Weekly Update #1

And so this is the first of (hopefully) many weekly updates!

Here’s what’s been cooking for the past week:

*Begun chapter 3 of the new story which will feature the latest character in The Meeting Place. It’ll probably be released once the story is done, which allows me to go back and edit previous chapters as more things get written.
I’ll be trying out a new way of writing for it, and I hope you’ll enjoy the end result.

*There’s been a bunch of Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies updates. I have been diligently playtesting it with my boardgame group and I’m rapidly reaching the point where there’s only minor changes. Layouting for the cards is currently being done by one of my good friends and I hope that in a week or two I’ll open up a ‘casting call’ for prototyping art, which will be a group effort.

*The secret project has reached its fourth draft, but as with RFED above, it’s only minor changes. I’m not sure when I’ll work on this properly, but I know there’s a bunch of other things I want to do before then, such as more animations for my YouTube channel (apparently you can animate in After Effects, that’s cool).

That’s all I got for this week. Join me again next week which will probably have a bunch more info about Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies.


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