Weekly Update #3

Aw yeah, I managed to do these three weeks in a row. I’m definitely getting better at this.

This last week hasn’t seen any major work for pretty much any of my projects, but there has been many, many minor updates.

*Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies: Did a overhaul for many of the cards. Will still have to simplify the rules for many of the items since those cards will be very small. Unfortunately the art request will have to be pushed back again, I’m still waiting to get in the card designs, but after that, art shall happen! I’ll have you guys do the character art while I will draw art for all the other cards (that’s 100-150 or so).

*The Roleplaying Game: Been adding a few rules and nerfed invisibility. Turns out having it only disappearing when you take damage is a bad idea. The new version is more like a camofluage than anything.

*The new story: Been writing some more stuff on it. Currently writing chapter 3, but I won’t release it until the story is completely done, which should be 5-6 chapters. Why not write a fanfic while you wait =P

*Started to work on the Sharon game again, fixing bugs. Hopefully there will be more stuff about it soon. I’m still looking for someone who can make graphics (check the Projects tab for more info).

And that’s all I got for this week, I suppose. Hopefully I’ll have a bunch of more news next week. Oh, and if you do read my stories, please leave a comment, I’m feeling so lonely here =P

Until next time!


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