Ashling Gallagher

Name: Ashling Simon Gallagher

Ashling is an androgynous Brittish student from Great Yarmouth and works in a café. During the night however, he wanders people’s dreams in order to rid them of Parasites, mysterious creatures that infect people’s minds and takes over them.

Unfortunately, his world hasn’t gotten much work and has changed a lot in its presentation, going from three versions of roleplaying games, to a board game. Its current state is somewhat of a Limbo, but I keep the guy around as a reminder to finish my projects.

As his world is slowly taking shape, Ashling spends most of the time at The Meeting Place, occasionally visiting the worlds of others. He has the biggest room in The Meeting Place.

Needless to say, he’s a Doctor Who fan, and his favourite Doctors is the Eleventh. When he nerds out with me the rest of The Meeting Place stands puzzled, for they do not know the glory that is Doctor Who. Poor guys.


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