Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies

Welcome to Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies, a boardgame that bascially asks (and answers) the question of: what would happen if you had a bunch of DMs in a tabletop RPG trying to roleplay with their group and constantly getting interrupted by the other DMs? Hilarity ensues.

The goal of this game is to have it published (I’m currently looking at AEG. Self publishing seems like a very bad idea) some time in the future. Hopefully the prototype can be sent out towards the summer

The cards have arrived, and they look pretty neat. Next on the list is to assemble a board so I can make a video demo of the game, and then I’ll submit it to AEG.

Oh! RFED will be featured at GothCon this year in the indie-gaming room. Check it out!

If you have any questions, please ask and I’ll have it answered ASAP.


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