I think I missed something…

Well, oops.

I kinda forgot to update the past two weeks, but then again, I were really busy those times (which I should have communicated, I’m sorry D=)

Anyway, here’s the next chapter of The Parasites, where things are getting crazy as the duo gets closer and closer to the depths of the mind.

On the topic of communicating: I will be gone for the end of December and the entirety of January, so don’t expect any updates then (but I’ll try to write stuff while I’m gone). If you already weren’t expecting updates: congratulations, you are an average viewer of this site!

Uh, don’t forget to leave comments on the stories, telling me what you liked or didn’t like, and the like. It would make me a happy Swede (although just seeing that people read the stories help a bunch as well ^^)

Until next time!


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