Weekly Update #5

And here it is, a bit late, as I said.

I’m back from GothCon and have spent those days playing many different board games and got into board game discussions with a bunch of indie devs. It was fun! I also bought a very snazzy Legend of Zelda bag with the royal crest.

I haven’t been able to do much this week as there has been many other things going on, but some things have still been done:

*I got some paragraphs done for chapter 5 in the new story. I think the sotry might just be finished some time this month. Excitement!

*Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies: There’s pretty much no new changes to the cards, meaning proper beta testing has begun! I have started to draw placeholder images for the cards. Currently I’m almost done with one out of a hundred or so. The other art thing I’m going to need your help with will hopefully hppen this week, I’ll push the one who does the layouts about it.

The character files I mentioned last week have been getting an upgrade. I have managed to update seven or so characters, so I’m still far from done.

And that’s all for this week. I had hoped for it to be more. Maybe it was more and I just forgot what it was? I really need to start writing things down as I do them. Oh well.

Until next time!


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