Chapter 1 – The first morning

The bright, square, Minecraft sun rises over the horizon of a vast ocean, illuminating the land of which our heroes have spawned with its warm glow. Next to the ocean, on a blocky landscape with only a few blocks worth of sandy beach, the rest an oak and birch tree forest, our heroes appear out of thin air, one by one. Messages indicating their arrival show up for everyone in the lower left corner of their eyes: ‘The_Superhero entered the game’, ‘Martin entered the game’, ‘The_Silver entered the game’, ‘Ashling entered the game’, ‘Greenmushroom entered the game’, ‘Sharon entered the game’.

Not only do they have a message box in their vision, they also got a row of nine small boxes placed at the bottom centre part, with ten cartoon hearts and ten cartoon chicken drumsticks above that.

Everyone looks like they usually do, except their appearances have been adjusted to fit the style of Minecraft, meaning they have blocky bodies and symmetrical skins in slight cartoon colours. There’s also no movements in their faces and their body movements are stiff and limited.

The exception to their body structure is Greenmushroom. While everyone else is roughly two blocks tall, Greenmushroom is only one, and while the others’ hands are only a flat part at the end of their arms, Greenmushroom gets two small, floating blocks acting as his hands. His cap is bigger than his head and sticks out over it, but is flat on all four sides, making it look more like some kind of blocky hockey helmet.

Martin slowly turns with his head to take a look at the others. His body spins around with the head as it turns away too much. He punches the air, but it looks like he’s randomly waving his arm for a brief moment. A message pops up in everyone’s HUD vision: “ This is weird.”

The others turn around to see more of the world, but doesn’t move. Sharon tries to feel her face, but her arms refuse to move. The only one actually doing anything productive at the moment is Silver. The YouTube avatar is also Martin’s Minecraft persona and that was included in Silver’s composition, so naturally it can be said that Silver has played Minecraft before and therefore knows how to move and what to do.

Martin also knows how to play Minecraft. The difference however, is that Martin has never actually been within the game. Truth be told, he has never been inside any game as you would need special technology for it. Technology currently only one person he knew had.

It had all started an hour earlier. Martin had gotten the silly idea of playing Minecraft, but with a twist as is usual to him. He wanted to try out the piece of gaming technology The Superhero’s boss Lars had made.

The technology was basically two gloves that looked like slimmer and more simple versions of Nintendo’s Power Glove, and a slim helmet with a visor. Despite it’s appearance, the things actually sucked you inside the game and while inside you could control your character in first person, or like it was intended, but with your mind moving it. It’s also heavily adjustable and rewrites the code and can even add its own graphics, music and controls. A wonderful piece of technology from a guy who’s both a technological mastermind and an avid gamer. And he originally made it to make boss battles more challenging and epic.

The Superhero had agreed to ask his boss and was told by him that they could use it as long as they stayed in SUPER HQ while using it, which wouldn’t be a problem for anyone.

Martin had rallied a group of interested people over at The Meeting Place. He had hoped for more than the five people that was with him now, but there had been no support characters at The Meeting Place at the time and most of the ones who were there was either busy or had no interest in playing a video game at the time. Martin was a bit sad that the other Martin, the one from Team Awesome, was back at his own world at the moment as Martin knows he loves video games.

Anyway, after gathering the people, they headed for The Superhero’s world, entered a small room specifically made for video gaming and had started up Minecraft, then one by one had entered after a brief tutorial on how the gaming tech worked.

Out of all the six, only two had played Minecraft before: Martin and Silver. The Superhero had heard of it but had never played it himself. He would have if Martin had decided to add it to The Superhero’s composition as Martin had a few times imagined The Superhero kicking some butt in Minecraft, usually even with using this technology. Greenmushroom seemed very interested in the game when he first had heard of it. Sharon and Ashling didn’t have anything better to do, so they decided to tag along.

And now they were standing on the edge of a forest, overlooking the ocean where the sun is rising. Martin is already getting annoyed by the limited movements. Understandable if you have been used to realistic movements all your life. He turns to The Superhero, notified by his white dressed skin and the text ‘The_Superhero’ floating above his head. Martin would have looked annoyed, but the skins are not animated, so he’s stuck with his friendly smile.
“ This doesn’t work. Martin, if you would…”

The Superhero nods, he has a perpetual heroic smile. It’s possible to change the rules of the game while inside it, and that’s what the hero is doing right now. It’s fast as well, and just a second after nodding the world flickers for a moment with some static as if you had hit an old television with bad reception to make it work.

The world itself didn’t change, but the characters in it did. They now find that they can move freely and more fluidly, have fingers where only a flat texture had been before, their hair sticks out as they should and is more real than the pixel graphics they were before, but still keep their blocky body structure. Their faces aren’t part of the texture either now, so they can make faces and blink. Their colours are still like they were before. The HUD still seems to be there as well.

“Wow, this is freaky,” Sharon says with unsteady excitement, balancing between scared and happy. The message doesn’t show up in the HUD, but everyone else is standing right next to her anyway. She looks at her blocky fingers that still can be bent then feels her face. “Very freaky.”

Sharon looks up to see how the others are taking the transformation and the general blockyness. Ashling seems to find the whole thing quite interesting. Much like Sharon he checks the texture of his face and then proceeds to see how the various block types feel such as the oak logs or the grass blocks. Surprisingly or not, they feel just like an oak and grass would feel, even though the bark of the oak is just a flat surface it feels like it has indents. The same goes for the grass. Ashling is amazed, both by the game and the piece of technology making it possible for them to be in it.

Greenmushroom seems to lament the added corners on his cap, being used to it being more round. He mumbles something about feeling like a Tetris block, then slides over to Martin, who seems to have reacted more like Sharon did. Things like this never happens in his world, so it’s fair to say that he’s both excited and scared.

The Superhero quickly examines his blockyness and then proceeds to look at the landscape while waiting for orders. It’s not much from where they are standing, just a small forest and the shore. The blue water doesn’t seem to reflect the sun above it or even the clouds, which are also blocky.

Compared to the others, Silver is already moving about. Having played Minecraft before he’s used to his looks, and he knows better than to stand around when starting a game of Minecraft. And yet he doesn’t do what he’s supposed to do. He walks around the few trees, waiting for Martin to explain what’s going to happen next, eager for adventures.

“Okay,” Martin suddenly exclaims and sighs afterwards, grabbing the attention of everyone around except for Silver, but he’s listening as he quickly scans the landscape for adventure and potential base locations.

“So, let me give you guys a quick tutorial in how this game works, okay? Minecraft is a block building game of awesome. Our goal is to reach The End and defeat the Enderdragon, but first we need to establish a base and whatnot. So, we need to punc-” Martin begins to explain, but is cut off by a happy shout from Silver from behind a tree along the shore to the north.

“Hey, look: wolves!”

The others walk around the tree to see Silver crouching in front of a small pack of three grey furred wolves. Upon seeing the wolves, Sharon quickly takes on a defensive stance and takes a step back. She completely forgets that The Superhero is standing right next to her in case there would be a fight. Sharon almost bumps into Greenmushroom, who was on his way to hide behind The Superhero.

“Don’t worry, they are harmless. At least until you attack them,” Silver says and pets one of the wolves, who barks and then proceeds to randomly roam the area. Martin walks up to Silver to take a closer look at the wolves.
“In fact, you can tame them with skeleton bones,” he says and glances back at the people behind him. Sharon’s eyes glimmer for a moment and she forgets to be guarding when she realises that this might be the moment she has been waiting for: getting a pet. Sure, she wanted a dog, but a wolf could be really cool to have as well.

“Let’s go bone hunting then!” she excitedly says and eagerly scans the area for some skeletons to disassemble. Her excitement ends when Martin explains it might take a while.
“Not yet. We don’t even have any gear or even a base for that matter. Time is moving quickly, so we should get this game started.” The others agree, mostly because Martin has played the game before, so he probably knows what to do.

The wolves seems to grow bored on the visitors, so they randomly bark a bit and then walks away further up the coast line.

“I suggest we go look for a suitable base while the others gather supplies,” Silver says after standing up. “Me and Sharon will get the wood,” Martin says. Sharon can’t believe her ears. “What?! But I want to go exploring,” she objects.

“The first night is all about survival, we’ll get to the adventuring after that, okay?” Martin says. Sharon reluctantly agrees to stay behind while the others go look for a base. Martin nods to Silver, who nods back. “See you guys in a bit then. We’ll try not to go too far,” Silver says.

The group consisting of Silver, Greenmushroom, The Superhero and Ashling heads west, through the forest, leaving Martin and Sharon behind to gather supplies.

Next chapter


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