Chapter 13 – The End?

The sky is a pitch black, with some strange subtle static effect to it. Floating in the dark void is an island made out of bleak yellow-white rock that has massive towers made out of obsidian of varying heights protruding out at various places of the island. Endermen are walking about the desolate area and their sinister grunts echoes between the pillars.

Just outside the floating island, on a small obsidian platform suspended in mid-air, Martin and Sharon materialises out of nowhere.

“Whoa,” Sharon says, awestruck over the new dimension and even more so than when she first saw the Nether.

“Guys, look!” Ashling points to a shape flying between the pillars. A dragon.

The dragon roars. It’s massive, black and with the same type of eyes as the Endermen. This is no doubt the Enderdragon that the group has been talking about.

Greenmushroom readies his sword, just in case, but he’s shaking nervously. This may be because he is not a big fan of things bigger than himself, monsters, final bosses or combinations of the three.
“S-so how does one d-defeat the dragon?” he stutters.

Silver points with his sword towards the top of one of the obsidian pillars. “There are crystals on each obsidian pillar that restores the boss’ health. They must be destroyed first. Of course, when they are hit they explode, so you can’t stand too close.”

“The dragon itself is pretty harmless if you land a hit before it pushes you, which is the only thing it can do. That is, unless it got new attacks with the AI boost. Also, we should get to main land before it pushes us into the void,” Martin adds.

“One step ahead of you,” Silver points out, already laying out some dirt blocks between the obsidian platform and the main island. It doesn’t take many before they are connected.

“So, a dragon that can push us, a massive nothing below and an insane amount of Endermen. We got one life and The Superhero is nowhere to be seen. How many buckets of water do we have?” Sharon asks while crossing the dirt bridge over to the white island.

“One,” Silver answers. Sharon gets a little worried over the low amount of things that can actually repel a massive amount of Endermen easily.

They all get on the island (Martin was very scared crossing the bridge over the void), all the while avoiding to look at the Endermen.
“I can count to 10 towers. Do each of them have a crystal on top?” Ashling wonders, thinking how much easier this would be if he had the powers he had in his dreams. He stays positive though.
“Yep. I suggest taking them out from a range with arrows,” Silver answers. This is not going to be an easy task due to their extremely limited arrow supply of not even 10 arrows. Snowballs would have worked just as well, but Silver doesn’t bring that up since they never came across any.

“Heads up, dragon’s coming!” Martin warns the others. He’s strangely calm, but it is possible to make out some nervousness in his voice. Indeed, the massive black dragon has started making its way towards the group. It lets out another menacing roar.

It’s not sure who’s scared more: Martin or Greenmushroom. The latter decides to hide behind the former though.

Silver steps forward. Having dealt with the dragon before he knows what to do. Although, when he last fought it he was killed during the battle, for various reasons, and this time it’s much more difficult. The others decide to be ready to dash to the sides or throw themselves at the ground to dodge the massive beast flying towards them.

Silver waits until the dragon is close enough before swinging his sword at it. It flashes red indicating it takes damage and stops to fly straight up.

“Well, that’s a bit anticlimactic…” Ashling comments. He was ready to throw himself to the side.

“But it works,” Martin says.

The dragon flies around a bit in order to get into a new good position to attack from. The group takes this time to head towards the first obsidian pillar. The Endermen doesn’t seem so aggressive and might have reverted back to their ways of only attacking if you look straight at them.

The dragon makes a new attack, but Silver is ready.

“Gotcha!” he says smugly as he strikes the dragon again. His grin doesn’t last when he notices that the dragon doesn’t stop this time and it collides with him. Silver is launched away and lands on the ground a good 30 blocks away, close to the edge of the floating isle.

“So much for that strategy,” Sharon says. “Let’s quickly destroy those crystals.”

Easier said than done. After a good few minutes of trying to avoid looking at Endermen (which Martin failed at due to his wandering eyes so that he had to use the bucket of water to make a small fortification) and dodging the dragon they have only managed to break three out of the 10 crystals.

“C’mon people, we are getting there!” Sharon tries to pep the group, with little to no effect. Martin dares not move from his spot in the water puddle, Greenmushroom is trying to stay clear from the tall monsters and the dragon and is currently at the other end of the island. Ashling is still trying to destroy crystals, but since they are out of arrows he will have to make a block tower so he can reach them and destroy them with melee, which is also very dangerous.

Silver is doing his best to distract the dragon, attacking it and yelling things such as “I have defeated you before, I can do it again,” and “Your face is so ugly that you are scaring the Endermen to the overworld!”. Strangely enough it seems to have a pretty good effect and the dragon has been targeting the Swede for most of the time.

“Alright, guys! Keep up the great work!” Sharon cheers, feeling the spirit of teamwork.

And then.


‘The_Silver fell out of the world’ followed by ‘The_Silver left the game’

The messages suddenly appears in everyone’s HUD, and indeed, Silver had been pushed off by the dragon after one of his attacks missed, and since falling into the void means death, Silver is out of the game.

The dragon roars in triumph and sets its sight towards a new target: Martin.

While water does hurt Endermen, the dragon is unaffected by it, and Martin knows this. He readies his sword, but is terrified at the huge monster heading straight towards him.

The Endermen suddenly starts roaring as well, emitting their strange drawn out eerie growls. They also start to look around more as if searching for something.

Meanwhile, Ashling manages to destroy another crystal, and thanks to the extended reach he is unaffected by the explosion that happens once it breaks.

The dragon swoops down at Martin, and while he succeeds in hitting the dragon, he’s pushed. Luckily he doesn’t fly far, but now he’s not protected by the water.

Sharon dashes over to help her Creator, but Endermen teleport in her way, trying to scare her from progressing. She’s not going to have any of that though, and bashes through the line with ease. However, one of the Endermen picks her up much like when they pick up blocks (or Greenmushroom). She tries to struggle loose, but it doesn’t work.

Martin manages to barely dodge the dragon’s next attack, and he’s very glad that the dragon doesn’t have any other attacks, like biting, teleporting or breathing fire.

While all the enemies seems to be distracted on the dragon and Martin, Ashling takes the moment to keep destroying the crystals. Even the loud explosions doesn’t seem to alert the monsters. In fact, some of them that’s been searching has noticed Ashling, but it doesn’t make an attempt to attack or warn its bretheren.

Greenmushroom climbs a pillar out of view from everyone using some cobblestone blocks that was acquired during their ascent up the chuck pillar before.
“Someday I should invent a shrink ray,” Greenmushroom mumbles to himself. “Or maybe if I combine Tristan’s Shrinkinizer with with my… hm…”

He doesn’t get more time to ponder as he reaches the top of the obsidian tower. He uses his extended reach to punch it, but is caught in the explosion and is knocked back, but manages to grab a hold of his pillar before he falls off completely.

Martin is running for his life away from the dragon, but another line of Endermen appears and blocks his escape route. The dragon swoops down and Martin realises he won’t be able to run anywhere. All he can do is hit the dragon and hope it flies away. As he’s about to swing, an Enderman grabs his arm, stopping the attack.

The dragon collides with the mass, and Martin as well as a bunch of Endermen is knocked away. Some Endermen have the brilliance of teleporting to safety, but most of them are knocked into the endless pit below. Martin is also knocked off the island.

“Martin, no!” Sharon shouts. Ashling sighs, but decides not to mope and heads for the next crystal, it is just a game after all. He’s experienced unreal death before. Indeed, he’s been killed many times before in his dreams, but he knew he would be fine.

Sharon, who has died once (for real) can’t bear it though and looks away, hoping for a miracle, and waits for the death message.

Except it doesn’t show up.

“Hey there! Miss me?” Martin says.

Confused, Sharon opens one of her eyes to spy, gets very surprised when she sees who’s standing before her. Not Martin: The Superhero.

Next chapter


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