The Meeting Place: FanFiction

Welcome to the Superheroes

Ruby glanced at the paper in front of him, then at the building stareing from across the road. He shook his head, and re-read the paper once more to be sure of what he was seeing. The paper read

If you wish to be a Hero, then you must seek.

For not anyone can be one, you must be the peak.

Search out the building on the many-eyed lane;

But all the ones visible, you must abstain.

Find the one hidden, yet in plain sight;

Knock on the door, and do it just right.

Complete all of this, and so you shall see;

a Hero cannot just anyone be.

He went back over his journey so far, starting only a day ago. Life was funny like that, progressing slowly for long periods of time, before suddenly leaping forward in spurts of activity. One just had to ride the waves, and look back on it all once the dust settles to see what the new status quo was to be.


Ruby was sitting in his house’s basement, playing a game on the TV he had hooked up to his computer. Not really fancy, but pretty enough to look at. Just as he finished building a device in his game, a notification pops up on-screen. He pauses the game, and opens up the messaging system he had set up. It ran only between him and his friends, and allowed both visual and audible communication as well as data transfer and a couple of other useful features he had built into it over time. He was surprised to find that the message was from an unknown address, given that no one else should know of this systems existence, much less get past the complex locks he had put into it. He opened it out of curiosity, and began to read. Once done, he sat in shock for a minute, before switching back to his game and quickly closing it. He went back to the messaging program, and selected the message again. He activated one of the built in functions, a path backtracer which should tell him the messages source even through several proxies. He re-reads the message as it works, to make sure he read the content correctly.

Greetings to Ruby Gem. We hope this message finds you well, and if so, please heed the instructions contained herein. We believe that a man known to us as the professor is after you. Why, we have yet to know. However, if within the last month you have invented something new, made a great breakthrough, or solved a long-standing problem, take that information and bury it. Bury it as deep as it can go, hidden from all sight so that no one but you could ever find it. For if he is after you, he wants something from you. And once he wants something, it is hard to dissuade him. A Hero will be there soon to protect you, but this warning has been sent just in case they have been waylaid somehow. We wish you good luck, and to see you soon,

The Superhero Organization

The program finishes, and Ruby checks the results. As he examines the output, he begins to shake his head. He feels unsure whether to laugh or cry, as the results indicate that the signal couldn’t be traced to an exact location, but originated from a city known to host the majority of the Superhero organization’s main base, in Sweden. He thinks on why he may have received the message, if what it tells is truthful. What could he have that a man, like what the professor sounds to be like, would want? He suddenly remembers something that happened a week ago, while he was tinkering with the messaging system. He was trying to set it up so that it could scan items using any attached input device, and send the output in human vision form. He was testing it on various sensors he had, going through all kinds. However, when he got to his high-accuracy infrared camera… He was quite proud of it, as he had built it himself out of spare parts he had and soldering kits he bought. He accidentally lost grip on it, and fumbled to catch it. He managed to do so, but in the process accidentally pointed it at his computer. Once he finished the rest of his test recording, he ran it through the processor. he got the expected visual video, but he noticed that beneath it it had generated text. reading it, he quickly realized that the program had printed out all that the computer was doing at the time of imaging, including quite a bit of the internal memory storage. He tested further, and realized that his program could use the heat running in computer wires to determine all that the computer was doing, and even read flash and SSD’s while they were active. He decided to simply add a deactivation to the accidental feature in his code, then continue on. He now realized that the professor had somehow discovered his invention, and wanted it for some purpose. He decided to heed the message just in case, and went about shutting down the gaming portion of his system. once that was complete, he walked over to his main computer tower. He woke up the monitor, and began quickly working. Once done, he hit a button on the side of the computer. the apparently unused second front disk drive slot popped open, and two small blue wafers popped out. He searched his desk, and found a pocket sized plastic container already containing several similar wafers, in various colors. He placed the two wafers inside, then stared at the computer for a second. after he hit the button, it seemed to go into shutdown, and was now powered off. He sighs, then reaches around and hits a button hidden on the back side of the computer. He then flips a switch on his power supply, looking like a voltage switch, and presses the power button down for ten seconds. after that is complete, his computer whirs to life. However, it immediately begins to reformat his drive, then writes gibberish to it over and over again till it burns out.. this happens fairly quickly, and once it is complete, an electrical popping begins inside the computer. blue smoke emerges for several seconds, then all the lights shut down as it powers off forever. Ruby looked saddened at having to kill his computer, but then hurries about finishing his shutdown. He runs through the house, a hodge-podge of wires and half-completed inventions. Everything gets shut down, and while some spit out colored wafers of their own which go into his plastic carrier, most of which most are blue, others simply have their memory removed and hidden. Ruby figures that it may be found, but those projects aren’t hard to rebuild, and will offer some distraction. once he finally finishes his shut-down, he grabs his phone and heads to the door. He wonders why the Hero who was supposed to meet him hasn’t arrived yet, and decides he is either late, or… waylaid, whatever that entails. He opens the door, and begins walking down his driveway, the outside of his house appearing no different from its neighbors. the only sign of the young adult genius inside being the antennas on the roof.

Just as Ruby reaches the end of the driveway, a man comes running down the sidewalk just to slam right into him, causing them both to fall to the ground. Ruby quickly jumps back up, and checks his pocket to make sure that the wafers weren’t damaged. Relieved to find them all undamaged, he says in an annoyed tone

“What are you rushing about to?”

Before taking a closer look at the man, and realizing that he was wearing all white clothes, paired with an S surrounded by a circle on his chest. He asks

“Are you the man that the Superhero’s were sending to help me?”

The man nods as he picks himself off the ground, and says with a cool, collected tone of voice.

“Yep. I’m Julian. Sorry for the collision, I was delayed and worried that the Professor might arrive before me, though it seems that that is not the case.”

Ruby nods, and says

“I decided to heed the message that was sent to me by some means. My house is entirely shut off, and any important objects are shut down and if necessary decommissioned. And the data I believe he is looking for is on my person, as well as inaccessible to anyone who is not me.”

Julian appears surprised, and says

“Wow. Quite prepared, compared to the usual lot of people I’m sent to protect. You expecting an invasion?”

Ruby says

“Nah, just the way I set my stuff up. I always like to be prepared, for example if it was stolen. there’s stuff on there that I don’t want to lose.”

Julian nods, weighing the present options. He eventually comes to a decision, and says

“Then I think it might be best to head towards a good safe-house. There’s one nearby, where I arrived. We should be able to stay there until the Professor is defeated in his present goals.”

Ruby nods, and says

“Lead the way. I’ll follow along.”

Julian begins to walk quickly back in the direction he came from, and Ruby trails behind. After a minute of walking, he pulls his phone out of his pocket, as well as the plastic case. He pulls out a purple wafer, and slips it into a slot in the phone. The phone wakes up to display a menu showing his special messaging system, with a little yellow symbol in the corner saying that it was currently running off of a mobile backup, and not the main server. He dismisses it, and begins sending messages to his friends, apparently conversational but with semi-hidden messages explaining the situation briefly, and without to much detail. He doesn’t want them in trouble as well, just in case someone somehow manages to get into his system. Once done with the messages, he pops out the wafer, and returns it to its case.

The two arrive at the safe-house, hidden in an out of the way street, and Julian begins to open the door. However, just before he can finish he is interrupted by a man in a white tuxedo-style suit, which has been modified to allow physical activity, running up behind him and punching him in the jaw. Ruby is distracted by his phone, and looks up in shock in response to Julian’s cry of pain. Julian switches to his sleep suit quickly, and reaches to grab the man’s face. The man quickly begins to collapse, yet instead of falling asleep as expected, begins to pick himself back up. Julian is surprised, but switches quickly to his clone suit, and begins replicating. As he does this, he yells to Ruby

“The door is unlocked. Get inside and look out behind you. I’ll take care of the goon.”

Ruby nods and opens the door, quickly slipping inside. The goon ignores him, focusing on Julian. While Ruby locks the door from inside, Julian’s clones attack the goon. The goon seems to ignore the impossible odds, and simply reaches out to grab one of the clones. Upon making contact, the others fizzle away and the goon quickly handcuffs Julian. Any attempts to use his power to escape inevitably fail. He is dragged away and stuffed into the back of a truck, which then drives off with him.

Ruby is oblivious to the drama outside, and goes about the hide-out examining the relatively small interior. After a couple minutes he begins to worry about Julian, and goes about activating the exterior pinhole cameras. Once done, he can see no sign of Julian, and becomes extremely worried about him. He soon soon discovers that all communication equipment has been scrambled, so begins to look for a way around that obstacle. In that way, he comes across a stack of papers in a bin marked ‘outgoing papers’ On them is written a riddle, which is implied to lead the reader to a base of the superheros. He is then interrupted by a growl from his stomach, and he realizes that he would normally be eating dinner now. So he quickly returns to the area he assumed was the bases kitchen, and prepares himself a quick meal. After he finishes eating, he wanders the small base for a bit, before finding a comfortable surface and dropping off to sleep.

Ruby wakes up late, having slept in after the tiring ordeal yesterday. He eats a late breakfast, then returns to the riddle set out by the paper he found. He decides, after some Deliberation, that the best route for him to take now would be to try to solve the riddle, and contact the Superheros. After all, he can’t stay in the base for long, as now that whatever group attacked Julian knew where it was they could return whenever was convenient for them to capture him as well. So he grabbed some food, a roll of duct-tape, a flashlight, a map, and some rope, and stuck it all in a pack he found. After doing so, he checks the cameras and find the coast apparently clear. Deciding that waiting would only waste time, he opens the door and walks out to find the superheroes.

he examines the riddle closely, to make sure he had it correct. It reads

If you wish to be a Hero, then you must seek.

For not anyone can be one, you must be the peak.

Search out the building on the many-eyed lane;

But all the ones visible, you must abstain.

Find the one hidden, yet in plain sight;

Knock on the door, and do it just right.

Complete all of this, and so you shall see;

a Hero cannot just anyone be.

Ruby shakes his head in confusion, and decided to tackle it one line at a time. The first two lines he decides are just there for setup. The third line, however, is important. He pulls out his map, and wonders where this ‘many eyed lane’ might be. As he examines the map, he begins walking through the city randomly. As he wanders down one street, he notices a statue set on the corner. He snaps his fingers, and murmurs “That’s it!” He thinks a second longer, pulling up memories from a while ago, then begins walking quickly north-west down the street.

He arrives at a street, where just about every building has one statue our another on it, and begins tracing lines in his mind. He determines that all the buildings without statues have at least one statue looking at them. He figures out that some statues are looking in more than one direction. He eventually finds only one building is not being watched. And that building is the most worn down building in the square, with gargoyles on each corner. It has walls made of worn wood and patched stone. He stood across the road at it, then glanced down at the paper in front of him.

Now he stood here, at almost exactly twenty-four hours after his life was thrown for a loop. He takes a deep breath, and begins to cross the street.


First in line…

Ruby reaches the door on the other side of the street, and pauses. He raises his hand to knock on the door, but just before he does so, he stops himself. He thinks on the line Knock on the door, and do it just right. You can’t just knock, but how does one knock ‘Just right’? After a couple more seconds of thought, he chuckles quietly to himself and reaches for the door again. He traces a line up the center of the door, then moves a couple of inches right and knocks. a couple seconds later, a click is heard and the door is opened from the inside. Ruby finds himself facing a gruff man, who asks

“Yes? What is it you want?”

Ruby says slightly hesitantly “I’m here for the superhero’s…”

The man pauses for a second, then asks

“And why might you think to find them here?”

Ruby responds with a bit more confidence

“I solved a riddle.”

The man looks surprised, and says

“That was released? I thought they were considering dropping the idea.”

“I don’t know about that, but I’m here for another reason.”

The man looks confused, and says “So why did you come here?”

“Well, a hero named Julian was sent, apparently to protect me from some man called The Professor.” Ruby says, then pauses for a second to gather his thoughts before continuing “He was bringing me to a safe-house, when he was attacked just outside the door. He ordered me to go inside, and that he would fight off the attacker. I went inside, and after a couple of minutes became worried about what had happened to him. So, I found and activated the external cameras, and both him and the attackers were gone. I’m not sure where they went, but it was unsafe to stay their. I found the riddle by chance, and decided that it was my best bet to find shelter before whoever it was returned and found me.”

The man listens to the whole thing, and at the end has a slightly suspicious look. He asks

“And how do I know that you aren’t on there side?”

Ruby thinks on the question, then says

“The only evidence I can think of is that I didn’t attack you when you opened the door. Or when you questioned my story.”

He pauses for a second as the man considers, then his eyes light up.

“Wait a minute! I could show you what I believe the Professor to be after! Kind of… Don’t want anyone else being sought-after.”

The man thinks for a bit, deliberating. He eventually says

“Fine. It might just get me killed, but fine.”

“Okay then. I’ll show you a video of it.”Ruby says with a nod, pulling out his phone and the case of Wafers. He pulls out one of the blue ones from his computer, and pops it into his phone. He navigates through several disorderly files, before pulling up a document. It contains part of the test log from the experiment where he discovered his codes full processing abilities. The log he pulled up was an excerpt from the video, and a matching text-file printout of the data. He shows both to the man, and says

“I built a device which, when pointed at a computer, can tell you everything about it. This is just a sample of what it can do.”

The man’s eyes widen, and he says “Wow. I can see why that shouldn’t be aloud to in enemy hands.”

Ruby nods, and pops the card out of the phone. He places it back in it’s case, and hte phone back in his pocket, as the man says

“I guess you can come in. Not anything in here you couldn’t have stolen from outside, with that kind of toy.”

Ruby nods his thanks, and follows the man into the building proper. Inside, it looks much like the other safehouse, except looking slightly dressed up nicer. It has a clean and regularly up-kept look to it, and all the devices inside are running. The man asks

“I guess you don’t need the tour, having just come from another safe-house.”

Ruby nods, before noting

“It seems like it might be a good idea to contact the agency proper and tell them what happened?”

The man nods, and holds one hand to his ear. He begins talking, but Ruby doesn’t listen, instead becoming engrossed in thoughts of his own. He wonders about what happened to Julian, and his house, and where he will go and what he will do next. As he ponders this, the man speaks on his own ear-piece to the woman on the other end, repeating the explanation that Ruby gave to him. Once done, he asks what he should do. On the other end, a quick consultation is made and the reply sent back down the line.

“Recruit him. Set him up with some basic supplies and materials, and head back to home. An explanation will come when you get here.”

The man pauses, then says slightly hesitantly

“Whatever you say…”

“As I said, I’ll explain later. This line might not be secure.”

“I thought that this was supposed to be the most secure line available!” the man says, surprised.

“It was. we’re not sure now. Explanations later. for now, get moving.”

The man nods, though the other end can’t see him, and turns to Ruby.

“Ok. Seems like although you didn’t complete the challenge for that purpose, we are going to follow along with the idea and recruit you.”

Ruby’s face appears surprised, then interested. He asks The man

“What does that entail?”

The man quickly replies

“Upon being welcomed into the Superheroes, you are granted basic materials and low-level internal access. Only those who have proven their dedication and trustworthiness can progress someday into the ranks of the heroes themselves.”

He then smiles, and adds

“Pretty much, now you’re allowed to know things like the location of nearby safe-houses, and we will train you on how to fight crime. If you give me a second, I’ll go grab some stuff for you.”

He walks off into another room of the hide-out, and Ruby is left to ponder the situation. A couple of the questions that spin in his mind are How did they find me and Julian? Why am I being recruited? I wonder if there’s a sandwich somewhere around here? Who is this ‘Professor’? As he ponders these questions, he begins walking slowly back and forth across the length of the room. He stops when he suddenly feels something shift under his foot, throwing him off. Turning around, Ruby bends over to examine the floor and figure out what he stepped on. He notices a small reflection hiding against the smoothness of the rest of the floor, and reaches out. He feels a tiny ring, near impossible to grip, lying on the floor. He tries to pull it, and encounters unexpected resistance. He adjusts his grip, and tries again. This time, the ring comes up pulling behind it a small metallic tube. he examines it for a second while standing back up, before hearing the man coming back and dropping it in his pocket to take a look at later. The man re-enters the room, arms full. He places the mess on a table, and turns to Ruby. He picks up a small device, and hands it to Ruby, saying

“It’s an earpiece. place it in your ear, and you can talk to and receive messages directly from Head-Quarters.”

Ruby nods, and inserts the device. a second after he does so, he hears a female voice say

“Hello, umm…”

“Ruby. I’m Ruby Gem.”

“Well, nice to meet you Ruby. I’m Tasha, on-duty receiver. I’d love to talk, but there are important things going on right now.”

“Ok then. Have a good day, I guess.”

He returns his focus to reality, and the man. The man smiles, and says

“Seems you’ve already figured out how to use it. Now for the next piece of equipment you’ll get.”

He reaches down, and grabs another thing out of the pile This turns out to be a device which looks similar to a gun, though slightly more complex in function. The man hands it to Ruby, saying

“This is a standard model stun-pistol. As to how it works, I think you could better figure that out yourself than I could ever explain it.”

Ruby does a quick look-over of the handgun sized weapon, before taking off his backpack and sticking the weapon inside. The man grabs the final thing, a white suit with a black circled S in the center of the chest. He hands it to Ruby and says

“You don’t need to put it on right now, but when on official business you should wear that suit.”

Ruby nods, and says “Cool. I guess it shall stay in my pack for now, along with the weapon.”

He adds the suit to his pack, then asks “So I guess we head somewhere else now?”

The man nods, and says “Yep.”

Ruby asks “So how do we plan to get there? boat, plane?”

The man smiles, and says “Neither. We go the quick way.”

Ruby just has time to ask

“What do you mean?”

before both of them disappear in a large flash of light.


Sponsored Interlude

Julian sat, feeling slightly woozy. He tried to pull his scattered thoughts together, thinking that there was something he should be doing. A memory floated by, him reading… something. And the advice that doing math would focus your mind. He decided to try it. two plus two is four. four plus four is eight. eight and eight is sixteen. sixteen and sixteen is thirty-two. thirty-two and thirty-two is sixty-four. He felt a little better, as his thoughts began to fall into place. He decided to continue, while also trying to remember what it was that had happened. sixty-four plus sixty-four is one-hundred-twenty-eight. Ruby. He was sent to protect a man named Ruby. one-twenty-eight plus one-twenty-eight is two-hundred-fifty-six. He was expecting him. They went to the safe-house. He was attacked. two-fifty-six plus two-fifty-six is five-hundred-twelve. The man who attacked him… was immune. He was immune to his powers. five-twelve and five-twelve is one-thousand-twenty-four. He had captured him, and he was stuck in the back of a vehicle. as they drove, they hit a bump and he hit his head on the wall. A flash of light, and he was knocked out. He felt that his head was mostly clear now, so he tried again to pull together his thoughts. The fact that the man had defeated him. He shouldn’t have been able to do that. Whatever Julian had thrown at him had just… not worked. He had walked straight through it, to capture him easily. Speaking of capture, where was he? He began letting the real world filter back into his perception. As he had thought, he was sitting. He tried to shift, and felt ropes cutting into his skin. That made sense, they’d secure him tightly. He lifted his head up to look around. Not much to look at. A blank room, with him actually sitting with his back to one wall. He could move his hands far enough to rub the wall, but all he could feel was smooth stone, nothing to help him there. The room was well lit, with lights in every corner and also in the room center. Looking around, he realized that there appeared to be no shadows in the room, even where the lights didn’t obviously touch. He wondered briefly at that, but his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door opening. Two men stepped through that looked similar to the man that had attacked him, with modified white suits. They took up position on either side of the door, and waited. A minute later, they suddenly snapped to attention, and a man came walking through the door. He walked confidently and carefully, projecting an air of immense self-confidence. He wore a full white suit, which starkly contrasted his deep black hair. On one hip, he wore a pistol polished to a shine, with white letters embossed on it that read “Luminescence.” He stood in the center of the room, and smiled coldly at Julian, his eyes hinting a very slight amusement. After a minute of staring in silence, the man spoke.

“So. I hear that one of my men has captured a Superhero. From the look of the suit, I would say that that is true.”

Julian stared in silence, refusing to rise to the man’s bait. The man waits for a minute in complete silence, staring right back. Eventually, the man broke the silence by saying

“Going with silence. Not a bad choice, really. Well, it’s not like I need you to tell me anything right now. Just wanted to check up on you, make sure that you were feeling well, and all that.”

After another short period of staring, the man nods, and says

“Well, since you won’t talk, then I might as well do it for you. I’m sure you are wondering where we are, and who I am. You wonder what I want, and how I plan to get it. And most of all, you wonder…”

Here the man pauses, then says slowly with an obvious attempt at dramatic flair,

“How I can counter your powers.”

Julians loses his concentration, and the man smiles again, this time with genuine mirth. He turns around, and begins to walk out of the room. As he does so, he throws over his shoulder

“You didn’t think I would tell you yet, would I? I haven’t won.”

The door closes with a solid thunk, and Julian sighs. He wonders How will I keep this up, if whoever that man is keeps up with these mind-games? He leans back in the chair, and closes his eyes.


Time to Dance

A flash of light, and both Ruby and the unnamed man appeared in an empty room. Ruby looks around, and asks “What was that?”

The man replies “Teleportation.”

Ruby’s eyes widen, and he says

“Wow. That must have quite some system behind it, then. The power draw would have to be enormous.”

The man nods, and says “I don’t fully understand it myself, I just know that it works and won’t kill me.”

Ruby nods, and looks around the room, finding it empty. A door on one wall opens, and he looks up. A new man walks in, and Ruby says “Hello.” The man smiles and waves, saying

“Hello. I guess that you’re the man that Julian was sent to protect?”

Ruby nods, saying “That would be me. I’m Ruby, who are you?”

The man replies “I’m Martin. Nice to meet you, Ruby.”

Ruby’s eyes widen slightly, and he asks “Wait, you mean The Martin? Martin the Superhero?”

Martin nods, and says “That’s me. I’m just here between missions at the moment, and decided to stop by to meet the surprise new guy. I have to get back to my work now, so see you around.”

He steps out of the room, leaving the door open behind him, and Ruby says

“Wow. nothing quite like meeting someone extremely famous to really make you realize where you are.”

The Man nods, and says “I had a similar reaction when I first arrived. Now, I guess we should hurry on down to your introduction, or whatever they call it.”

He leads Ruby through several halls to another room, which they both step into. There, a woman stands at the head of the room facing a screen on the wall. She turns towards Ruby, and says

“Hello, and welcome to the Superheros.”

Ruby replies “Umm, hello.”

The woman continues

“You have already been briefed in your equipment, so my job would be to introduce you to the facility. You are probably familiar with us already, so I have little to add at the moment. Let us jump straight into a short tour.”

She leads Ruby out of the room, while the man stays behind. Ruby looks at him, and he waves, saying

“I have other things to do now. See you around.”

Ruby turns back to follow the woman, and continues on with his introduction.


Some time later, Ruby walks into a near empty room, holding only a bed, dresser, nightstand, and a small window. Final note, in one corner was door that led to what looked like a small bathroom. He sighs, feeling exhausted, and drops his backpack to the ground. He had been led all over, shown room after room. One was hub of the comms network. A half dozen more were comms extension. In one of them, he thought maybe 4, he had met Tasha, though she was still busy. then it was move some more. There was the Cafeteria, the Gym, the Library, the Teleportation rooms, the Tech wing, including R&D, a Shop room, a robotics room, and more. And he was supposed to remember it all, to be able to get from one room to another without a map within a couple days. His one advantage, would be his phone. Though it was running on low power, it had mapped his journey through the facility with accuracy to within a meter, in theory. He pulled it out, and pulled up his map application. He smiled, seeing that it had formed a fairly accurate map of the base, using as many public records as it could draw on and the tracking of his location. He noticed, though, that it seemed to have no bars. He mentally shrugged, no more than what he might expect. He shoved his phone back in his pocket, and went about getting ready to sleep. After changing and brushing his teeth and all, he flopped into bed and quickly drifted into sleep.


The next morning, Ruby woke to the sounds of people running. Sleepily dressing, trying to move quickly, he managed to put everything on and stumble out into the hall. People run back and forth, something obviously having happened. He begins looking around for some kind of direction, and his headset activates. He hears the other side say

“Get down to a briefing room. They’ll explain what’s going on.”

Then cut off. Ruby begins moving, joining the flow of people and being pushed along with them, heading to who knows where. he eventually reaches a room almost identical to the one he had been in just last night, at the start of his briefing. This time though, the room is nearly full of people, with a single superhero standing at the head of the table, waiting as the room fills completely.

Once the room has filled, the superhero at the head says

“The base was assaulted recently by a group of people all wearing white suits, and carrying powerful and shaped explosives. At the same time, we received reports of a mysterious theft of a large amount of an experimental sedative. So, we are preparing in case of another attack while several heroes are being sent out to try to solve the theft. So, this group is going to be at the sight of the previous attack, where a small hole was blown in the wall.”

The superhero pauses, but no one says anything. Many are too stunned that someone would dare attack directly, others just angry. They say

“Okay then. Follow me.”

They lead the way out of the room and down hallways, the rest following behind them through the crowd. They reach the area that the attack was made at, with one side of the hallway having a roughly human sized hole blown in it. The superhero directs the group to take up positions on either entrance to the hallway, while a couple people at a time guard the hole itself. Another group soon arrives to help, and they spend more than an hour just guarding and waiting. They also rotate people out so that they can eat, as few actually had a breakfast in the morning. As lunch approaches, they increase security, thinking that if another attack was to come, it would be when they took time out to eat in the middle of the day. However, no attack came, and security began to relax right after lunch as people thought that they might be in the clear. That, of course, is when the attack did come. More people in white suits, walking by outside, turn and begin sprinting towards the wall. The guards at the wall begin firing at the group, but few of the shots connect and only one of the people is actually taken down. The rest continue forwards, and the Hero runs forward to stop them. They throw a punch with, superhuman power, but the person they are aiming at calmly spins around sideways and grabs their arm. They try to break free, only to find that they can’t summon any more strength than a normal person. One of the people slams them to the ground, and punches them hard in the jaw, quickly laying them unconscious. The group continues forward and the defense begins firing again, panicked. They take down only one more of the group, their shots as useless as throwing rocks at them. Through the wall they come, plowing through the defense. The defense on each side of the hall is hesitant to try firing at them, with the risk of hitting the other side higher than the likelihood of taking out more of the white suited attackers. The attackers split to head both left and right. Before they reach the second line, more heroes show up, with ranged attacks. They throw fire, or water, or sleeping gas at the attackers. They are quickly defeated by this unexpected onslaught, except in the chaos no one notices another person slip through the hole in the wall. Though that is also largely due to a chameleon effect of their clothes, breaking up their outline against the background and making them just another part of the shifting background. They look around, the covering over their eyes helping them pinpoint a single person who glows brighter against the background than the others. They hurry over to them, weaving through the chaos, and with a sharp jab to the stomach knock the wind out of them, then quietly choke them into unconsciousness. They pull them out through the hole in the wall, then once outside carry them over to an idling vehicle, which they throw them into then quickly drive away. The kidnapped person is, of course, Ruby.


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