Character List

There are a lot of characters at The Meeting Place. There are also side character that has access to The Meeting Place during certain events.

Names will become clickable once their info page has been created.

Main characters

Martin, it’s me! I make stuff.

Martin Silver, the animated character from Martin’s YouTube-channel

The Superhero, Martin’s superhero persona
Martin (Team Awesome), the original Team Awesome Martin
Maria (Team Awesome), the Cyndaquil girl with a temper
Chikorita (Team Awesome), Martin’s literal other half
Rose (Team Awesome), Martin’s older sister that used to be part of an evil organisation

Sharon, an adventurer

Ashling Gallagher, a guy without his own world at the moment

Greenmushroom, a mushroom who likes to build stuff

Vimia Teol, an old (but don’t call her that) elf-like woman who invents spells
Jordan Shall, archer and founder of the adventure party The Burning Arrow
Gidel Bosko, a cleric who has stopped aging
Aléi Farnos, imitator and leader of the adventure group Dawn Chasers
Emm Tyrdax, an ex-legacy knight rogue with a tendency of flirting with everyone

Tristan Murk, actually, Professor Tristan Murk. A mad scientist
Arun-Char, an old man with a way too long title. Has left as of 18/02/2014

Rodney Oshiro, a cool guy with a tragic past
Cilantro Oshiro, the split personality of Rodney
A Certain Ravantanian Individual (actual name currently a secret), exactly what it says on the tin. Likes to be mysterious. Is currently known as ‘Baxter’

Fayte Murk, a character from Numenera. Is a Charming Jack who Crafts Illusions


Tomo Nara

Phor-ty I, an archaeologist, IN SPAAACE!
Phor-ty II, a scientist of people and plants, IN SPAAACE!
Phor-ty III, scout for a resistance group in, you guessed it, SPAAACE!

Supporting Cast

Elvis, Sharon’s pet Rock
Zach, Tom, Kaila, and Jennifer, Sharon’s friends

Billy, Silver’s rival
Jeniffer Rodgers

Lukas, fellow Superhero


Virandi, ‘Baxter”s sister

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