Weekly Update #5

And here it is, a bit late, as I said.

I’m back from GothCon and have spent those days playing many different board games and got into board game discussions with a bunch of indie devs. It was fun! I also bought a very snazzy Legend of Zelda bag with the royal crest.

I haven’t been able to do much this week as there has been many other things going on, but some things have still been done:

*I got some paragraphs done for chapter 5 in the new story. I think the sotry might just be finished some time this month. Excitement!

*Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies: There’s pretty much no new changes to the cards, meaning proper beta testing has begun! I have started to draw placeholder images for the cards. Currently I’m almost done with one out of a hundred or so. The other art thing I’m going to need your help with will hopefully hppen this week, I’ll push the one who does the layouts about it.

The character files I mentioned last week have been getting an upgrade. I have managed to update seven or so characters, so I’m still far from done.

And that’s all for this week. I had hoped for it to be more. Maybe it was more and I just forgot what it was? I really need to start writing things down as I do them. Oh well.

Until next time!


Weekly Update #4

It’s happening again, WHAT!?

Last week saw a grand total of 0 views on this site. I blame myself for not doing any advertising, oops.

Anyway, here’s what I have been up to for the past week:

*The story: finished chapter 3 and 4, meaning I got only 1-2 more chapters to go. When it’s done I have to send it to a guy for approval (it’s based on an RPG I’m playing, so it doesn’t actually take place in one of my worlds). I’m really liking how it’s shaping up so far. Get hype!

*The Sharon game saw a little bit more work. I had some trouble with the doors in the game, but have now solved it by changing all stone doors to magic force fields. They need some better graphics though.

*Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies: After a week of testing I only have to change a grand total of 2 cards, so things are definitely getting finalised. In two weeks I can be guaranteed to have a blind play test, which I’m looking forward too. I was hoping to be able to announce the art thing this week, but the one who makes the layouting had some troubles and were busy. Maybe next week. What I like about Rocks Fall is that I have played it hundreds of times and I’m still finding it really fun, this bodes well.

I have also spent the past few days updating the character files for my characters. These are documents that has extensive information about all characters. As there are many, many characters, I have only managed part of The Superhero’s world. See it lke a Universe Bible.

And that’s it for this week. Tune in next time where there will be even more updates. Oh, and next weeks update might get posted a bit late as I’m going to GothCon. If you are there, find me and you can playtest Rocks Fall.

Until next time!

Weekly Update #3

Aw yeah, I managed to do these three weeks in a row. I’m definitely getting better at this.

This last week hasn’t seen any major work for pretty much any of my projects, but there has been many, many minor updates.

*Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies: Did a overhaul for many of the cards. Will still have to simplify the rules for many of the items since those cards will be very small. Unfortunately the art request will have to be pushed back again, I’m still waiting to get in the card designs, but after that, art shall happen! I’ll have you guys do the character art while I will draw art for all the other cards (that’s 100-150 or so).

*The Roleplaying Game: Been adding a few rules and nerfed invisibility. Turns out having it only disappearing when you take damage is a bad idea. The new version is more like a camofluage than anything.

*The new story: Been writing some more stuff on it. Currently writing chapter 3, but I won’t release it until the story is completely done, which should be 5-6 chapters. Why not write a fanfic while you wait =P

*Started to work on the Sharon game again, fixing bugs. Hopefully there will be more stuff about it soon. I’m still looking for someone who can make graphics (check the Projects tab for more info).

And that’s all I got for this week, I suppose. Hopefully I’ll have a bunch of more news next week. Oh, and if you do read my stories, please leave a comment, I’m feeling so lonely here =P

Until next time!

Weekly Update #2

Huzzah, another week, another weekly update! (finally something I update regularly)

Not much has happened the past week in terms of projects, but there’s still stuff, so here we go:

*My tabletop RPG (currently named The RPG) has seen a few more updates, such as formatting the rules a bit. When it looks comprehensive enough I’ll release it on the website, but for now you’ll have to do with this vague information. Making rules is difficult and does take a lot of testing to get right, and I really need to start working on the bestiary…

*Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies, my board game, finally found its first person who absolutely hated it. The guy was polite enough to play it all the way through, even if he lost all interest about halfway through. He did give much feedback, which is really good though, but after spending the day analysing it, I’m sensing he had little to no idea what he was talking about for the most part. THen he also complained on the lack of art. I snarkily replied on that with “Prototype”, doing a sweeping motion with my arms over the board.

There shall be more updates to the game, but I’ll start looking for character art probably next week. Stay tuned (and hyped) for that.

And that’s pretty much everything I did for the past week in terms of projects. I probably need to step up my game a bit, but at least it’s better than nothing =)

Until next time!

Weekly Update #1

And so this is the first of (hopefully) many weekly updates!

Here’s what’s been cooking for the past week:

*Begun chapter 3 of the new story which will feature the latest character in The Meeting Place. It’ll probably be released once the story is done, which allows me to go back and edit previous chapters as more things get written.
I’ll be trying out a new way of writing for it, and I hope you’ll enjoy the end result.

*There’s been a bunch of Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies updates. I have been diligently playtesting it with my boardgame group and I’m rapidly reaching the point where there’s only minor changes. Layouting for the cards is currently being done by one of my good friends and I hope that in a week or two I’ll open up a ‘casting call’ for prototyping art, which will be a group effort.

*The secret project has reached its fourth draft, but as with RFED above, it’s only minor changes. I’m not sure when I’ll work on this properly, but I know there’s a bunch of other things I want to do before then, such as more animations for my YouTube channel (apparently you can animate in After Effects, that’s cool).

That’s all I got for this week. Join me again next week which will probably have a bunch more info about Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies.

Well, ooops

Okay, so I totally thought I had uploaded the seventh and final chapter for The Parasites. My bad D=

It has now been added, sorry for those who kept checking back seeing if it had been uploaded, this is what happens when you have a bunch of projects going on at the same time.

It will probably be a bit before the next story comes along, but the current draft is looking great. I’ll be trying out a new writing technique, and I’ll hope you’ll enjoy it once it shows up. It’s going to feature a new addition to The Meeting Place, too. One day maybe I’ll feature people who have been there for a while…

Until then I will try to do weekly updates about the various projects, such as ‘Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies’, the board game I’m making and hoping one day to have published.

Until next time!

I think I missed something…

Well, oops.

I kinda forgot to update the past two weeks, but then again, I were really busy those times (which I should have communicated, I’m sorry D=)

Anyway, here’s the next chapter of The Parasites, where things are getting crazy as the duo gets closer and closer to the depths of the mind.

On the topic of communicating: I will be gone for the end of December and the entirety of January, so don’t expect any updates then (but I’ll try to write stuff while I’m gone). If you already weren’t expecting updates: congratulations, you are an average viewer of this site!

Uh, don’t forget to leave comments on the stories, telling me what you liked or didn’t like, and the like. It would make me a happy Swede (although just seeing that people read the stories help a bunch as well ^^)

Until next time!


Alright, so the current story is three chapters in, that’s cool.
If you happen to read through the stories, please leave a comment, I’d like to know what you guys think of it (why you read it, what you like/don’t like about it, general thoughts and the like). All pages should be commentable.

In other news, I’m currently writing the next story which I think will be 3-4 chapters long and feature the latest addition to The Meeting Place (even newer than Aléi, gasp!). However, before I can start releasing it I’m going to have it read through by my friend. You see, this new guy and the story will take place in my friend’s homebrew RPG and I need him to read it through to make sure I get all the facts right.

That’s all I got for now. I’ll see you later!

Chapter 2

And so chapter 2 is released, BAM!

In this chapter, we finally get to enter the dreams… and that’s actually everything I got to say at the moment =I

Don’t forget to leave a comment~

See you next week!

The Parasites are go!

Hey, look! There’s finally a new story released (and the world rejoiced)! This one follows Aléi and Ashling as they travel through various dream layers.

The current idea is that I’ll release a chapter every Friday, so that when the story is finished, I’ll have another one ready to go.

You can read the new story by clicking this particular line of text that is of a different colour than the rest.

Oh, and don’t forget to leave a comment on the chapter, I love to hear your guys’ thoughts and opinions on this.

Until next time!