Welcome to the Projects page where I will put up information about the many current projects that I got going. This page will be updated with new info as it becomes available. Stay tuned to find out ways on how YOU can help me (if you want to~).

The Meeting Place Story – Story
Updating not nearly as often as it should, stories occasionally show up on this site, featuring the various residents of The Meeting Place.

Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies – Boardgame
Rocks Fall, Everyone dies is a silly boardgame that’s RPG insipred, but with a twist. It’s currently being tested and upgraded, but hopefully some time in the future I will be able to Kickstart this beauty (all who has played it so far really likes it) or have it published by some company (I’m currently thinking AEG if anything). I might have to find an artist for it at some point.

Cave Exploring Starring Sharon (WIP name) – Video game
After being created in 2011, it was remade twice for unknown reasons. Some sprite progress can be found on my Twitter (@TheSillySwede). It’s fairly ambitious and I might need some help making it in the future.

Currently doing some main character spriting and basic engine work. For once we actually got jumpthrough platforms!

In the future, I might need some help with spriting the background tiles, I have never been good at that.

It now has its own page, just click the title.

The Roleplaying Game – Table Top Roleplaying Game
The RPG is a fantasy RPG that’s been in production since 2004 (there was a 5 year break in there somewhere, but I’m not picky). Not overly complex, it’s still an enjoyable game with its own rich lore. The characters Vimia, Gidel, Jordan and Aléi are from the RPG.

Once I feel it’s decently done, I’ll probably release it for the world to use.

Forgotten Universe – Table Top Roleplaying Game
A RPG that’s set in the far future after a cataclysmic event called the Great Reset. It focuses on tactical combat and exploration. I see it kinda like a mix of FTL: Faster Than Light, Star Wars, and ARTEMIS.

Mystery Project
The last project is very secretive, only having had a few hints dropped on Twitter (something about drafts?). Hopefully I’ll be able to reveal what it is soon, but know that it will stay a secret until it’s almost ready.

Job Hunting – Real Life Stuff
Currently looking for a job, and until then I have nothing to spend as I have to pay back student loans as well =I
Consider throwing some spare PayPal change my way if you are feeling generous.

If I start finishing projects, maybe I should consider getting a Patreon or something?


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