Phor-ty II

Name: Phor-ty II

The second of the Phor-ties, not knowing of the existence of the other two, nor any references to a certain sci-fi book series. (As a note: I didn’t think of it until I realised what I had named the guy days afterwards.)

Phor-ty is a Suriv, which means he’s basically a physical computer virus made out of customizable nanobots and other nanotech that can be modified using modules.

He has taken it upon himself to be a scientist of people and plants, and travels around planets examining the flora and people. He’s not much of a fighter at all, but relies on his wits to avoid battles, and he got some crazy wits; for some unknown reason, Phor-ty seems to be one step ahead at times, even when situations reveal that it wouldn’t be possible. If he knows why he’s not showing it.

Phor-ty II was created for my second group in the role-playing game Forgotten Universe I made and got to be the pilot of a small ship as the guy who owned it couldn’t pilot it. I had remembered that I had made a guy called Phor-ty for the game, so I named this one Phor-ty II.

Over at The Meeting Place, people have noticed how similar Tristan and Phor-ty are in terms of looks and professions, and it scares them. A lot.

Phor-ty II obviously shares the same forgotten universe with the other two Phor-ties.


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