Ashling, Sharon and Greenmushroom bravely charge at the Endermen, who are charging towards the intruders of their island.

“Do we have a plan?” Sharon shouts to Ashling as they are getting closer to the monsters.
“Nope, but this usually works when I play video games,” Ashling answers.
“That’s a relief.”
“Of course, I play on ‘Normal’ and not ‘Evolving AI’. I’m sure we’ll be fine though.”
“Are you just saying that because you know we’ll fail?”
“Yes, I’m pretty sure he is,” Greenmushroom says, clinging on to Ashling’s back.
“Oh, shut up you,” Ashling says. “I have a trick up my sleeve still.”
“And what’s that?” Sharon sceptically wonders, thinking of turning around to run back. The monsters are getting really close now.

“Water bucket!” Ashling shouts and spills out a cube of water from the bucket he was carrying. The cube quickly spreads out for a couple of blocks, with water still running out from the centre, but not going farther than 8 or so blocks.

The first Endermen did not see this coming and gets hit by the water, teleporting away from the dangerous liquid. The subsequent ones are bright enough to avoid touching it, but they also realise that their adversaries are safe as the Enderdragon, who can knock them away like they did with Silver is preoccupied at the moment.

“So, what do we do now? Got another trick up your sleeve?” Sharon wonders. Even though they are safe standing in the water, the Endermen are clever enough to stand outside of the attack range, taunting the players with growls and glares.

“I’m afraid I’m all out of tricks,” Ashling answers. “But at least we are safe.”
“Safe is a relative word,” Greenmushroom says. Half of him is submerged under the water, so he occasionally needs to swim up to get some air.
“Okay, but how is our local superhero doing?”

As soon as Sharon finishes that sentence, the dragon spins past them in an aileron roll, with The Superhero still stuck to its back. “I’m busy right nooooow-”
The dragon zooms off again.

“I guess this is it then, guys?” Sharon sighs. Although, she tries to hold back a smile over what just had happened. All things considered, having The Superhero cry out like that was a bit funny.

“I gue- huh?” Greenmushroom notices something in the HUD. Ashling sees it as well.
“The dragon’s health, it’s dropping!”
“And at a steady pace, too!” Greenmushroom cries out in joy. He has no idea why it does that, but as long as they have a chance of winning, he’s good.

As it turns out, The Superhero is using his Electricity suit to fry the dragon.
“I’m not punching you if you are just going to delete my arms. Taste electricity!”

The dragon roars out in pain and crashes into an obsidian pillar to try and get rid of The Superhero. He effortlessly phases through that (but cannot phase out of the dragon for some reason) before switching back to his Electricity suit to keep going wit his electricity attack.

“Good. Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the current flow through you. And that is the last time I quote Star Wars.”
“You got the quote wrong!” Sharon shouts to The Superhero.
“I know! It was on purpose!” he shouts back.
“And you didn’t even apply it correctly!”
“Could you two please stop?” Ashling shouts at them both. “It’s not helping out current situation.”
“Which just got much worse!” Greenmushroom adds as the water dries out. It seems that an Enderman has teleported one of the cobblestone blocks onto the source block of the water.

The Endermen slowly move in closer when the water is gone.
“Guess it’s time to fight,” Ashling mumbles. He gives the dragon’s health bar a quick glance, around a quarter left with no chance of regenerating the lost health, at least as far as he knows.

“Charge!” Sharon shouts, caught up in the ‘last stand’ moment. Ashling and Sharon runs forward, waving their swords, hoping to hit as many Endermen as possible using the extended reach. Greenmushroom stands behind, taking deep breaths before charging ahead as well.

“Alright dragon, I know you don’t like me and I don’t like you, but currently we are stuck with each other and you are almost dead, and I really hope that when you die I will still have my legs. You got that?” The Superhero says to the dragon. “I’m surprised you don’t sha- whoa!”

Suddenly the dragon stops, flying straight down.


‘The_Superhero fell out of the world’

The dragon flies up again, unaffected by the rules of the void, with no Superhero on its back, confirming the fears of the others. They now live on the hope that The Superhero faked his death message. However, The Superhero wouldn’t joke around like that in such a serious situation.

This unfortunate event only leave Sharon, Ashling and Greenmushroom to take out the last health of the dragon and win, but they are busy at the moment fighting off what seems to be an endless wave of Endermen.

The now hero-free dragon roars in triumph and swoops down at the three. There is a brilliant moment of Endermen and people flying around like firework as the dragon pushes away everything close to it. Some Endermen unaffected by the attack take the moment of confusion to teleport and attack the players.

‘Ashling was slain by an Enderman’

Sharon was unfortunate enough to be pushed off the edge, and while falling she can see the fate of Greenmushroom, attacked in mid-air.

‘Greenmushroom was slain by an Enderman’

As she’s falling to the void below, she can see the Endermen teleporting to safety and the dragon head towards her with what seems to be a grinning face. It knows it has won.

She closes her eyes.

‘Sharon fell out of the world’


Suddenly the red and black death screen disappears and Sharon loses her balance and falls to the floor. She’s helped up and feels that the blocky angles seems to have disappeared. She regains her balance and removes the goggles she is wearing, seeing the others standing in a white room filled with cords and computers. It takes her a moment to realise she’s not in the game anymore.

“Well, that failed,” Silver points out, looking at one of the computer screens, showing the menu screen for Minecraft.

“We… are we alive?” Sharon wonders, not used to virtual reality.

“Alive and well. Say what you want about transferring yourself into the computer, but my boss knows his stuff. No evil computer revolutions or anything, the game has returned to normal,” The Superhero smiles.

“So, what do you guys think?” Martin asks the group.

“It was… an interesting experience,” Sharon says.
“Exciting, but we definitely went in over our heads, there at the end,” Ashling comments. “We were pretty close though.”
“Yeah, I’m staying away from Endermen if you guys don’t mind,” Greenmushroom shudders.

“What about you? You got to play Minecraft while being in the game,” The Superhero asks Martin.
“Honestly… it was weird and scary. I’ll just stick to playing Minecraft the usual way.”

“I’d like to try this out again sometime,” Ashling says.
“Yeah, but next time we’ll try to bring in more people if we want to win,” Sharon says, her excitement growing.
“And I shall lead us to victory!” Silver proclaims in a hammy fashion.

As everyone laughs Martin gives a happy smile before he disappears back to The Meeting Place.



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