Cilantro Oshiro

Name: Rodney Cilantro Oshiro

The split personality of Rodney, caused by what Rodney believed was Aether (the strange substance giving powers to people) but was in fact Daether (a mutation of Aether used for scientific purposes). Cilantro shares the same mind as Rodney, at least in his world.

Cilantro differs from Rodney that not only does he have his own Aether power, but he is unable to feel any strong negative emotions such as sadness, fear or anger. Even though he’s forced to be an optimist he can sometimes seem like a jerk due to his total lack of sympathy.

While sharing many traits as Rodney, Cilantro attempts to be different, highlighting Rodney’s more supressed positive side, and Rodney is painfully aware of this.

Both Rodney and Cilantro believes in promises, and they will never break one if they can.


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