Name: Greenmushroom

Created a long time ago when I joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy forums until I changed my username to The_Superhero.

Initially there was nothing special with Greenmushroom until I created a game with him and he got floating hands and then gave him goggles when he joined The Meeting Place as it fitted with the inventor personality he had gotten during the time on the forums.

Greenmushroom is a happy, fourth wall breaking inventor with a fear of mouths. The bigger the worse. Living beings above twice his size usually scare him a bit as well unless he knows that the person is friendly.

As mentioned, Greenmushroom likes to invent things and has created many a things for him to use such as his throwshrooms, his raygun and his modified work goggles.

Being a 35cm mushroom means that he doesn’t have great physical strength compared to the others at TMP. (Compared to other mushrooms his strength is average)
Due to this he has to rely on his gadgets, but can bust out his Mushroom Tornado attack if needed.

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