The Superhero

Name: Martin

While he do have and uses his own name, he is referred to as “The Superhero” at The Meeting Place to avoid confusion between all the other Martins.

Superhero from current day Earth, this guy got a wide array of powers to help him. He works with the Superheroes and has worked with them for quite a while and has turned very powerful.

One of the drawbacks of having not much stand in his way is that the job has turned a bit boring and he usually steps down to fight on his opponent’s level to make the fight more interesting.

His powers works with so-called suits. Different suits have different powers and switching between them is easy. Suits include the Strength suit, Snow suit, Magic suit and the Spacetimesuit, as well as ten or so more.

The Superhero was created a very long time ago, when I was 5, and his universe has evolved ever since with more people and changes in how the mystical powers work, among other things.

Needless to say, he is based off of me with some differences such as he’s just a bit taller and doesn’t have any glasses (not even in his ‘civilian’ clothes).

Martin is sharing universe with Team Awesome, Greenmushroom and the original Gidel.

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