Weekly Update #2

Huzzah, another week, another weekly update! (finally something I update regularly)

Not much has happened the past week in terms of projects, but there’s still stuff, so here we go:

*My tabletop RPG (currently named The RPG) has seen a few more updates, such as formatting the rules a bit. When it looks comprehensive enough I’ll release it on the website, but for now you’ll have to do with this vague information. Making rules is difficult and does take a lot of testing to get right, and I really need to start working on the bestiary…

*Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies, my board game, finally found its first person who absolutely hated it. The guy was polite enough to play it all the way through, even if he lost all interest about halfway through. He did give much feedback, which is really good though, but after spending the day analysing it, I’m sensing he had little to no idea what he was talking about for the most part. THen he also complained on the lack of art. I snarkily replied on that with “Prototype”, doing a sweeping motion with my arms over the board.

There shall be more updates to the game, but I’ll start looking for character art probably next week. Stay tuned (and hyped) for that.

And that’s pretty much everything I did for the past week in terms of projects. I probably need to step up my game a bit, but at least it’s better than nothing =)

Until next time!


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