Cave Exploring Starring Sharon (WIP title)

This is the WIP page for the game starring Sharon. I figured that if this is going to be as big as I hope it might need its own page.

Join Sharon as she explores a variety of temples for treasure and glory! Dodge deadly traps and fight ferocious enemies as you uncover the secret of the temples and the treasures within.

And so ends the most cliché intro ever, but let me assure you: there’s much more to it, which will be revealed further down in production (like for example the mysterious Gusto).

On this page I will post updates, images, and requests.
Feel free to drop a comment about the game on this very page. I can also be reached on Twitter @thesillyswede (which is where I also post various updates about the game, like images and stuff).

Get the latest alpha version here:
Just a warning: apparently some anti-virus problems have something against Game Maker games.

Want to give me a motivation boost? Check out my support page or leave a comment.

Things I will need help with now or in the future:

Terrain tiles. I’m not good at spriting tiles (but hey, I somehow managed to sprite Sharon…) and might need help with that in the future. If you are interested and want to prepare for it, here are some restrictions: no outlines. Each colour has three shades (check the Sharon sprite for example). Sizes are 17x17px and 34x34px. The main design should be temple inspired, but there will be more than that.

Music. I tried making music once. Once. Currently making a music list. It should be somewhere between 20-25 songs. More on this later. Much later.

Backgrounds. I am a man who likes to sprite small things (again, I’m surprised I managed to sprite Sharon), so lush backgrounds is far beyond my scope of skills.

Testing. The most fun one. Most of the time, I do rigorous testing while making the game, but somewhere along the lines I will have to enlist the help of others.

Art. I’m thinking that the current three cutscenes in the game should have some cool art instead of moving sprites. We’re talking still images, not some crazy animation. Maybe there will even be mugshots during conversations? That would be cool…


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