Name: Sharon Emilie Gail (Sharon is pronounced char-on)

An 18 year old, happy adventurer from Pennsylvania. She is out travelling the world for the sake of adventuring but sometimes bumps into magical artefacts of various kinds, some of which she has decided to keep.

It’s hard for her to conceal her feelings, but she is usually a very happy and nice person. She is normally a risk-taker.

Usually dressed in a red crop top and folded up jeans (not shorts). On her back there is a mark of a cog, concealed by the crop top.

Her main strengths lies in her agility and her quick wits. However, it seems that bad luck follows her and strikes whenever it may be funny (for any observer). She’s also crazy good at inventory management.

Some of the magical items in her posession is the mystical Staff of Hew, capapble of firing magic missiles and Duncan’s Shield, a mysterious blue and silvery shield that can create forcefields to protect its wearer. Another item is the Badge of Lies that allows the user to shapeshift.

Sharon was created early December, 2010 when I wanted to make a silly comic about an adventurer. The comic was unfinished (only 1 page and it wasn’t even completely done), but the idea stuck and 13 months later the story of the very same adventure was published.

Sharon is currently not sharing universe with any of the other main characters.

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