Rodney Oshiro

Name: Rodney Cilantro Oshiro

Rodney was created for a roleplaying game my friend made, called Anilogics. He’s the American exchange student coming to Japan and is dragged into quite the adventure. Barely a week after landing, he’s dragged into a plot of a war between his world and world in another dimension called the Aether world. Naturally, being the main character he’s supposed to be, he refuses.

As it turns out, Rodney didn’t have the best childhood and he loves to be a free spirit. If he was in D&D, he’d be True Neutral. He spends most of his time using his genre savviness to avoid being part of the plot, but naturally that will and has failed.

Nowadays he’s stuck with a split personality (who at The Meeting Place has been split off from him) and has friends from each faction in the game (that’s five or so), and things are still going downhill. Even so, with an unending determination he will try and find peace.

Rodney is a huge sportsnerd and a great athlete. He has trophies from pretty much all sports, but refuse to play professionally. Most of the day he tries to spend in the kitchen making food, as he likes it and it relaxes him.

With his genre savviness, he tends to warn people about things, but his advice always seems to be ignored, resulting in him commenting “I told you so!” further down the line.


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