Still alive!

Hi guys!
Sorry for the lack of updates for the past… many weeks. I have been fairly busy with streaming on Fun for Freedom, getting an internship and looking for a proper job to write stories, sorry D=

The story I’m currenlty writing is slowly moving forward and I had to rewrite the three chapters I had already written for it, but it looks really good now.

I have some plans on putting up some of my old games and stuff that would show the origins of some of the characters such as Greenmushroom or the villain Danatissray. I just wonder if I should fix up those things a bit first though, as Greenmushroom the game was one of my first games I ever finished making and is as such horrible.

Although, it seems like the guys are using the Twitter that I made for them, so that’s cool. You can check it out here:!/SilversMind

Anyway, throw me a comment or two about what you think I should do about the old games.

See you soon!


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