Weekly Update #4

It’s happening again, WHAT!?

Last week saw a grand total of 0 views on this site. I blame myself for not doing any advertising, oops.

Anyway, here’s what I have been up to for the past week:

*The story: finished chapter 3 and 4, meaning I got only 1-2 more chapters to go. When it’s done I have to send it to a guy for approval (it’s based on an RPG I’m playing, so it doesn’t actually take place in one of my worlds). I’m really liking how it’s shaping up so far. Get hype!

*The Sharon game saw a little bit more work. I had some trouble with the doors in the game, but have now solved it by changing all stone doors to magic force fields. They need some better graphics though.

*Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies: After a week of testing I only have to change a grand total of 2 cards, so things are definitely getting finalised. In two weeks I can be guaranteed to have a blind play test, which I’m looking forward too. I was hoping to be able to announce the art thing this week, but the one who makes the layouting had some troubles and were busy. Maybe next week. What I like about Rocks Fall is that I have played it hundreds of times and I’m still finding it really fun, this bodes well.

I have also spent the past few days updating the character files for my characters. These are documents that has extensive information about all characters. As there are many, many characters, I have only managed part of The Superhero’s world. See it lke a Universe Bible.

And that’s it for this week. Tune in next time where there will be even more updates. Oh, and next weeks update might get posted a bit late as I’m going to GothCon. If you are there, find me and you can playtest Rocks Fall.

Until next time!


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